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Bugs:Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

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This page details bugs of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

Levitation Glitch

This glitch can be performed anywhere in the game but is most useful in Showdown Town. Take any object and place it in the trolley. Stand on top of the object and press RT to lift the trolley which allows you to levitate indefinitely until you hit the invisible ceiling. This glitch can be used to access the rest of Showdown Town right at the beginning of the game. This glitch can even be used to escape the red barrier in the demo version of the game.

Grenade Turret Clip

Create a vehicle that's just a grenade turret and spawn it in a level. Flip the turret on it's side and press Y to get inside. Position the camera so that the top half of the screen is clipping through the ground and press Y to jump out of the turret. If the angle is just right, Banjo will clip through the ground and start falling. If you quickly switch to a flying vehicle, you can explore the out of bounds areas of the map. If you go too far out of bounds, you be respawned back at the start.

Clanker Crash Glitch

In Banjoland's Act 4 mission, Spring Cleaning, if you attack Clanker's eyes, the game will crash and the console will display the "This disc is unreadable" error message even if the game is played off the hard drive.

Home Improvements: Igloo Edition Glitch

In Banjoland's Act 6 mission, Home Improvements: Igloo Edition, you're supposed to destroy the igloo and push all of the blocks out of the area. However, if you activate one of the security cameras, it will count as completing the mission as well.

Laser Barrier Mumbo Crate Glitch

In Showdown Town, there are some Mumbo crates that are locked behind a laser barrier. Normally you would have to wait until you get the laser upgrade for the trolley to be able to destroy the barriers. However, it's possible to get these Mumbo crates earlier.

Flip the trolley on it's side and push the tray up to the laser barrier. Grab the Mumbo crate with the wrench and place it against the barrier so that it lines up with the trolley's tray. Now enter and exit any level and upon returning to Showdown Town, you'll now have the Mumbo crate in the trolley. You can then take it to Mumbo's Motors and unlock the parts contained inside.

This glitch is possible because of a feature in Showdown Town where if you enter a level with a Mumbo crate in the trolley, the crate will still be there when you exit the level and return to Showdown Town. The above procedure tricks the game into thinking you have the Mumbo crate in the trolley.