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Bugs:Bully: Scholarship Edition (Windows)

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This page details bugs of Bully: Scholarship Edition (Windows).

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Bully is infamously known for the glitches that existed since the very first PlayStation 2 copies came out. While those glitches were minor in the original PlayStation 2 release, they became even more of a problem starting with the Xbox 360 iteration. Because later ports started to be built off of the Xbox 360 version, the glitches still remain unpatched today.

This pages cover glitches from all of the console ports.

Bicycle Marbles Glitch

This glitch works on all versions of the video game.

Jimmy must have any kind of bicycle to do this glitch that was already ridden and stood up before the glitch could be performed.

After he gets off of the bicycle, Jimmy should throw some marbles around the bike and get on it while being hurt only once. Once he gets on, he won't be able to move and will be "hit" by the marbles while his health decreases for a while. After the marbles disappear, Jimmy will be able to move freely on the bicycle again.

Bicycle Stuck in a Tree

This glitch works on all versions of the video game.

Near the fast food restaurant in Old Bullworth Vale, there is an odd-looking tree and is known to have weird collision.

With precise timing, Jimmy can get a bicycle stuck there by jumping over the branch. Jimmy will end up at the terrace next to the fast food restaurant and cannot get the bicycle back.

Big Canyon Railway Inaccessible Area

This glitch works on the PlayStation 2 version of the video game. Not yet confirmed on other ports.

It is possible to access the gated entrance to Big Canyon Railway. This area is regularly inaccessible to the player, as Jimmy cannot open the gates, and when either gate is open an invisible collision barrier prevents the player from entering. However, pedestrians can freely access this area and are seen regularly entering and exiting. In order to access this area, the player must sit on a bicycle at the entrance gate until a bully steals it. Wait until he is halfway through the gate and steal the bicycle back. If performed correctly, you will be back on your bicycle, but behind the invisible barrier. The collision for this area is solid except for the roller coaster. In order to exit this area, you will have to pass out or get busted/knocked out.

Dishonorable Fight Skip

This glitch works on all versions of the video game.

Jimmy can technically skip the second part of Dishonorable Fight, which is the final mission in Chapter 2. To make this glitch happen, Jimmy will need to have some eggs or some other weapons like firecrackers equipped. If Jimmy manages to throw an egg or firecracker at Derby while he runs to the lounge on the second floor of the boxing club, he will chase Jimmy, leaving him to beat Derby up.

If Jimmy manages to knock out Derby, nothing else will happen in the mission. However, if he goes to the lounge on the second floor, it will take longer than usual to load and the boss fight cutscene will play. When the fight starts, Derby will be knocked out automatically and the ending cutscene of the boss fight will play.

Dragon's Wing Comics Game Freeze

This glitch works on the PlayStation 2 version of the video game.

Go to Dragon's Wing Comics store and provoke the cashier by insulting him. It's important to note that any physical violence will get you kicked out of the store. Antagonize him and have him follow you into the basement (Nerd's hangout). Have him assault you in front of the Nerds and they will usually step in and defend you. This can take a while, as the Nerds are usually quickly busted. Eventually they will knock out the cashier.

Once the cashier is knocked out, assault one of the nerds. Instead of getting berated and respawning outside of the shop, the game will freeze, and will have to be reset.

Escape from Bullworth Academy in Chapter 1

This glitch works on all versions of the video game, though a via a different method on the PlayStation 2 version.

In Chapter 1, the gates at Bullworth Academy will always be locked, no matter what. However, Jimmy can escape Bullworth Academy, and look around the town center very early in the game. To do so, he must jump in the trash can at the Girls' Dorm yard and manage to clip through the gate. With perfect timing, he will be out.

However, Jimmy cannot visit any shops, participate in any bicycle and Go-Kart races or get a new a haircut. Though, some pedestrians, even Bullworth Academy students can appear in town.

If Jimmy manages to get to the tunnel where it leads to the Carnival, it will be strangely blocked off. It could've been possible that the blockade was supposed to appear at the beginning of Chapter 2 and Jimmy would later on have access to the Carnival.

To get back in, Jimmy must find a way to get himself knocked out. If he hasn't completed Welcome To Bullworth, he will need to get himself knocked out from jumping off of a high building or getting beaten up or busted by an adult pedestrian. If he manages to get himself knocked out, the mission will start from the beginning. After completing the first few missions, Jimmy will have to knock himself out at the Bullworth Academy gates so he'll wake up at the Infirmary there.

Finding Johnny Vincent Gate Glitch

This glitch only works on Xbox One.

During the mission "Finding Johnny Vincent", Jimmy will need to get Johnny from out of the mental asylum. When he manages to get Johnny out from the cell and makes it to the central part of the building, the gates will lock all of the doors. Normally, Jimmy can open gate to Block C that leads to the back door but it proves to be near-impossible in the Xbox One port.

While there is no fix, the player can bypass it. The player must find a way to tap the Y button on the controller as fast as possible. A simple way for this is using a small trinket in the room, which will give the controller enough recognition for the gate to open.

Galloway Away Lockup

If Jimmy rides a bicycle or a scooter to the yellow circle where he is supposed to meet with Ms. Phillips, the car will be in the way of Jimmy Hopkins, not allowing the game to continue.

Get to Blue Skies Industrial Park and New Coventry Early

This glitch works on all versions of the video game.

In Chapter 2, it's possible to get to Blue Skies Industrial Park and New Coventry early via the use of a glitch. Jimmy will have to head to the pathway leading to a small beach near the entrance of Bullworth Academy, and jump onto the rocks until he finds himself swimming inside one of them. Navigating through the rocks will have to be done carefully, otherwise Jimmy will get knocked out and sent back to the Infirmary at Bullworth Academy.

If Jimmy manages to reach the shore of Blue Skies Industrial Park, he can get himself some tattoos and complete the final Go-kart race early in the game. For Jimmy to reach New Coventry, he'll need to either jump across the broken bridge from the industrial district or swim to the shore of the place. He can get himself some haircuts or clothing at The Final Cut in New Coventry before Chapter 3.

For Jimmy to get back to Bullworth Town from New Coventry, he'll need to go through the chopped-down tree at the back of the abandoned motel or through the construction area under the train tunnel so the game can be continued normally.

Lawn Mowing

This glitch only works on the Scholarship Edition of the video game.

Despite being stated in the game's instructions, running over flowers does not deduct any money earned by the player. This feature works correctly on all other versions.

Mr. Luntz's Broken Broomstick

This glitch works on the PlayStation 2 version of the video game. Not yet confirmed on other ports.

Occasionally, Mr. Luntz will spawn outside the front of Bullworth Academy, sweeping the sidewalk with a broom. If the player steals this broom, it can be used as a melee weapon. After a few hits, it will break, leaving you with a broken broom handle that exhibits even more broken behavior. Hitting people with the broken handle will have no melee effect. While wielding, Jimmy will hold his arms out at 45 degree angles. Humorously, running with this equipped can emulate the "Naruto run". This glitch is not game breaking, and the handle can freely be dropped and picked back up.

Nerd Outfit Glitch

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This glitch only works on the Scholarship Edition versions of the video game.

Jimmy must pass all of the classes, so he could get the nerd outfit sent to his closet. The player must make Jimmy put on the Nerd Outfit, then save it as his custom outfit. The next time Jimmy uses his closet, the Nerd Outfit will be saved as his custom outfit. The player must change Jimmy's pants to any other pants then the rest of his shirt will be missing, floating in midair.

For his missing torso to go back to normal, he must change to another outfit.

Out of Bullworth Academy in Complete Mayhem

This glitch works on all versions of the video game.

If Jimmy normally moves away from Bullworth Academy during Complete Mayhem, the mission would fail. Though, there is actually another way to get out of the academy grounds that would not fail the mission.

Jimmy will have to go to the Library, and make his way around the right side of the back entrance. If the door is locked, Jimmy can jump over the broken wall, which will lead him to the back entrance. When he reaches the tunnel, Jimmy must go through it or if he goes to the pathway leading the the abandoned Observatory, the mission will fail. After Jimmy crosses the tunnel, he will need to either go to the other tunnel leading to the Asylum and/or to the path which leads to Blue Skies Industrial Park.

No adult pedestrians will spawn in the outskirts of Blue Skies Industrial Park and Happy Volts Asylum, but the adults driving the cars will appear. When Jimmy gets closer to the neighborhood of the Industrial Park, there will be students from Bullworth fighting with no authority figures present unless Jimmy attacks an adult.

When Jimmy manages escapes Bullworth Academy, Russell will not follow him but Jimmy can get him back by entering any interior. If Jimmy enters any store interior, pedestrians will come in through the door and fight each other.

If Jimmy uses a Bus Stop to get back to Bullworth Academy in the PlayStation 2 version, the game will crash. Beginning with the Wii version, the mission will fail.

Marble Bed Glitch

This glitch works on all versions of the video game.

For the glitch to work, Jimmy must throw some marbles onto any bed he can sleep on. Before he goes to sleep on the bed with marbles on it, he must throw a firecracker on top of it. If the timing is done right, Jimmy will sleep and get hit by a firecracker and some marbles at the same time in a suggestive sort of way. Once he wakes up, he'll be at another side of the bed.

Pushing the Air

This glitch works on all versions of the video game.

For the glitch to be performed, Jimmy must have the Rubber Band Ball which he can get from collecting all of the Rubber Bands found around the world of Bullworth.

Jimmy must go to an interior which isn't a shop and is full of other characters, like the Boys' Dorm. When Jimmy fires enough rubber band balls, he must grab onto a student and with perfect timing, the student will get hit by a Rubber Band Ball and Jimmy will be pushing nothing.

Jimmy can push the air as long as the player desires him to, though the glitch will wear off if Jimmy gets hit by something else or when he passes out at 2AM.

"Imposter Cop"

This glitch works on all versions of the video game.

Around the gas station in Bullworth Town, Jimmy will find a police officer that will offer an errand involving beating up the Greasers on top of the gas station roof. Instead of accepting the errand, Jimmy will need to harass him until the police officer starts to chase Jimmy. The regular adult chase music and animations will play, because that police officer is treated like an adult rather than an authority figure.

However, it IS possible for the "imposter cop" to be seen getting busted by another one. When the "imposter cop" is seen trying to get Jimmy busted, another police officer will come and if Jimmy gets himself free, the other authority figure will chase the "fake one". Jimmy needs to simply follow the two officers and watch the other police officer bust the other one without causing any action. The same can be done with a Prefect if the "imposter cop" manages to follow Jimmy all the way to the Academy Grounds.

Even if the "imposter cop" gets busted, he will still appear at the gas station at Bullworth Town occasionally if the errand isn't completed. If the errand is already completed, the "imposter cop" will no longer appear.

Stay Up Past 2AM

This glitch only works on PlayStation 2 version of the video game.

There is an unseen timecycle which ranges from 2AM to 8AM, since Jimmy usually falls asleep that time. However, there is a way to see this via a glitch. For it to happen, Jimmy must not have completed the optional Glass House mission unlocked in Chapter 3.

During the end of the mission, while Jimmy tries to get out of Mr. Hattrick's yard, he must get one of the police officers to chase him with a full Trouble Meter. After the mission clear cutscene appears, Jimmy must get busted by any police officer that chases him before the cutscene ends. If he eventually manages to get busted, he won't be able to get up or get passed out at 2AM, allowing the unused early morning timecycle to be (mostly) seen.

The player must restart the game if Jimmy wants to progress.

(Source: TheNathanNS)