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Bugs:Chex Quest

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This page details bugs of Chex Quest.


  • A small sliver of a wall just to the right in the starting room is marked as an exit, making it possible to complete the level in as little as one second.


  • A bunch of bugs mean that the secrets are inaccessible.


  • You can shoot through some walls.
  • There's a Common Flemoid outside the map near the Full Map secret.
  • There's a Flemoidus Cycloptis stuck in the exit room.


  • The slime stain on the ground in the circular mine room before the exit room isn't put on the right grid.


  • Random sectors that aren't slime will hurt.
  • A couple of Flemoidus Bipedicuses are stuck on the yellow key edge.
  • A couple of Flemoidus Cycloptises are stuck to each other near the red key.
  • The back door to get the red key doesn't open from outside.
  • A couple of Flemoidus Commonus are stuck in a dummy sector, but you can kill one of them from outside and let the other teleport into a trap.
  • A whole bunch of Flemoidus Commonus are stuck in each other in a different dummy sector and block a Flemoidus Cycloptis to get his way into a trap along the way.