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Bugs:Conker's Bad Fur Day

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This page details bugs of Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Out Of Bounds In Barn Boys


By jumping into this particular area of the roof in the barn, you can clip out of bounds. You can then hit the loading zone under the ground, allowing you to skip the first phase of the Haybot fight.

Out Of Bounds in Bat's Tower


By jumping into this particular wall in Bat's Tower, you can clip out of bounds and instantly warp to the top of the tower.

The upwarp happens because of a failsafe where if Conker is above a bottomless pit, he'll instantly warp to the lowest floor above him.

Out Of Bounds In Spooky


One of the walls near the grinder has somewhat broken collision. By performing a high jump and then run into the wall, you can clip out of bounds and instantly warp to the roof where you normally can't access. With a very precise jump, you can land on the switch that opens the door to the third key, allowing you to skip having to get the first two keys.

Untextured Tunnel


In Windy, the tunnel that leads to the Spooky chapter lacks a texture on the ceiling.