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Bugs:Crash Bandicoot: Warped

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This page details bugs of Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

Secret Level Relic Times

In the NTSC/U version, the game compares the wrong times when accessing secret levels. Those times are from the level one accesses the secret level from. This makes getting the Platinum relic too easy.

However, if one accesses Level 31 from its hidden portal in the Secret Warp Room, it activates the intended times for the level.

All Powers at the Very Start

While waiting at the title screen for demos, when the third demo loads, hold Triangle and you can control the demo. Exit out of the level without completing it and you'll have all powers.

(If you complete the level, on the other hand, you'll get stuck at the fourth Warp Room area.)

Speechless N. Tropy

In the PAL version, if you defeat N. Tropy, he won't say anything instead of his "defeat" line (you can hear it if you jump back after beating him, but before the "Warp Room" sphere is showing).