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Bugs:Densetsu no Stafy

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This page details bugs of Densetsu no Stafy.

Demo sequence factory defaults

When the player waits on the title screen to watch one of the opening sequences, the game temporarily gives the player access to all vehicles, the level 3 Star Spin, and assumes that the main story is beaten.

Through the use of a glitch known as the "demo glitch", the player is able to keep these settings, access the Stage Select and essentially beat the game within several minutes. The glitch involves the player watching the Coral Coast demo where Starfy jumps into the Balloon, exiting the demo at a certain range of possible coordinates directly above the Balloon and then waiting until Lobber's Cave appears as the next demo. This changes the playback, causing Starfy to Star Spin into Moe. This initiates a conversation with Moe, ending the demo and allowing the player to take control.

(Source: Tarby, Jlun2, et. al)