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Bugs:Deus Ex

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This page details bugs of Deus Ex.

Deus Ex isn't without bugs, but we love it regardless.


  • If an NPC opens a door and is then blinded by gas or stunned by the riot prod, they will leave the state due to the StopWaiting function not being ignored in state Stunned and RubbingEyes.
  • Birds and rats will attempt to wait for their currently playing animation to finish before they die, causing them to delay and immediately drop dead after a few seconds.
  • The walker robots are unable to go up tiny curbs due to MaxStepHeight not being increased for them.
  • Disabled cleaner bots will still be able to move as the FleeFromPawn code wakes them from the Disabled state.
  • If an animal's valid food choices include itself, which doesn't happen in normal gameplay, the creature will eat itself, take damage and react, then heal from eating itself, eventually eating itself to death.
  • NPCs are unable to shoot through doors and windows as the fasttrace they do to check if their weapon is strong enough to always seems to trace the level geometry the mover is made of instead of the mover itself.
  • SCUBA divers that take gas damage t-pose as they have no animation for rubbing their eyes and haven't been set to ignore gas damage.
  • Seagull and pigeon feet clip through the ground due to their collision being too small.
  • Jaime Reyes has an assault rifle in chapter 10, however he has no animations for using two handed weapons, causing him to be stuck on the last frame of the previous animation.
  • Agent Hela has a LAW in chapter 10, however she has no animations for using two handed weapons, causing her to be stuck on the last frame of the previous animation.
  • The player is never blamed for kills done via DoT flamethrower damage, as the instigator for said damage is always none.
  • The AI has no code to handle secondary and tertiary ammo types, which is a bit of a problem for mini-crossbow users. Many crossbow users have been given the secondary plain dart ammo type instead of the tranquilizer darts. The AI has no idea how to use these and will instead use the four tranquilizer darts that come with the mini-crossbow instead and then switch to melee when they run out. It's my speculation that AmmoDartPoison (which is a child of AmmoDart) was originally the secondary ammo type and plain darts the primary.
  • The AI will attempt to use the KnockedOut damage type (batons) against robots, despite it not doing any damage.
  • If an NPC talks to themselves (such as at the HK helibase), they will turn to face a certain location (I think 0,0,0?).
  • Fish have no carcasses and will disappear when killed unlike all other AI.
  • NPCs don't lip sync for their bark type lines, only conversations.
  • If a medical bot/repair bot is used and then destroyed (such as via a grenade), the game will crash when the use button is pressed due to trying to get the non-existent bot to play an animation.
  • NPCs in the RubbingEyes state don't go to the Stunned state when hit by the prod.
  • Animals are able to eat their food through walls as only a proximity check is done and no fasttrace.
  • If a medical bot/repair bot is used and then disabled, it will ignore the disabled state and go back to normal when the window is closed.
  • NPCs that are rubbing their eyes don't have their collision changed to match the model, requiring the player to shoot the air where their head was to get a headshot. A 15% reduction fixes this.
  • If an NPC leaves the Seeking state for whatever reason their SeekLevel is reset to 0. This can cause them to forget what they're doing if they go into the OpeningDoor or Falling states briefly.
  • If an NPC is on fire they will ignore any fall damage, this is most easily seen with Maggie Chow in her apartment.
  • Despite Walton Simons' image stating he takes reduced damage from ballistic and energy damage, he still takes full damage from shot, sabot, and exploded damage.
  • Despite Walton Simons' image stating he has the ADS augmentation, he doesn't.
  • Despite being used exclusively as enemies, SCUBA divers are part of the civilian class and can fear combat.
  • If an NPC enters the dying state and then decides to get into a conversation with someone (while dying), they will be resurrected with no health. In this state even non-damaging weapons like the pepper gun will kill them.
  • Robots don't have their BaseEyeHeights set, causing their eyes to functionally be in the middle of their legs for walker bots.
  • Breaking an NPC's arms and making them drop their weapon causes the weapon to give no ammo when picked up.
  • NPCs that fall into water while dying will remain in limbo, perpetually staying in the dying state and never becoming a proper corpse.
  • Pausing the game after using a robot will cause their one minute time to keep decreasing.
  • Buying ammo from an NPC gives you all the ammo of that type in their inventory, rather than the requested buy amount. Because of this Kaplan sells 24 10mm bullets instead of 6, and Carter gives 360 7.62mm ammo, which is more than the max of 300.
  • Attacking an enemy stunned by the riot prod is prioritized over a sneak attack from behind, despite the fact that the former does x4 damage and the latter does x10.
  • Cats and dogs can purr and bark while dying.
  • Birds don't take double damage from sources unlike every other NPC. They also don't get set on fire or poisoned properly.
(Source: Original TCRF research)


  • The plasma rifle and PS20 have incorrect damage in GotY versions due to the multiplayer code being ran in singleplayer and changing the values to multiplayer equivalents.
  • The AI is set to be unable to use the GEP gun's lock-on feature, but it does this by removing the ability when it's initially given to NPCs. If the player picks up an NPC's GEP gun they will be unable to use the lock-on feature.
  • If attempting to throw a grenade and then looking at a wall, the grenade planting animation will play and a grenade will be lost.
  • If attempting to plant a grenade and then looking away from a wall, the grenade planting animation will retract and a grenade will be lost.
  • Thermoptic camo doesn't hide the player to cameras and turrets, which is possibly an oversight as the radar transparency augmentation does.
  • Placed grenades detonate from taking damage from HalonGas as the damage type wasn't included in the ignored types.
  • Gas grenades spawn under the ground if crouching and aiming directly down, due to the PlayerViewOffset.X value being low.
  • Clip modifications show the increased magazine size as a percentage for each mod (+10%) which is often incorrect for weapons. E.g. five clip mods on a sawed off shotgun will display "4 (+50%) = 9", when obviously +50% would be 6.
  • Despite being able to be applied to projectile weapons, and even suggesting you use one on a plasma rifle or flamethrower, the range weapon mod does absolutely nothing for projectile weapons.
  • The scramble grenade claims that it causes bots to attack other bots, but it actually flips their alliances temporarily.
  • If an item is grabbed it loses collision and is meant to stay in place while in the inventory, however if one is grabbed while it has momentum it will lose collision and keep moving, making it fall through the world and get deleted.
  • If the player uses a disposable weapon their pending weapon is cleared, making it so if you try to buffer a weapon switch while the discard animation is playing the switch will be ignored.
  • Flamethrower fireballs are meant to be extinguished when entering water, however the ZoneChange function is out of the state, instead of in state Flying, meaning it's not run.
  • Grenades planted on floors and ceilings will be placed at the wrong rotation.
  • If soda is used the burping sound is set to come from the soda itself instead of the player.
  • If an object is frobbed multiple times in a short period, the object can be duplicated, the object should prevent frobbing during bDeleteMe.
  • The hazmat suit says it protects against flamed, burned, EMP, and shocked damage, but it doesn't.
  • Projectile weapons have their fire sounds break on level transition.
  • If the Dragon's Tooth Sword is dropped directly from the inventory it doesn't go into the Idle state to create the light effect.
  • If a grenade touches a dead body it will immediately detonate.
  • If an assault rifle is silenced the fire sound will only play the silenced sound once per burst, instead of five times like it should.
  • The mini-crossbow has its own fire sound, but uses the stealth pistol's sound as it's bHasSilencer and NoiseLevel=0.
  • Weapons are meant to make ricochet sounds and create damage decals on hit movers, however they don't work as the damageType and HitDamage values are set too late after spawning. Adding a 1 frame delay to the TraceHitSpawner fixes this.
  • Weapon idle animations can be overwrote by the game attempting to play another idle animation randomly.
  • Pausing the game while lockpicking or multitooling will continue the effect without using additional tools, causing all locks to only require one lockpick and time.
  • The LAW's rocket spawns ahead of the weapon, causing it to appear behind thin walls, this is due to a bad FireOffset.
  • Augmentation canisters have a typo of "mecanocarbon" vs "mechano-carbon".
  • EMP grenades and scramble grenades don't correctly return the spawned projectile on ProjectileFire.
  • Doors and thin walls can be clipped through by standing on a grenade as it rotates from hitting the ground.
  • The player can gain extra velocity by walking onto a grenade as it bounces off the ground, riding it into the air and jumping off.
  • Disposable weapons can be reused by going through a level transition as the discard animation plays.
  • The military bot's rockets spawn above it due to a PlayerViewOffset.Z of 36 instead of 12.
  • Zyme is meant to do 10 damage (meaning 20 to torso), but it doesn't as it uses HealPlayer(-10), and HealPlayer requires a positive input.
(Source: Original TCRF research)


  • Some barrels are told to damage themselves by one HP when a level loads to make them spew gas. If the player saves and loads repeatedly these barrels will eventually destroy themselves.
  • The AI can see through many objects that really should block their sight, likely due to bBlockSight being forgotten.
  • The player can access the first account of any ATM with any account number, as long as the PIN entered matches the first. This is due to the userIndex not being set to -1 by default.
  • Tumbleweed gets deleted after 20-30 seconds due to the trash parent class destroying them on a timer. Tumbleweed is also set to 0.1 collision height due to the trash class, making them clip into the ground.
  • If an object is set on fire and then pushed the timer for it burning is reset to not loop, causing the object to stop taking burning damage while the visual effect continues.
  • Incense burners spawn a smoke generator, but this generator isn't set to move with the object, causing smoke to spawn from thin air if the burner is moved.
  • Attempting to drop a dead body in an area when it can't fit will spawn a copy of the body but make it invisible to hide the failure, this is why attempting to drop bodies in vents will spawn blood.
  • Seats forget to do a Super.BeginPlay, making them not use the correct push sound at times.
  • DoOpen and DoClose still work for bDestroyed movers, causing them to become ghosts if they were destroyed on a timed open.
  • Despite the low gore mode, the flesh fragments don't get despawned unlike blood.
  • When first loading a level the computers automatically go into the Off state which causes them to play their closing animation, even though they should already be closed.
  • Pre-placed carcasses have higher mass than ones that are naturally created. Due to this the amount of damage needed to destroy a killed bird's carcass is much lower than a pre-placed one.
(Source: Original TCRF research)


  • The targeting augmentation is very broken. It will display names of objects being looked at, but this can include objects such as cacti which default to "DEFAULT DECORATION NAME - REPORT THIS AS A BUG". Additionally weapons will use their class name such as "WeaponAssaultGun" vs "Assault Rifle".
  • The ADS augmentation can detonate all projectiles, though the description says it should only be able to stop explosive ones.
  • Augmentations can still be used for a few frames when out of energy as the loop to check has a delay.
  • The combat strength augmentation, the augmentation for increased melee damage, also increases the damage of thrown grenades as they are bHandtoHand.
  • Leaving a level with augmentations on and then returning with them off will cause the hum sound to keep playing.
  • Killing someone with the ADS augmentation never blames the player for the kill.
  • The AugAdd cheat is meant to give the player an augmentation, and then subsequently upgrade it for each use afterwards. However when the player obtains the augmentation the cheat will then say that they have the augmentation at max level, despite it not being.
(Source: Original TCRF research)


  • If using toggle crouch, the bDuck state is forgotten during saving and loading.
  • The player still makes a pain sound from fall damage, even if the speed augmentation reduced all damage to 0.
  • If the player is dead and hit by an encroaching mover they will say "hup" as the dead state isn't checked for.
  • Downgrading the pistol skill at the character creation will cause it to be trained at the start of the game.
  • If the player has a item in their inventory and an NPC attempts to give them another of the same item but fails due to lack of space or max stack size, a copy of the item will be dropped at the player's feet.
  • If the player is involved in a 3+ actor conversation, and the conversation starts with two NPCs talking to each other, the player's ConversationActor won't be updated properly and he will look at the last person he talked to. This is noticeable in UNATCO, where if Manderley is talking to someone else the player will usually look back at Janice.
(Source: Original TCRF research)


  • The new game menu has overlapping hotkeys for Upgrade and Reset.
  • If healing via the health menu, the overall health of the player isn't calculated.
  • Augmentation canisters, lockpicks, and multitools have a "use" button in the inventory that does nothing.
  • Dying with a keypad UI open doesn't close the UI.
  • If the player has enough saves to require a scrollbar in the save/load menu, the AM/PM text will be hidden by the scrollbar.
  • Opening the Settings > Game Options tab will load the "HUD Augmentation Display" option which causes augmentations to go to the Active state again. This causes the speed enhancement augmentation to reapply its jump bonus, multiplying it. This also causes the cloak augmentation to play its activation sound again.
  • Upgrading the swimming skill in water doesn't apply the bonuses.
  • Cutscenes don't show their subtitles on 16:9 resolutions as the game tries to letterbox the scene to 16:9 itself and then draw the subtitles on the bars, causing the subtitles to be drawn below the screen.
  • Weapon info doesn't include skill level in the shown calculation for recoil.
  • Opening and closing the main menu while dead will make the HUD reappear.
  • The game has code to display the amount of ammo and credits collected from carcasses, however it always displays 1 instead of the amount.
(Source: Original TCRF research)


  • Images are marked as duplicates if their imageDescriptions match, not their class. This causes one of the images bought at the Old China Hand to be unobtainable in normal gameplay as it and the image you are given in chapter 5 both have the description "MJ12 Lab Facility".
  • The cathedral map has its pink mask on the top left texture visible in game.


The GotY version of the game mistakenly contains older versions of the levels than the original release, these maps are a month out of date and have bugs and details missing that weren't originally an issue.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Chapter 1


  • The newspaper in JC's office is immediately destroyed by opening the door to get inside, making it unreadable.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Chapter 2


  • The UNATCO troopers in Battery Park are meant to have different lines for before all terrorists are defeated in the Shanty Town, however the game immediately marks it as clear within the first second of the level, due to looking for terrorists with the tag 'ShantyTerrorists' instead of the correct 'ShantyTerrorist'.
  • The game only checks for the amount of terrorists alive or unconscious in Castle Clinton, it makes no distinction about how or why they're dead, automatically blaming the player.
  • The police boat's lines don't work as he has the BindName "BoatPilot" instead of the desired "NYPoliceBoat", preventing the alternate chapter exit.
  • The ambrosia's triggers can be triggered from underneath, in the water.


  • The game is meant to credit you for helping out outside the Ton Hotel if you kill 3/5 terrorists, however it actually requires you to knock out 3/5.
  • The train windows aren't solid and can be climbed through.
  • Smuggler's intercom has a typo.
  • Osgood and Son's door isn't bIsDoor, causing the terrorist inside to break through during the fire fight like he was the Kool-Aid Man.
  • A riot cop has "Man" barks instead of "Cop".


  • Despite being in his helicopter at the warehouse, Jock can also appear in the bar when the mission is complete.


  • Paul's bathroom door is set to keynum 1 as a lazy way of making it open by default, due to this if it's used it instantly teleports to keynum 0, closed.


  • The doctors have a "Cabinet" nanokey that also works in chapter 5 for the MiB's cabinet, due to reused KeyIDs.


  • The waterfall in this level actually flows upwards.


  • Alex doesn't bother telling you about the snipers if you take the ladder to the rooves instead of the elevator.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Chapter 3

  • Despite Paul telling the troops to stand down, he only tells the ones in the hangar, not the ones in the rest of the chapter.


  • The riot cops have the BindName "BPRiotCop" and no BarkBindName, making them have no combat lines.


  • The skill award trigger at the end of the level can be triggered under the rock with the LAM in it.
  • A mole person has the name "MolePerson", space missing.


  • The cigarette machine at the breakroom is floating.
  • Closing the door to the security room can softlock the player.
  • Entering the level from the surface doesn't have a working elevator.


  • One of the alarm panels in the boat house is too high up for the AI to use.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Chapter 4


  • The dismantled satellite dish in the armoury can still randomly rotate.


  • Two interpolate triggers on the roof of the Ton, one for each ladder, can be touched to make Jock teleport and restart his outro sequence.


  • JoJo Fine has his own barks but they don't go used as he uses ThugMale's instead.
  • The cleaner bot's spark generator can get disconnected if it touches a slanted surface.
  • A book in Paul's bookshelf gets destroyed if the bookshelf is opened, making it unreadable.
  • If Paul's chair is destroyed he starts wandering, this can softlock the player as the player needs to be in a certain position to start the raid conversation and can be too far from Paul to talk if he wanders off.
  • Crouch jumping near the front doors of the Ton will trigger a skill award trigger with the "DEFAULT SKILL AWARD MESSAGE - REPORT THIS AS A BUG" message, a leftover of them attempting to get Paul to run to the exit.
  • If the player exits via the window Paul will always die, a half made sequence of triggers in the level exist to try and disable it, but go unfinished.


  • The teleporter can be crouched under, allowing the player to go out of bounds and kill the trooper at the barricade (again, for the second time).
  • The triggers for actually sending the signal are half-baked. The player is able to not bother aligning the dishes and still send the signal. Paul will complain initially but the correct flag will be set to progress the plot.
  • After sending the signal the window immediately right can be jumped out of to skip all triggers to make UNATCO hostile, making the level a cakewalk.
  • One of the large basement doors is invincible while all others aren't.
  • The BasementDoor key is largely useless as most of the basement doors don't have a key set.
  • One of the UNATCO troopers is placed out of bounds in the void and is automatically deleted on the start of the level.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Chapter 5


  • When the game confiscates the player's weapons it resets their ammo to the defaults, this causes surplus grenades and throwing knives to be lost.


  • Lloyd's password is "Squishy" despite being listed as "Target" in the datacube.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Chapter 6


  • The bot bay closest to the exit has a prefab vent floating at the top of it.
  • The triggers to make the bots wake up have collision and can be touched at the top of their doors.
  • Jock doesn't fire his missiles if the player leaves via the vents, only via the stairs.
  • The player can potentially get softlocked if they use ADS to destroy Jock's missiles from blowing up the exit and don't have explosives themselves.


  • Louis Pan is meant to teleport around the market and disappear when the triads have been united, but the game checks for the "MarketKid" tag, and he has the "ChildMale2" tag.


  • John Smith's body is meant to appear if Hundley isn't dead and the player has the Dragon Tooth's ROM, however it checks for the flag "HaveROM" instead of the correct "Have_ROM".
  • The dead scientist has a trigger for marking him as found for Tong's mention of him, however it's far back past the scientist so most players miss it.


  • A wall at the end of the street has a placeholder advertisement texture.
  • A skillpoint trigger is in Jock's apartment, however it's under the room and can't normally be triggered.
  • May Sung's barkbindname is "Woamn", causing her to not use any barks, even though she has her own unique ones under "MaySung".


  • Going past the police barricade is meant to make the police hostile, however it tries to trigger some "crashscene_cops" when they have the tag "RumbleCops".
  • The 55655 code door can simply be used to open it, not requiring the 55655 code to be entered.


  • All the police are called "Eddie Way".
  • Ling keeps following the player after the raid even when not paid for.
  • If the player goes into a place Ling isn't allowed she's meant to say "I cannot! I am not allowed!" and then go back to where she was initially standing. However, the "Date1Returns" trigger doesn't exist in the level, so she just keeps awkwardly following the player and saying she's done.
  • One of Max Chen's potted plants doesn't have a base and just floats in the water.
  • The female VersaLife employee has her familiar and unfamiliar names mixed up.
  • The QuickStop computer likely has its second and third username/password mixed up as it has CODE324 as the first's password and CODE323/CODE322 as logins.


  • The wicker basket has content2 set instead of contents, causing its throwing knives to not spawn.


  • Hundley's name is incorrectly set as Hundly.
  • The water cooler on the 2nd floor is set to face the wall.


  • Supervisor Harrison is incorrectly not made hostile after stealing the ROM.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Chapter 7


  • The two commandos have the BarkBindNames of "MJ12 Commando", causing them to not talk. The space in the name is also an invalid character and can very rarely crash the game.
  • The control panel for the lasers has a strength of 1.2, which is higher than the maximum of 1.0.
  • The ramp can be used manually to move it.
  • The key at the end of the level is meant to unlock the door that blocks the elevator, allowing the player to return at will for whatever reason, however the door isn't frobbable.
  • The glass in the long hallway isn't solid, allow the player to easily jump out.
  • The two spider bots that get released have the Attacking orders by default instead of being woken up when the UC is destroyed. This causes the combat music to play when you get in proximity to them.
  • The nanotech researcher is called a "Nonotechnology Researcher".
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Chapter 8


  • The riot cops here have incorrect BindNames ("RiotCop" vs "Cop"), causing them to be mute. They are also meant to patrol around the level, however both routes are called HotelPatrol1A while one should be HotelPatrol2A and so on.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Chapter 9


  • The sewer teleporter has its collision too small and can be walked around.
  • All of the shipping containers have a bad texture on one side face.
  • The weapons warehouse desires the key "WeaponsWarehouse" while the correct one is "WeaponWarehouse".
  • The supply closet's key has its KeyID set as its tag instead, making it useless.


  • One of the lightbulbs is missing, the horror.


  • None of the showers on this level work as they have default tags while the faucet and head need matching ones.
  • The game is meant to lock the door outside and close the sewer after the ship is destroyed, however it checks for "ShipBreech" instead of "MS_ShipBreeched" flag.
  • The sewer grate is meant to close, however they only made it go from KeyNum 1 to 0, where 1 is closed and 0 is open, so it'll never close.


  • Despite Tong implying it, you don't need to actually power the bilge pumps, just reverse them.
  • For some reason 2 gas grenades appear at the start of the level.
  • The sound for the electricity in the electrics room can be disabled by jumping on the beam behind it.
  • The goal completion trigger for entering the lower decks can be bypassed by jumping down the stairs.


  • The level intro text says "cemetary" instead of "cemetery".
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Chapter 10


  • Chad is killable despite being mentioned later in the game regardless.


  • All the MJ12 troopers in the level have invalid BarkBindNames, causing them to not talk.
  • Image10_Paris_Metro goes unused as the datacube meant to contain it unhelpfully contains Image10_Paris_Catacombs, after the catacombs level has been completed.


  • Kara's unfamiliar name is "woman", lowercase.


  • Entering the cellar of the chateau sets "ChateauInCellar", however Nicolette desires the "ChateauInCeller" flag for her lines.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Chapter 11


  • There is a computer terminal with a 21 character login/password, however the game only allows up to 20 characters to be input for each field.
  • If the door to the cathedral computer is closed behind the player, they can become softlocked.


  • The note about the ATM lists the account name as 576001 while it is actually defined as 567001. However due to a glitch both of these work for the account.


  • Everett doesn't use his unique barks.
  • Atanwe is killable despite being mentioned later in the game regardless.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Chapter 12


  • Stacy Webber is meant to have lines for when she's held hostage, however the game immediately thinks she was saved as it checks for NPCs with the MJ12_hazlab_troop1/MJ12_hazlab_troop2 tags but these NPCs incorrectly have it set as their BindName instead.
  • When inside the command center level, the large entrance doors can be used to make them instantly teleport in place.
  • One of the electrified water damage triggers continues damaging the player after the electricity is turned off due to a bad tag.
  • Tony Mares is killable, however Jock still mentions him at the end of the level.
  • The MapExit for Vandenberg still has collision set, causing the end cutscene to play if anything with collision touches it.
  • The MJ12 trooper outside the command center is meant to attack and kill Stephanie Maxwell after their conversation finishes, however instead Stephanie Maxwell is set to attack herself (not possible) while the MJ12 troop watches.
  • The ordersTrigger for the military bots in storage has collision and clips out of the building, causing them to wake up if you walk on the building's roof.
  • The goal to enable the power prematurely disappears if walking outside of the communication building's door.
  • The two commandos protecting the front doors are deaf, likely an oversight as hearing has to manually be enabled for some reason.
  • An additional interpolate trigger can be touched on the roof, causing Jock to teleport during his outro.


  • The garage MiB gives a blank key when knocked out as the KeyID and description are in a separate entity and not given to any NPC, while the MiB's key has no description or KeyID.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Chapter 14


  • The welding sounds for the mini-sub continue even after the player returns and the sub is gone.
  • The karkian scientist is meant to have lines for if you kill the karkian, however it checks for "tankKharkian_Dead" instead of "tankKarkian_Dead".


  • The infolink at the window of the ocean lab telling the player where to go plays even at the end of the level.
  • The key to the ocean lab storage rooms also opens the storage hatch at the Area 51 bunker due to reused keyIDs.
  • The 5690 door in the ocean lab to the excavation area can be closed behind the player, softlocking them.
  • The ocean lab level starts with a loud clank due to a fire extinguisher landing on the ground instead of starting on it.
  • ComputerSecurity0 has its login and password mixed up.


  • A trashbag at the silo is meant to contain a lockpick but has it set in content2 instead of contents, preventing it from spawning.
  • A crate at the silo contains no item.
  • A door breaks at the start of the silo due to not being bIsDoor.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Chapter 15


  • Jock is set to die in Area 51 if the Ray_Dead flag isn't set, the game should also check that the EverettMechanicComment is also not set as you are able to tell Jock about the bomb without killing the mechanic.
  • The infolink for the fan doesn't play if lockpicking into the fan area instead of using the top hatch.
  • The elevator's move sound incorrectly plays even when not moving.
  • The ground behind the hangar incorrectly has the FakeBackdrop (skybox) flag set.


  • PatrolPoint13 has its nextPatrol value set to itself, causing the commando to not loop.
  • The lasers at the start of the level can be seen waking up if going right as the 960UU proximity check is too small.


  • The grays at the reactors are meant to be commented on if one or two are dead, however they don't have the desired BindNames set, so the flags aren't set.


  • The UC creation effects happen for each attempt at creation rather than on success. This causes an effect and sound to spawn every second if something is blocking the UC's space.
  • The troops in Page's level aren't enemies with the transgenics and bots.
  • The buttons for the Dark Age and Illuminati endings can be pressed through their containers with precise aim.
  • Due to the way that the long pipe at the clones is made, the part of the wall it attaches to can be seen through.
  • A note says that the password for the gray computer is "LAB 12" with the password "GRAYTEST", however the login is "GRAYTEST" and the password is "LAB12".
(Source: Original TCRF research)