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Bugs:Dogz (Nintendo DS)

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This page details bugs of Dogz (Nintendo DS).

To do:
Get Images and make a video of the glitch.

"Call of the Glitch"

First off, the player must not have learnt to call their dog's name for this glitch to work otherwise the player will be stuck. To do the glitch, you just press the "call" command while going through the door that leads to the garden. If done successfully, the background where the dog is will be glitched. The more times the player does it, the more times the graphics will glitch. For the graphics to revert back to normal, the player must turn the game off and on again.

Sideways Puppy

Right after the player adopts their dog, the player must repeatedly press Start and A. If the player does it enough times, the puppy will walk sideways when it comes out of the case.