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Bugs:Dungeon Keeper

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This page details bugs of Dungeon Keeper.

Blow Creatures Through Walls

To get a creature through a wall to the other side without tunneling an entrance and leaving yourself open to attack, possess a level8+ Warlock, or any other creature that possesses the whirlwind spell, and move to the corner of a room that is missing a corner block. (Just two blocks diagonally touching). Line up the creature you want to blast through with the crack in the corner, and cast the whirlwind spell. If done correctly, the creature should pass right through to the other side. Ready to explore the outer caverns.

Breaking neutral walls

You can break Neutral Walls trough mining it while possessing an imp, even though the block isn't able to be selected to be mined.

Creature Speed level 10 bug

Once a creature reaches level 10, its speed spell only lasts a few seconds, whereas before it lasts much longer. This makes creatures who get the Speed spell before level 10 much weaker when they reach maximum experience.

(Source: Dungeon Keeper Wiki)

Guard Post bug (blocking access from water/lava)

By placing a Guard Post (or alternatively a Temple tile) at the edgeline of water or lava, the step-up will be too high for creatures to go over it. This essentially means that you can access the water/lava from land, but not from water/lava into the land, thus creating a 1-way access.

Teleportation Glitch (Level 18)

On Level 18 "Blaise End", when you own a vampire, it will sometimes glitch out during teleportation and end up in the top-right corner, changing the solid rock block there to untiled, unowned floor. This glitch happens randomly. - After some research, it might be that this issue only applies on a clean non-deeper dungeons version of the European Dungeon keeper game without keeperFX, also it seems like the missing block sometimes appears left above instead of right, and can just be seen without a vampire. this has to be doubled checked.