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Bugs:Everywhere Road Trip

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This page details bugs of Everywhere Road Trip.

Out-of-bounds Text Box Glitch

To do:
Are there more "Fake Fuji Cities?" Also, more experimenting.

This glitch only occurs in CloudHill and Fuji City, since they both have closed-off areas. The player must have the Jet Turbine. To do the glitch in Cloudhill, the player must move the Gate man to the front of the door. While the gate man is at the door, the player must ram into the Gate man and the door simultaneously. When the player is "flying" out of the area with a text box being shown, the player has done is successfully. To stop the player from flying, the player must close the text box when the player is back in the main area or the player will be stuck for a long time, causing a possible freeze. This glitch can be used to bypass the World Grand Prix Trophy requirement for President Forest.

Fake Fuji City

To do the glitch in Fuji City, one must push a car up to the Guard. Again, if you do the glitch right, you will be able to move out of bounds with the text box open. The player must not do it too many times, as the car will go faster and faster until your game locks up with a blue screen and "VERFLOW" in white text on the side. Travelling to the "Fake Fuji Cities" depends on how many the player "passes by". One of them has spawn points for locations in Sandpolis. If you somehow manage to land in the place where Otomi was trapped, You can enter it even AFTER you rescued her. If one enters the place after you rescue her, she will still be there, with the unused line "I'll never forget what you did for me!".