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Bugs:Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

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This page details bugs of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

Enemy Control Glitch

The enemy control glitch from the previous GBA Fire Emblem games still exists within this game in all regions. This glitch, when performed, allows complete control of enemy forces as if the enemies were player units. The player can use this glitch to obtain normally unobtainable items and cause enemies to drop all their weapons. Clever manipulation of enemy inventories also allow items to be restored to full durability. (Hint: flashing green droppable items in enemy inventories have full durability when dropped, and a Gorgon Egg's items are set to full durability when the egg hatches, these are intended gameplay functions that can be abused.)

To make the glitch occur, an enemy must initiate a battle when standing on certain types of tiles. When the battle ends reset the game before the game goes to moving the next enemy. Upon resuming the chapter the game will still be on the enemy phase, though the computer is no longer doing anything and the player can do anything with the enemies as they wish.

The tiles that trigger this (and thus the tile that the enemy must be standing on) are: traversable lava tiles that shoot flames, snag tiles, where the snag was before being knocked over, and the tile where a torch staff was used.

Graphical Glitches

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Graphical glitches can occur during certain times of gameplay, such as if the play time has exceeded 200 hours, which will result in the 0 in the middle not present if the player is saving his/her game. Another example is during Floor 7 in Lagdou ruins, a graphical glitch may occur if the player attempted to solo the floor, in which the glitch happens after finishing the floor and upon proceeding to the next floor. The battle records shown underneath the stats has numbers that will overwrite the letter next to it should it get to 1000 plus. The avoid stat during selection of weapons glitches out parts of its letters should the avoid stat be over 100.

(Source: Fireemblem.wikia)

Pierce Skill Glitch

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There was a fairly malignant glitch introduced in the localizations of The Sacred Stones and this glitch is not known to exist in the Japanese release.

Specifically, this glitch occurs under certain circumstances when the Wyvern Knight's class skill, Pierce, activates. When battle animations are enabled for a unit of the Wyvern Knight class and said unit activates Pierce on their first of two consecutive hits, the game may softlock after the second attack. The glitch seems to be related to waiting for HP depletion, as normally the battle animations will wait for the HP damage from the first attack to finish depleting before attacking again. If animations are disabled for Wyvern Knights this issue does not occur.

As there is no way to skip or forcefully exit game animations, this can force the player to have to restart the chapter.

(Source: Serenes Forest)