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Bugs:Five Nights at Freddy's (Windows)

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This page details bugs of Five Nights at Freddy's (Windows).

Glitched Foxy Game Over Sequence

Occasionally, while the camera is not open, the game audio will mute itself, and a few seconds later Foxy's jump-scare sequence will play (without it being triggered from the security monitor) and a game over will occur. Unlike when Foxy's jump-scare sequenced is normally triggered, it is possible to look around during the jump-scare, while normally the game camera is locked to Foxy. The audio returns when the static appears. It is unknown if this was patched in an update or not.

Night 8

If you complete the game to 100% with all 3 stars, by moving your mouse very fast on the title screen, sometimes, the Night counter on the "Continue" option will read 8, which is non-existant. When clicked fast enough, it is possible to actually enter Night 8. It shows the newspaper from the 6th night, and the pre-loading screen from the first night, however, the in-game counter reads "Night 8".

As this is a glitch night, it is quite unusual and buggy. The camera starts on the room with Foxy, and switching to another room causes the game to crash. Freddy does not move at all, but all other animatronics appear to have an AI difficulty level that is higher than 20, causing it to be almost impossible to complete, but possible with enough effort and skill.

This glitch also exists in the second game, however the camera is not accessible at all, once again causing the game to crash.

Freddy's AI level

Freddy is programmed so that the game will roll a random number every few seconds to determine if Freddy can move, when it gets a number to let him move the game begins a countdown based on his AI level and then will let him move; in the first 6 nights his AI never goes beyond 4 however if the player was to increas his AI value above 9 in custom night then every number the computer generates will let him move and will set the counter to 0, meaning that unless the camera is on him he will move every few seconds making him extremely unfair.