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Bugs:Glover (Nintendo 64)

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This page details bugs of Glover (Nintendo 64).

L-Button Glitch

The L button is normally used to switch glover to be on top of the ball to the ground and vice versa; however, rapidly pressing the L button will allow glover to move as rapidly as possibly while airborne. It should be noted that this can be extremely disorienting as this trick can really mess up the camera.

Chicken Hovering

In the carnival realm, make the ball bounce and aim in midair near a juggling chicken. Once the chicken touches you, both you and the chicken will fly straight up. This glitch can be used to skip the first level of the carnival realm.

Pirate Realm Boss Skip

Once you enter the boss arena, head over to the pirate ship where the warp is and change your ball to a ball bearing. Make glover roll it over the ship until you clip through it. Go onto the warp platform to the leave level without even fighting.

(Source: Glover 64 :: SPEED RUN Live)