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Bugs:Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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This page details bugs of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

The original PlayStation 2 version (V.1.40) contains a few bugs that were fixed in later revisions.

Detonator Glitch

If you have unlimited ammo for your weapons (obtained by completing the game 100%) and you use either a car bomb or remote grenades, you will be stuck with "unlimited ammo" for the detonator. You are not able to switch back to other weapons without reloading the game.

Cherry Poppers Save Glitch

Saving at the Cherry Poppers Ice Cream factory can cause your save file to be corrupted. Easily avoided by saving elsewhere.

"Trial By Dirt" Stat Glitch

The stats for the "Trial By Dirt" side mission would not show up until you beat the "Test Drive" side mission with the same time as "Trial By Dirt". A minor problem, since it doesn't affect getting a 100% status. This was fixed in V.2.01, but rebroken in V.3.00.