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Bugs:Harvest Moon DS

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This page details bugs of Harvest Moon DS.

Harvest Moon DS is no doubt the buggiest Harvest Moon game in the series. To fix all of those glitches, quite a lot of revisions were put out.

The European release still had a fair share of glitches that were later fixed in Harvest Moon DS Cute.

All Versions

Disappearing Pets

Some Versions

Ghost Town

This glitch only occurs in Japanese v1.0 and North American v1.0.

Occasionally at the start of the game, there will be no residents roaming around Forget-Me-Not Valley and all of the doors will be locked as if an event is happening. For the glitch to be fixed, the player will have to start over.

Japanese Version v1.0

Blue Feather Proposal Freeze

When the player obtains the Blue Feather, they can equip it and show it to others. But if they show it to their Cat, Dog, or Horse, the game may freeze.

Thomas Harvest Festival Junk Mail

Hot Spring Egg Earthquake

North American v1.0

Buckwheat Flour Glitch

During the New Year's celebration, the player can either be given Buckwheat Noodles or Buckwheat Flour depending on what version of the game one has. Getting the Buckwheat Noodles instead of Buckwheat Flour will prevent the player from being able to marry the Harvest Goddess or Witch Princess, as one of the marriage requirements is to learn all recipes. For the Harvest Goddess specifically, they also have to complete the Shipping List, which will also be impossible.

Disappearing Leia

When a snowstorm or hurricane occurs in the game, buildings usually get destroyed. If the player is married to Leia (who will live in the pond rather than inside the house), there is a chance that the pond will blow away, making Leia unable to appear outside of events. If the player also hasn't had a child yet, it will be impossible to have one, since the player would be unable to give Leia gifts.

North American v1.1

European/Australian Version

Infinite Money

One of the most infamous glitches in the entire game. The player must hire the Fishing Team in the Winter (getting a Fishing Rod is required prior) and ship one item. The player will then earn nearly a billion G. The player can use it to buy anything, although glitchy events can occur such as freezes.

Save File Freeze

Sometimes, when the player tries to load their save data, the game will freeze.