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Bugs:Jurassic Park (Genesis)

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This page details bugs of Jurassic Park (Genesis).

Visitor Center Crash

To do:
  • Per the uploader of the linked video, on real hardware this bug "will cause the game to crash and the music to keep play once the screen starts messing up" whereas the ROM in emulation "will just keep going for a bit longer before crashing". Given that the video is from 2011 and uses PicoDrive v1.51 (emulator menu pops up briefly at 3:42) on a PSPgo...
    • See how more recent/accurate Genesis emulation (the Sega Genesis Mini, for instance) handles this.
    • Double-check what happens on real hardware.
    • Find or upload a look at this glitch that doesn't flicker like crazy.

Using the debug menu, start a game as the Raptor on Visitor Center 4 (a Grant-exclusive level). Once in the level (where you'll actually be controlling Grant), let the raptors kill you.

More raptors will appear each time you respawn. Once six are onscreen, the background will quickly become garbled, leading to a bunch of glitchiness with the graphics. Eventually, the game will crash.