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Bugs:LittleBigPlanet 2

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This page details bugs of LittleBigPlanet 2.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
Play Mode bugs, patched bugs

Create Mode Bugs

A few of these bugs involve "Decals". Decal is a term used to refer to any object that can be selected by the player that doesn't have a hitbox and that can be placed on top of another object, similar to a decoration. Examples of decals include logic pieces and certain light objects. If a decal has no decorative outline defined for it, (which most logic pieces will have), it will default to using a circle as its outline.

Close-Level Post Resizing

If the player tries to change the size of a Close-Level Post, the model of the post will get slightly larger and the post will not be able to change size after that.

  • This can be exploited to make the models of objects larger by selecting both the post and the object at the same time and then resizing; doing this multiple times can make the model of the object huge.
  • If the post is resized using other methods it can be used to make objects smaller as well due to it always returning to the same size as its default.

Jetpack 3D Rotation

If a player selects an object and a Jetpack (not to be confused with the Tetherless Jetpack), and then holds the R2 button and attempts to resize it, the Jetpack will shrink and start rotating in 3D space. This can be used to rotate any object in 3D space.

Manipulating Objects as Decals

Any object with a hitbox can be manipulated in the same way as a decal using the following method.

While holding R2 with the popit cursor, selecting a decal and then dragging a box around an object will show an outline of a circle at the object's center. Pressing L3 will then duplicate the object and the decal, and allow you to manipulate the object the same way as you would a decal.

  • Placing the object will return it to having a hitbox, though the object might have a new orientation in 3D space depending on what it is.
  • Placing the object on top of an existing decal can replace the decal, which orients the object to that decal's orientation.
  • Materials that are unable to be corner-edited or have their shape changed in any way that are placed using this method will be able to be edited after they are placed.
  • If a Finish Gate is placed using this method, selecting it and then any object at the same time will allow you to change the layer that the object occupies. This can be used to make an object occupy any of the main layers, even Sackbots.

Breaking Decal Bones

Any decal that has Bones can have its bones broken using the following method, and causes them to relocate to the center of the decal. This also prevents the decal from being animated.

The player has to place a decal on an object, and then use an emitter with a limited lifetime to emit the object with the decal on it. If the player then selects the decal and presses L3 to duplicate it, the bones of the decal will then break when the lifetime runs out for the original emitted object.

  • This method also works when used on objects that have bones that are being manipulated as decals.

Moving objects using a Microchip

While holding R2 with the popit cursor, selecting anything inside of a microchip (including its circuit board), closing it, and then letting go of R2 will allow the user to manipulate the object the microchip is attached to.

  • When in this state, the user can move the object through the hitboxes other objects, as long as the level is paused.
  • Pressing R1 while holding the object can open and close the microchip's circuitboard.
  • Objects that cannot be selected by the user can be manipulated using this method if a microchip is attached to them.

Grouping Objects

Objects can be grouped together as if they were glued using the following method. This method requires two players, or two controllers.

One player needs to select the objects being grouped using the popit cursor and R2, and then they need to let go of R2. The second player then needs to capture the objects that the first player is selecting, either with the capture tool or an emitter. When pulled out or emitted, the objects will be grouped together.

  • This method can be used to "parent" objects to other objects, which means that only the child object or objects (The object that was selected last when the player created the group) will be able to detatch from the group. If a player tries to detatch the parent object it will just delete the whole group.
  • When Sackbots are grouped together, one of them will not have Sackboy's base material visible, which can be used to make costume pieces appear to float in the air if done correctly.
  • This method can be done in singleplayer in LittleBigPlanet 3 using its new updating emitter function, as the emitter acts as the one capturing the group.

Placing Decals on the Level Boundaries

This bug has since been patched, but should still work in the first update that adds the Move Pack. Any levels that have been saved with this glitch will still have the glitch present.

In any level that uses the Move Pack's background, placing or gluing a material to the floor can cause the boundaries of the level to be duplicated. When they do this, the player can then place any logic or decals they like on the boundaries of the level.

Disappearing Sackbot Head

Using a Movinator and a Brain Crane, the player can make a Sackbot that appears to not have a head.

If the player hooks up a Movinator to control the direction that a Brain Crane is pointing by overriding the Sackbot's controls, a very specific input can cause the head to disappear, likely to it pointing in an impossible direction.

  • When used on a costume that uses default Sackboy, instead of making the head disappear the entire body model is broken and can make the game's audio break or crash the game. Curator costumes, the Sackbot costume, and any other costumes that hide default Sackboy's head do not do this.

Background Switching Failure

If the background is switched and either the owner of the level uses undo, or the person switching the background dies at the same time as the background is switched, the background will play the transitioning animation and continue to move, creating a blur effect. The background will not change and will continue to be blurry until the background is switched again. This does not stay if the level is saved.


Saving Planets' Shadow Models

This glitch involves saving the models used for rendering shadows on the user's Earth and Moon, which can be customized. The shadow models are separate from the models that can have their materials changed. This method also requires the user to be online.

Occasionally, when there are issues connecting to the server, the models for a user's Earth and Moon will not load, leaving only the models for rendering shadows. If the user tries to save either of the planets, instead of going to their "Saved Earths" or "Saved Moons" they will go to the user's saved objects in create mode.

Moving other Users' Levels

This glitch has since been patched, but still works if an earlier build is used online. This method requires the user to be online.

If the player goes to another user's planet and then quickly backs out to their own planet and selects the decorate option, they will be able to move the other user's levels using the decorate tool due to the other user's planet not unloading. This will affect the location of the other user's levels after the player saves their changes.

Scuba Gear in a Controlinator

If a player collects the Scuba Gear powerup from the Pirates of the Caribbean pack and enters a Controlinator at the same time, they will be able to be inside the Controlinator and have the Scuba Gear equipped at the same time.

Equipping Powerups when entering a Wormhole

If a player enters a Wormhole from the Cross-Controller Pack and equips a powerup at the same time, they will play the entering animation and then slide past the Wormhole. They will be unable to jump or move in this state and will stay in constant motion until they hit something or are grabbed by another player. This will persist until they are killed, enter hover mode, or enter a controlinator.