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Bugs:Luigi's Mansion (GameCube)

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This page details bugs of Luigi's Mansion (GameCube).

To do:
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Clipping Out of Bounds

After defeating Chauncey, if the player holds up-right as Luigi spawns back into the Mansion, he will slip behind the large chest while it spawns. From here, if Luigi runs towards the wall and vacuums, when he puts it away he will clip out of bounds and be on the ceiling of the Laundry Room. From here the player can explore a handful of F1 rooms from their ceilings!

  • Luigi will interact with map collision from F2, but only F1 will be rendered.

Pushing Toad

On the F1 Balcony, Luigi can push Toad around... not very far though.

Collecting King Boo's Crown

In the Japanese version- If the player manages to bring King Boo low enough that Luigi can touch him, he can collect the crown right off his head, ending the fight instantly.

Spade Key Duplication

After defeating Vincent Van Gore; if Luigi leaves to the F2 Balcony and back, an additional Spade Key will spawn. This can duplicate as many times and the player wants, however Luigi will have to pick up each key one-by-one.

Gold Diamond Despawning

After collecting all 50 Boos, a Gold Diamond spawns as a reward! However, if the player saves during the chat with E. Gadd after collecting all the Boos, but does not save after collecting the Gold Diamond; if the player gets a game over or resets the console, the Gold Diamond will never spawn again.