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Bugs:Madden NFL '97 (SNES)

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This page details bugs of Madden NFL '97 (SNES).

Playoff Mode Glitches

It is possible to select a team in Playoff mode by choosing the desired team as the home team in Play Now mode, then returning to the main menu once reaching the Game Setup screen. The desired team will now always be the #3 seed in their conference. By using this trick in combination with the secret team cheats, some glitches occur:

  • If either All-Madden (which can be accessed without a cheat code), EA Sports, Tiburon, or NFLPA is chosen as the home team in Play Now mode, the game will crash.
  • If any of the "vintage" teams are chosen as the home team in Play Now mode, they can actually be used in Playoff mode. However, this will cause graphical glitches on both the bracket screen and the Super Bowl win screen.

Madden NFL 97 SNES Bracket Glitch.pngMadden NFL 97 SNES Super Bowl Win Glitch.png