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Bugs:Metroid Fusion

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This page details bugs of Metroid Fusion.

Running Frozen SA-X

This is a simple glitch with the SA-X. When you freeze the SA-X while its in its running animation and constantly load the map screen and go back, the SA-X's sprite advances one frame even though it should be frozen.

Running Animation and Charging the Beam

In normal gameplay, Samus has two running animations. One animation is used for when she charges her beam and the other for when she doesn't. These glitches make Samus use the latter animation for when she charges her beam.

Version One

When the game transitions between two rooms, charge the beam with the B button and keep moving in the same direction. When Samus appears in the next room she will run as if she isn't charging the beam.

Version Two

An extension of the last glitch. Charge the beam and, while turning around and running in the other direction, release the beam with the R button but don't hold R. This glitch is a little tricky to pull off but it can be done without tool assisting. If TA is done, turning around is done in 6 frames. Pressing R is done when going to the 2nd to 3rd frame and is held until the 6th frame.