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Bugs:Persona 3 Portable

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This page details bugs of Persona 3 Portable.

To do:
There are at least two more untranslated strings.

Untranslated Text

Yuko's 8th Social Link

North America/Europe Japan
Persona-3-Portable-English-Text-Bug-1.png Persona-3-Portable-Japanese-Text-Bug-1.png

An untranslated line of text appears in the North American and European releases of the game. When asked what gender you'd prefer your child to be, select "It doesn't matter which." After Yuko says "Is that how guys think?", the broken Japanese text is displayed. The Kanji characters are missing from the text, and appear to have been removed from the game. The original Japanese text reads >結子は少し困っている。, or >Yuko is a bit troubled. The Korean version of the game has a properly translated line.

(Translations: Bast)

July 26th

July 26th July 25th
Persona-3-Portable-English-Text-Bug-2.png Persona-3-Portable-English-Text-Bug-2-Compare.png

On July 25th and 26th, Fuuka will ask the player if they think Ken is cute. If the response is "No", the first line of Fuuka's reply will be untranslated on July 26th. The European version also contains this bug, while the Korean version has a properly translated line.