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Bugs:Space Station Silicon Valley (Nintendo 64)

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This page details bugs of Space Station Silicon Valley (Nintendo 64).

Fat Bear Mountain Trophy Bug

Present in all versions of the game is a bug where the trophy for the level Fat Bear Mountain cannot be collected. This is due to its hitbox size being set to 0, meaning you'll just pass right through it. This can be fixed by using the below GameShark codes which will set the hitbox size to 15, which will allow you to collect it.

Version GameShark Code
USA V1.0/Japan 803AD3F3 0015
USA V1.1/Europe 803AD423 0015

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Incorrect Species Encountered Count

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: I believe this odd increment also happens on other levels, as I had noticed this inaccuracy in the counter after completing Walrace 64 without having done any Jungle levels before completing the Ice area. I had counted up all the animals available in the Europe and Ice areas and of all the obtainable animals, the total came out to 23. According to my save files counter I had encountered 26 species. The counter only seems to increase when you actually take over an animal for the first time, so why it's saying you've encountered 3 species after the very first level where there's only 2 to encounter doesn't make sense.

The "Species Encountered" counter on the save file selection screen seems to increment oddly after the very first level of the game. If you were to disable and switch into a Sheep, then complete the level without switching back into the Dog, your Species Encountered total would show 1. However, if you were to switch to the Sheep, then back to the Dog and complete the level, your Species Encountered total will show 3. The only species in the first level are the Dog and Sheep.