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Bugs:Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter

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This page details bugs of Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter.

Red Screen Glitch

Sometimes after completing the mission "Demolition Squad", the game will crash on a bright red screen before it can play the outro FMV. This is a bug with the game itself, rather than the PS2's hardware, and will also happen in emulators.

Jedi Starfighter Red Screen Glitch.PNG

"Hammer and Anvil" Softlock

In the mission "Hammer and Anvil", your goal is to destroy two planetary defense guns while protecting both of your capital ships - the Kethor and the Tritus. After destroying one planetary defense gun, a fleet of Sabaoth ships emerges behind you. A sequence then begins where Jango Fett goes after Reti. After destroying the second planetary defense gun, the Kethor pilots itself into the shield generator, allowing the mission to continue. If the Kethor is destroyed prior to its scripted self-sacrifice, the mission ends in failure.

However, there's a way to get the Kethor destroyed but not fail the mission, causing a softlock:

  1. Start the mission in Hard Mode. Enemy damage increases with difficulty.
  2. As soon as the mission starts, get both planetary defense guns down to a sliver of health.
  3. Destroy all the bombers headed for the Tritus, but let the bombers heading toward the Kethor survive.
  4. Destroy both planetary defense guns almost simultaneously. This will trigger the Jango vs. Reti sequence and the Kethor self-sacrifice sequence at the same time.
  5. By this point, the bombers will have done enough damage to the Kethor to destroy it. However, since there's so many sequences going on, the game never realizes that the Kethor got destroyed and continues on like normal, except Orsai's dialogue is skipped because the Kethor is gone.

The game is now softlocked because the Kethor needs to crash into the shield generator for the mission to continue, but the Kethor was destroyed. This also has the side effect of not all of the bombers being marked as mission targets, meaning you can destroy the Trade Federation lander before destroying all the bombers. Additionally, any surviving bombers will drop bombs on where the Kethor was.