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Bugs:Style Savvy: Fashion Forward

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This page details bugs of Style Savvy: Fashion Forward.

General Bugs

USA: 12am is 12pm, 12pm is 12am

If the time is 12:##pm, it is shown as 12:##am instead, and if the time is 12:##am, it is shown as 12:##pm instead.

USA: EUR version words

Since the USA version is just the EUR version with the title changed, the EUR version words are left in as a result. Here are some examples.

Incorrect Correct
Pedal Pushers Leggings
Practise Practice
Trousers Pants
Wellies Boots

Character Bugs

Invisible/Partial Feet


If a gown, such as the one in the screenshots is being worn, if shoes that show skin are being worn, the character's feet are no longer rendered. If shoes that expose toes are being worn, only the toes (and back feet for some shoes) are rendered.

Location Bugs

Live Music Club


A black square is placed near the floor. If the duo pose shown in the screenshot is done, the black square is shown, covering the second character's foot.