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Bugs:The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle (NES)

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This page details bugs of The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle (NES).

Bugs for the Bugs game.

Glitch Passwords

The password system seems to have been crudely made with a lack of error-trapping, allowing for many glitch passwords to exist. Take note that the highest level you can legitimately reach is 60, and there are four "bonus levels" only accessible by password (S1-S4), rounding out the level count to a perfect 64. Beating S1 (Stage 64) will not reset the stage count or display an ending; instead the game will proceed to the glitch Stage 65. In the Japanese version, the game does indeed partially error-trap during the loading process, taking you to a legitimate level (but in all other respects is still the out-of-range level) instead. Beating this level will send you to the next "fake" level, but if you die once you'll be taken to another (fake) legitimate level (always 2-3 levels ahead of the level data generated in the Japanese version) instead. This is also glitched, as the level data of the level you "warp" to is usually wrong and doesn't match the level number, and you'll keep warping ahead every time you die. After this it doesn't matter if you die or complete the level, you'll still continue to visit fake/mislabeled levels. This death feature also applies to Crazy Castle, but since the levels in that version are glitched out, dying either happens or it doesn't, since you're at the whim of whatever garbage that generates. For some reason the game won't give out proper passwords for some early glitch levels, instead defaulting to the password you used to access the level. It's unknown if this was intentional or not.

A sample list of glitch passwords follows; this may or may not be moved to a Notes page in the future.

Password Stage Number Stage initially sent to in Japanese version Effect in US versions
S3S2 65 1 Black Screen. Must reset.
S1W2 66 ??? Purple Screen. Must reset.
Z322 67 ??? Glitched house level; you automatically collect a carrot off-screen, then die and are warped to level 22.
Z1P2 68 ??? Die in glitched factory level; level moves to value 66 afterwards (Level 103). Stuck and must reset after that.
SE32 69 ??? Glitched. Must reset.
SHE2 70 ??? Glitched. Must reset.
ZE42 71 ??? Night Factory Screen. Stuck, must reset.
ZH92 72 ??? Glitched Screen, instantly move to Stage 74.
W3R2 73 ??? Glitched Screen, stuck, must reset.
W1F2 74 ??? Glitched screen. One of the few glitch levels Bugs is visible on and you can move around on.
X3J2 75 ??? Glitched Screen, stuck, must reset.
X1K2 76 ??? Glitched Screen, stuck, must reset.
WEM2 77 ??? Glitched Screen, stuck, must reset. A Sylvester spawns.
WHC2 78 ??? Glitched dark castle screen. A carrot appears.
BLPK 100 36 "Factory" level music, can't move; you must reset to proceed.
MGEL 150 ??? Die in dark glitched castle level; respawn in Level 24.