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Bugs:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest

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This page details bugs of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest.

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Forest Temple Bug

In the Forest Temple, go through the twisted hallway to the room where the pictures of one of the Poe Sisters are. Use Farore's Wind to set a warp point. Go back to the maze room and hit the crystal switch to untwist the hallway. Return to the warp point and go through the door and you'll end up clipped into a wall. Just walk back in bounds to end the glitch.

Note that this bug is only present in Master Quest.

(Source: petrie911)

Water Temple Skip

Upon finding Princess Ruto in the Water Temple, set the water level to the second one. Go back to where you found Ruto and float up to the platform with the bombable wall, and blow it up. Then hookshot the pattern on the wall to get the chest containing the longshot to appear, then collect it. Now raise the water level to its highest and longshot your way over to the platform leading to the boss door. Hit the switch above the boss door and longshot the stone platforms to get over the blades. Then draw your sword and climb onto the stone platform, then sidehop then in mid-air, slash with your sword. You should've clipped through the boss door, and now just hold forward and walk through the loading zone to the boss room. Defeat Morpha and you've skipped the majority of the Water Temple!

This is also possible in the original Ocarina of Time, but you won't be skipping much there since the Longshot is obtained later than in Master Quest.

(Source: Just a Guy)