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Bugs:The Simpsons Game (Nintendo DS)

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This page details bugs of The Simpsons Game (Nintendo DS).

"Flying" Glitch

In Mob Rules in the second area, if you keep running to the red box in the corner. Marge will fly off screen and you need to restart the level or the game. This is possibly due to depth perception.

Going Down

To do:

If you go up just before the lift you go down. This creates a huge bug, if you are quick enough and make Marge land on the power source you will be unable to go down and you can't call back the previous mob members. With the same method go and make Marge go nowhere near the power source and nowhere near the lift too. If succeed Marge will fall down and die then you get stuck at the bottom of the screen. But you can still go left and right and call the mob members at the bottom.