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Bugs:The Sims 2 (Nintendo DS)

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This page details bugs of The Sims 2 (Nintendo DS).

Honest Jackson's Disappearance

The Honest Jackson NPC has some scripted logic tied to some of the game's story flags. In particular, his character behavior mode, combined with the flag that controls which of the game's antagonists is occupying the Hotel Penthouse causes his spawn point to fail to load when the antagonist flag is set to anything above 0. The result is that the moment Frankie Fusilli is arrested and Ava Cadavra arrives, Honest Jackson disappears completely for the rest of the game.

This bug was actually confirmed by the game's producer, Daniel Elenbaas.

(Source: Daniel Elenbaas's Twitter)

Mesmerized Bugs

During Ava Cadavra's stay in the penthouse Ara Fusilli, Auda Sheriff and Sancho Paco Panza are mesmerized and are usually in the bovine shrine and are uninteractable. But this does have a few bugs. Using the super soaker on any of them will make then angry which will override their mesmerized state which will allow the player to talk to them, it also allows them to access a Whats up! Dialogue which usually can't be accessed. If any of them are staying in the hotel they may be found outside of the bovine shrine in a mesmerized state.

Lost Desert Item Softlock

Occasionally a character may lose an item and one location where it may turn up is in the desert however attempting to use the item instead of simply picking it up may lead the player's sim indefinitely walking around in circles due to the uneven terrain of the desert.

Pockets Underflow

In the basement's government lab there is a mini-game called Alien Autopsy, which requires you have 1 or more Mummified Aliens in the player's inventory to play. The object decides if you can play or not by counting how many of the 6 item slots in your inventory contain the Item ID for the Mummified Alien object, which you dig up in the Strangetown Desert. When you play, it removes one of the Aliens from your inventory. Simple enough, right?

...Except that because of how the game handles the pockets, if you happen to play Alien Autopsy while an alien is currently in the 6th slot of your pockets, when you finish playing the game the game simply decrements your item count from 6 to 5. Because the Alien Autopsy object only looks at the slots when counting and does not account for the number of slots that are active, it will still count the alien in the now-inactive slot as one. The result is that you can continue to play Alien Autopsy as much as you want from this point. Every time you complete the game or exit it, the number of items in your pockets decreases. When you play Alien Autopsy with 00 items in your pockets, the value underflows to FF.

When this happens, if the player then opens the pockets menu, the game will completely lock up. To make this worse, if the player saves the game in this state, then this underflowed value also saves to their save file. The only solution outside of hacking is to play Alien Autopsy like this over 250 more times to reduce the value back down to some number between 0 and 6 again.

Texture Loading Randomly Breaks

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: The issue begins when a part of memory that is normally static during the main portion of the game is overwritten with... something. Probably texture data. Further disassembly to see what is going on is probably necessary.

In some cases, after rooms/areas have been loaded many, many times without restarting the game, the textures and texture loading just breaks randomly until you restart the game, or load into totally different menu to reinit the code responsible for loading textures. The exact cause is not totally clear, but there are some indications that it may be due a part of the game's memory responsible for displaying textures being overwritten somehow. The issue seems to be most prevalent when entering and exiting the 6 editable hotel rooms while they have many objects with different textures, although it actually can occur anywhere.

A way to reload textures is via entering CAS using a dresser or mirror, or save, exit and reload.

Bugged Concierge Calls

Part of the game is that when you've not played the game and come back to it after a day or more, the Concierge calls you on your phone to chitchat about stuff you missed. However, on some occasions where the game was left paused or in sleep mode for a day or more, when you return, the Concierge will call you, and from that point forward, until the game is reset or saved and reset, any time you pause or put the console in Sleep mode, the Concierge will call you and chitchat when you begin the game again, no matter what.

The game can also crash randomly when picking up your phone while this issue is in effect, so if you encounter it, it's best to save and reset your game.

Collision Errors

While this game actually has rather solid collision for the most part, no game is perfect. The way the game handles situations where your Sim has no floor below them is by slowly having your sim levitate down, and it's rather odd looking and jarring.

In cases where you fall out of bounds, your Sim falls into nothing indefinitely. To get out, you must either reset the game, or, if you've saved the game, you must leave the game running until one of your Sim's needs completely depletes your Sanity Bar so that you will respawn either in the Strangetown Jail or in the Manager's Suite.

Here are some known examples of minor collision errors.

  • If you walk against and then behind a particular piece of geometry in the Saloon Back Rooms just to the right of Jeb's bed, you can clip into it and fall through the floor out of bounds.
  • In the Deluxe Guest Room, in the bathroom area there is a lip that doesn't have any collision to prevent you from walking off into mid-air, resulting in the odd levitation-like falling behavior.