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Bugs:Theme Hospital

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This page details bugs of Theme Hospital.

Glitch Levels

Using "HOSPITAL -l x" you can load glitch levels, replacing x with any number. On loading, you may get errors such as "Error loading file /levels/FULLXX.sam" On load, it will either load a "NULL" message or a level briefing. You will always start with a balance of 0, an empty map, et cetra.

Effects of certain actions

These are the effects the writer of this article has seen.

  • Bank Screen: Crash
  • Room Builder: Load Random Data
  • Item Placer: Load Random Data
  • Staff Hirer: Load Random Data
  • Staff List: Load Random Data
  • Map: Crash

Map Data

Here is what the maps look like normally:

This is what these levels often look like.

Proposed Reason

When you load a glitch map, it loads "junk" data from RAM, despite running in DOS/GW Protected Mode (To prevent glitch characters like E$&* appearing suddenly). It can load partially, however the current selected screen then becomes one of the effects.