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This page details bugs of Zeliard (PC-88).

This page details bugs of Zeliard (Sharp X1).

This page details bugs of Zeliard (DOS).

Cavern of Cementar Almas Bug

Before Flag Set After Flag Set
Wall has already been cut open, revealing the 50/100 Almas A block appears in the gelroid after you exit and re-enter this room.

In the Cementar cavern, there is one place you can collect a red Almas orb, to the left of a large gelroid pit. Normally, once you pick it up, a flag is set, but this room mishandles it. Instead, after you collect the orb, leave and re-enter this cavern, a block will appear on the gelroid. This block can be destroyed with your sword and another red Almas orb may be collected. This can be done infinitely, so long as you exit and re-enter the cavern each time.

This is found in all three versions of Zeliard.