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Bugs talk:Gauntlet Dark Legacy (PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube)

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Speculation about the item slot 11 bug

I don't have any evidence to support this, so I'm leaving it off the page, but I think the cause of the slot 11 bug is pretty simple. Background info:

  • The item slots are numbered internally from 00 to 0A (decimal 0 to 10, or 11 total slots)
  • Only items from 00 to 09 (10 total slots) can be selected in-game.
  • The unused item slot 11 is 0A or decimal 10.

Somebody was confused by the fact that there's 10 slots, but the tenth slot is slot 09 because the game starts counting at 0. Because of this, they made the final slot when obtaining items 0A or decimal 10, the 11th slot. However, the inventory navigation code is working correctly, and selecting only the 10 intended item slots from 00 to 09.

Essentially, the fact that slot 11 (0A/decimal 10) is inaccessible is not the bug. The bug is that slot 11 exists in the first place. Who has an inventory with 11 slots in it? That's crazy. It's far more likely that they intended there to be 10 slots, but somebody goofed. As such, I think it would technically be more correct to fix this bug by patching the code which populates the inventory to remove the 11th slot, rather than patching inventory navigation to allow access to the 11th slot as I did, but a) it seemed more interesting to re-enable the unused slot, even if it only exists by accident, and b) bigger inventory, why not? — Vague / Rant 04:39, 20 November 2020 (UTC)