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Bully: Scholarship Edition (Windows)/Multiplayer Leftovers

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This is a sub-page of Bully: Scholarship Edition (Windows).

To do:
Upload textures of other minigames.

Bully: Scholarship Edition for the Xbox 360 and Wii versions added a brand new multiplayer mode. Both versions include 10 minigames, Chemistry Class is only available on the Wii, while Nut Shots is only available on Xbox 360.

The PC port deleted most of the multiplayer content but there are still various leftovers.



BullySE Windows gary win1.png BullySE Windows gary win2.png

BullySE Windows jimmy win1.png BullySE Windows jimmy win2.png

BullySE Windows multi back 1.png BullySE Windows multi back 2.png

BullySE multi screen.png BullySE wmulti screen.png

BullySE Windows multi count 1.png BullySE Windows multi count 2.png BullySE Windows multi count 3.png

BullySE Windows trophy a.png BullySE Windows trophy b.png BullySE Windows trophy c.png

BullySE status screen.png

BullySE wstatus screen.png

BullySE tour gary 1.png BullySE tour gary 2.png

BullySE tour jimm 1.png BullySE tour jimm 2.png

BullySE wtour gary 1.png BullySE wtour gary 2.png

BullySE wtour jimm 1.png BullySE wtour jimm 2.png

BullySE Windows gm english.png BullySE Windows gm shooting.png BullySE Windows gm art.png BullySE Windows gm math.png BullySE Windows gm consumo.png BullySE Windows gm geo.png

BullySE Windows gm photo.png BullySE Windows gm nutshots.png BullySE Windows gm biology.png BullySE Windows gm chem.png BullySE Windows gm music.png BullySE Windows gm grass.png

Art Class

BullySE BG2PA.png BullySE BG2PB.png BullySE BG2PC.png BullySE BG2PD.png BullySE BG2PE.png

BullySE BG2PF.png BullySE BG2PG.png BullySE BG2PH.png BullySE BG2PI.png BullySE BG2PJ.png

BullySE BG2PK.png BullySE BG2PL.png BullySE BG2PM.png

English Class

BullySE wrdpuzz 2p.png


Dragon's Wing

Variation 1 Variation 2 Variation 3

There are three different variations of the comic store next to the music classroom, all meant for the Photography minigame.


The autoshop clone.

A different Autoshop is located next to the real one, also meant for the Photography minigame.