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Bully (PlayStation 2)/Unused Dialogue/Freeroam Character Dialogue

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This is a sub-page of Bully (PlayStation 2)/Unused Dialogue.

To do:
Over a thousand voice clips to be uploaded. Also, more documentation.

The world of Bullworth was supposed to have even more characters that could be seen in freeroam, but they were all cut for unknown reasons. Most of the lines associated with the shopkeepers meaning that the said shopkeepers were supposed to be encountered around town rather than in the shops all of the time, as they have a complete set of normal voice clips. There are so many of them, the pages had to be split up!

The characters can be restored in freeroam by hex editing in this video tutorial.


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"Nah, not good enough."
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Other Characters
"I don't like outsiders, you can never trust them."
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Unused Characters
"Oh! This is just like the Stones riot in '65!"