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Bully (PlayStation 2)/Unused Dialogue/Mission Dialogue/Chapter 1

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This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

This is a sub-page of Bully (PlayStation 2)/Unused Dialogue/Mission Dialogue.

Welcome to Bullworth/This Is Your School

Originally, being longer, more detailed, and consistent of continuity with the first cutscene, Jimmy had to follow Miss Danvers to the Principal's office. Instead, in the final game, Jimmy has to go on his own with Danvers nowhere in the entrance despite introducing Jimmy to the school in the cutscene.

It appears that, when following her, there would be some students talking about/to Jimmy.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey, there's a new kid. Wonder what his name is?
Who cares? Let's go tell Russell, we'll get a little party together.
Hey... you wanna play Grottos and Gremlins some time?
Hey, check it out. A new boy.
He looks kinda... dumb.
That kid? Never seen him before.

If Jimmy stopped following Danvers, she would probably say this quote.

Filename Audio Transcript
Come on child! Don't keep the good doctor waiting.

Russell either talking to Jimmy when walking to Dr. Crabblesnitch with Miss Danvers or after the fight with Wade outside the boys' dorm.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey, new kid. I'm the boss.

An unused line of Davis calling for a Prefect. This quote is found right after Russell's previous line above, but it's still unknown if it was supposed to be used here or when the Bullies fight Jimmy.

Filename Audio Transcript

A line for Seth telling Jimmy to go to the Principal's office, found after Russell's "You're dead, new kid, dead!" line. Since Jimmy would be walking with Miss Danvers, it's hard to know if he would say this during that or somewhere else.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey, new kid. Go to the Principal's office.

A line of Russell stating a dislike of Jimmy. It's also unknown when this line would've been used.

Filename Audio Transcript
Russell hates new kids!

A line for the construction worker, Mr. Buckingham, warning Jimmy. Since the school doors are locked, it's unknown where he would have appeared on the academy at the beginning and said this.

Filename Audio Transcript
This is a warning Hopkins. I'll let you off this time, but next time you're going to the principal's office.

Again, after the cutscene where Dr. Crabblesnitch is introduced, and consistently following the cutscene where he asks Danvers to "Show him around the School", she would give Jimmy a tour around the school, conversating along the way and explaining various things about the place. Another thing ultimately skipped in the final game.

For the first part of the tour, she would introduce Jimmy to the academy's classes. These lines mention that both Chemistry and Biology classes are on the same floor, but in the final game, Chemistry is on the first floor and Biology on the second. Also, the line mentioning that the Art and Photography class is referencing that this was one of the classes that were located on the removed third floor of the school's interior, in the final game they're on the second floor.

Another thing referenced by Miss Danvers' lines is the scrapped feature of having two classes at once, with the ability to choose which one to go to. This feature was mentioned in pre-release media and screenshots showing two classes on the minimap can be seen in Bully's PS2 Bradygames guide, so this feature being cut to having only one class available was done really late in development.

Filename Audio Transcript
Most of your classes are going to be in this building. Art and Photography is on the top floor.
Your Chemistry and Biology classes are on this floor.
You're in Mr. Galloway's English class, I believe. That's on this floor.
There are morning and afternoon classes. You are expected to attend both classes at both times but you may pick whatever class appeals to you.
It's another one of Dr. Crabblesnitch's innovations. He is highly respected in educational circles.
I can imagine.
If you're not in class at the appropriate time, you can get in a lot of trouble.
I'll take you past the fountain to the Gym, Harrington House and..uh...the...Auto Shop.
But first, I have to get some books from the Library for Dr. Crabblesnitch. You know, he's a brilliant man...
..Yes. A brilliant man.
Exactly. Now, come along.
Another thing. New students aren't allowed off-campus during the fall. We want everyone to get to know each other well before you go gallivanting off to town.
There's a lot of rules here!
Oh yes, it's great! Keeps you all in line. Bedtime is at 11 PM, we're very strict about that.
Here we are. You wait here until I get back.
Not bad!
Did you hear me, Hopkins? Wait for me here. Don't get in any trouble.
Yes, Miss. I heard you.

After the quotes above, there's this line of Russell telling Jimmy to pay him, meaning he probably appeared when Jimmy was waiting for Miss Danvers.

Filename Audio Transcript
You. New kid. Money.

After the quote above, if Miss Danvers would see Jimmy doing something wrong he would be sent back to the office. It probably means that Jimmy getting sent back to the office was part of failing the mission, probably either for attacking or insulting Russell.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hopkins! What are you doing?!
Nothing, Miss.
You're going straight back to the office!

Either immediately or shortly after they meet each other for the first time, Jimmy and Gary would have a conversation.

Filename Audio Transcript
You look like you're pretty tough.
I can handle myself.
Well, brawn isn't everything. You gotta use your head sometimes.
You mean, like, headbutting them?
Heh, you're unincredibly stupid. That's a change of pace.
Gee, thanks, Gary.

There's an unused response from Jimmy to Gary when he tells him to go with him to the cafeteria and show him the cliques.

Filename Audio Transcript
Let's go to the caf. I'll show you the local wildlife.
Let's go to the caf. I'll show you who's who.

Another unused response of Jimmy with an answer to it by Gary when lockpicking Russell's locker and telling Jimmy to watch out for the Prefects.

Filename Audio Transcript
Don't let the Prefects see you break any rules. They'll hurt you.
Careful around the Prefects. They don't have much of a sense of humor.
Maybe I'll hurt them.
...Hahah, I doubt that very much.

There is dialogue for an in-game version of the cutscene where Gary shows Jimmy the school cliques in the cafeteria. Most of the lines were removed, leaving gaps in the conversation. Some of the quotes' dialog is different than the cutscene's script.

Filename Audio Transcript
Missing quote
They look pretty harmless.
Sneaky bastards, actually. The Library is their turf.
Missing quote
Seems to be a lotta' attitude around here.
Missing quote
Missing quote
Or at least they try to look it.
Missing quote
Missing quote
Whatever, man. I'm not afraid of some dumb roid monkeys.
Missing quote
Missing quote

At one point, before the cafeteria part, Gary would explain to Jimmy about some of the school rules. While doing it, Thad and some other students, possibly more Nerds, noticed Gary, and judging from the lines after that (with one missing) he picked on them and made them run away.

Filename Audio Transcript
Okay, so there's a bunch of things you're not supposed to do.
You mean... like skipping class, or starting fights?
Obviously. But listen and I'll share my wisdom.
Do NOT use the fire extinguishers for anything but putting out fires.
Are there a lot of fires here?
Do NOT sneak into the Girls' Dorms or their bathrooms.
Speaking from experience?
*snicker* ...No comment.
If you see any rats, DON'T step on them.
Also, do NOT pick them up and throw them at people.
Who would do such a thing?
Watch out, It's Gary!
Missing quote
What's that all about?
Hahah... Not much.
Butting criminals and hooligans, I imagine.

When Gary started showing Jimmy around the Boys' Dorm, they were supposed to have this short exchange of dialogue.

Filename Audio Transcript
Here we are, the Boys' Dorm. You'll learn to love it.
I'm sure.

Yet another unused response from Jimmy, when Gary told him to change into the school uniform.

Filename Audio Transcript
You should probably change into your uniform if you don't wanna get in trouble.
Yeah, I have a uniform. I guess it got put in my room.

Some quotes of Gary taking a drink. It is unknown whether he would use them in the Boys' Dorm or inside the school since Algie's "Not again" line used at the beginning of This Is Your School when he is bullied by Gary is stored right after these.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hang on, need a drink.
Algie_1-02_073_v1 300px Oh no, not again.

After the above quotes, and again, either in the Dorm or in the School, Gary would have told Jimmy he has something to do and then proceeds to pick on Fatty by apparently spitting on him. There are quite a number of missing quotes in this conversation.

Filename Audio Transcript
Gimme a sec, I gotta do something.
Oh, hi Gary. How's it going?
Aarrggh, Gary!
Missing quote
No, not really.
Yeah. Okay.
Missing quote
Missing quote
Missing quote

An alternate version of Gary's quote telling Jimmy to change into his uniform where it also tells him that he has something to do like the previous unused line above, further hinting that all these picking-nerds events might have happened in the dorm. Interestingly, unlike the used voice clip, Gary states Jimmy's room is located "down the hall", matching up with some other evidence that demonstrates that Jimmy's room was on the second floor, further backed up by dialogue said by Pete in an early script of Welcome To Bullworth in "BoysDormRoom04". Also, another missing line follows this quote.

Filename Audio Transcript
I've got something to do. Go change in your room, it's down in the hall.
Missing quote

It seems that at one point, the developers were planning on changing the part where Miss Danvers and Jimmy go to the Library so that instead of them going together, she would tell him to ask Christy where that is and go by himself. These lines are located after the ones above, proving their inclusion later in development.

Filename Audio Transcript
Meet me at the Library. If you don't know where it is, ask that girl for directions.

Here we would have been introduced to the interaction system, if Jimmy asked positively, this exchange would happen.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey. Can you tell me where the Library is?
Sure. It's right outside between the Boys' Dorm, and Harrington House.

And this one if Jimmy asked negatively.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey, ugly! where's the Library?!
It's right outside, dumbass. Can't miss it!

Edward was apparently going to break up the fight between Russell and Jimmy. In the final game, Mr. Hattrick took his place instead.

Filename Audio Transcript
Stop this fighting, immediately!
Monkey-boy, get out of here before I hurt you!
Why are you not in your uniform? Go change immediately!
I have my eye on you, new kid.

These are lines of Eunice asking Jimmy if he retrieved her stolen chocolates back. They would probably play if Jimmy stood around for too long.

Filename Audio Transcript
Have you got it yet?!
Did you get it?
Did you get the chocolate?

Another quote from Eunice reminding the player to get her chocolate but in a more desperate way. Because it's not part of the previous lines, this one may have played if the player waited near Eunice after retrieving her chocolate.

Filename Audio Transcript
Please...hurry..! I'm hypoglycemic!

These lines of Seth giving the orders of "breaking up" and "changing into the uniform" indicate that he was another possible candidate for being the character that breaks the fight between Jimmy and Russell.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey you, break it up!
You! Go change into your uniform!

One line is Wade talking with someone and promising to find something, and the other is him asking in a serious way, possibly being attacked. Due to the quotes besides Wade's not being present, it's unknown what character(s) he was having this conversation with. The purpose of this conversation, may or may not have been related to the cut part of the mission of Jimmy retrieving Bucky's stolen elf, as mentioned by the lines below.

Filename Audio Transcript
Missing quote
I'm gonna see if I can find it.
Missing quote
Missing quote
What are you doing?!

As noted above, there was a point in the mission where Jimmy also had to help Bucky, the nerd, to retrieve his stolen elf. If the existence of the quotes above about Wade and possibly other Bullies, along with the fact they're stored right before this conversation is any indication, Jimmy would get it back from them.

Filename Audio Transcript
Someone stole my one-eyed elf, and I need him for tonight's game!
Could you get it back for me?
I'll give you five bucks if you get it back for me.

Here are lines of Bucky reminding Jimmy to get said elf back.

Filename Audio Transcript
Did you find him yet?
I really need that elf for tonight's quest, Jimmy! We're going into the sewers!
If I don't get that elf back, I'll never hear the end of it from Algernon!

And here's Bucky getting his elf back, paying Jimmy afterward.

Filename Audio Transcript
Thanks! Now I'll be able to get Level Six, and max out my Mining Skills!

Russell threatening. He might have said this in the Apologies tutorial before paying him money to leave Jimmy alone. In the final game, he uses generic free roam threat lines.

Filename Audio Transcript
Remember me? You're dead!

Gary seeing Bucky and telling Jimmy to talk to him before starting his aforementioned cut quest to get his elf.

Filename Audio Transcript
There's that loser nerd Bucky. Go see what his problem is.

Gary despising Constantinos. He would've said this on the way to finding him.

Filename Audio Transcript
I hate that Constantinos guy, even more than the Nerds!

A later-added quote of Edward breaking up the fight between Jimmy and Russell. Here he says all his previous lines from his aforementioned, separate, unused quotes, all combined into 1 file. He also says some sentences exclusive to this quote.

Filename Audio Transcript
Do not provoke Russell. Stop this fighting immediately! Monkey-boy, get out of here before I hurt you! And you, why are you not in your uniform? Go change immediately! Not a good beginning for you at all. I have my eye on you, new kid.

A different version of the lines said by Gary during the Apology/Lockpicking tutorial. Here he points out Russell's locker instead of Russell himself, and tells Jimmy to lockpick the locker in the same quote.

Filename Audio Transcript
That's Russell's locker. Break into it and steal something. That'll teach him.

Mr. Hattrick has two versions of the quote where he tells Jimmy to change into his uniform after breaking up the fight with him and Russell, but he always uses the second version no matter what.

Filename Audio Transcript
Mr. Hattrick_1-02_133_v1
You! Go change into your uniform.
Mr. Hattrick_1-02_133_v2
Why are you not in your uniform, young man? Go change immediately!

The Setup

In the mission, after Davis pushes Petey and runs into the entrance of the Auto Shop, he stops right next to Wade until Jimmy reaches him. When the player reached the area, both Bullies were supposed to have an exchange of dialog before resuming the chase. Only Wade's quote is used in this section.

Filename Audio Transcript
Davis_1-03_002_v1 300px And then I shot him right in the face.
Davis_1-03_002_v2 300px Uh oh, it's him...
Wade_1-03_003_v1 300px I'll get him!
Um... No?

Davis' quote used when he knocks the ladder down during his fight if the player tries to approach it has a line following it that was completely removed. It may have been either a response from Jimmy or something else Davis would have said after he knocks the ladder.

Filename Audio Transcript
Davis_1-03_008_v1 300px You can't reach me up here, moron!
Missing quote

After Jimmy knocked Davis down, the ending cutscene was supposed to be slightly longer. Davis was going to recover from his fall and run away (his quote meant to be said when running away is still used).

Filename Audio Transcript
Davis_1-03_011_v1 300px Whoah!
Davis_1-03_012_v1 300px That wasn't funny.
Looked funny from here!
I'm outta here!

Jimmy also had some quotes for when taking the slingshot.

Filename Audio Transcript
You know, I always wanted a slingshot like this. Thanks!
These Bullworth boys will not learn to mess with me!


The mission was slightly longer and has a lot of unused lines referencing changes and cut sections.

First of all, Jimmy and Gary were going to have a brief exchange in dialog when the mission started.

Filename Audio Transcript
Where're we going?
Just shut up and follow!

When they both reached the school's parking lot, there was supposed to be another brief exchange of dialog before testing Jimmy's slingshot skills.

Filename Audio Transcript
Here we are and no prefects around. Perfect.

Originally Jimmy had to destroy Mr. Galloway's empty bottles rather than the school bus' windows, Gary's lines about the bus' windows are present later in the files than these ones, meaning it was changed later in development.

Filename Audio Transcript
There's a few wine bottles over there. Empties I found near the English classroom.
See those bottles?

There are unused lines of Gary telling Jimmy he's doing something wrong, possibly when wrongfully aiming the slingshot.

Filename Audio Transcript
That's not the way to do it, you jerk.
What are you, stupid?!
Why do you keep doing stupid things?!

The first version of the quotes from Gary said in the mission if Jimmy shoots out the windows from too close is unused, obviously because it referenced the old slingshot targets. Additionally, a removed quote follows these lines, what it was and who said it is unknown.

Filename Audio Transcript
You should be shooting the bottles, not sneaking up on them!
Long range shooting, not point blank!
My grandmother could hit them that close.
Missing quote

If Jimmy aimed at other things, Gary would've said these lines taunting Jimmy. In the final game, aiming anything other than the targets doesn't give any quotes.

Filename Audio Transcript
Man, you suck!
That's pathetic!
Just awful!
What exactly are you aiming at?!
Are you blind or something?

Afterward, instead of going directly to the football field, we had before to follow Gary to an unknown location where Jimmy was supposed to hit a Prefect so they could get another student in trouble. Strangely, no lines exist for the Prefect noticing Jimmy/the student or getting said student into trouble, leaving the victims to aim for unknown.

Filename Audio Transcript
That's good. You've proven you're better than an empty bottle. Let's find something a little more rewarding.
Why do you have to be such a jerk?!
Because it's funny! Let's go.
One thing, though. Don't let the prefects see you with the slingshot. Keep it hidden unless you need it.
Makes sense.

After going somewhere, they would have these exchanges before we attempt to aim our targets.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey! Try hitting that prefect. He'll probably beat up on some other kid. Oh, come on, it'll be funny!
Hit the prefect! Let's see what happens.
Don't let him see you, though.

After being successful in this cut part, they would have this conversation.

Filename Audio Transcript
[Dumb laughter]. Nice work! I love watching people get brutalized.
Those prefects don't seem too nice.
True enough. But as long as they're beating someone else, I don't mind. Come on, let's go down to the football field.

After that, Jimmy and Gary would head to the football field and would talk about the cruise Jimmy's parents went on.

Filename Audio Transcript
So, I heard your mom went on a cruise.
Yeah, she got married... again.
Well, look on the bright side. If she has any kids, they won't be bastards like lil' Pete.
Why would I care?
Because it's a good way to make him cry.
I guess... if that's your thing.

The lines by Gary when they reach the football field were different (though the third quote was used along with the actual ones), these hint that originally the characters were going to be already practicing in the field when they arrive there instead of appearing after Jimmy climbs the tree.

Secondly, the Bullies originally took the place of the Jocks during their football practice. Apart from this mission's lines, the planned Dodgeball classes' quotes also mention the involvement of the scrapped Bullies' sports team, but despite this, not even unused models for the members of this clique in sports uniforms remain in the files. Also, there's another removed quote after Gary's lines.

Filename Audio Transcript
Look, it's Russell's goons! They work out here with Burton after class. He hates it when they stop their drills, though.
And you know what? I bet you can distract them without getting caught!
I'm going to take a seat on the bleachers to watch the fun.
Missing quote

There are lines of the Bullies, meant to play depending on which one was getting hit with the slingshot. Strangely, there are missing lines relating to quotes from the other three Bullies (Ethan, Tom, and Troy). Also oddly enough, the quotes that were supposed to be used by Burton as responses to the Bullies' complaints still ended up being used. As a result, Burton sounds like he's responding to people when the Jocks aren't saying anything.

Despite this clique having quotes like this made for the section, no quotes were made for their replacement, the Jocks. This odd case, combined with the fact that unlike this part, there were updated quotes for the previous section, might indicate that this was changed late in development.

Filename Audio Transcript
Burton_1-04_032_v1 300px I didn't tell you to stop.
Burton_1-04_032_v2 300px What are you doing, you lazy guts? Get going.
Burton_1-04_032_v3 300px Why are you stopping, you damn slackers?!
But Mr. Burton, something hit me!
But you don't understand! I just got hit!
Missing quote
Missing quote
Missing quote
Missing quote
Missing quote
Missing quote
It was a rock. A rock hit me, sir.
It's not my fault! Something hit me.
It's like I was hit by something!
Someone's messing with us, sir!
Burton_1-04_039_v1 300px I don't care, run a lap, you sack of old pants.
Burton_1-04_039_v2 300px You know what being lazy gets you, it gets you another lap you lazy guts.
Burton_1-04_039_v3 300px That's pathetic. Run another lap and quit bitching, go!

Judging from the order and the later lines, this was apparently Gary reminding Jimmy to shoot the Bullies with the slingshot from the point in development when climbing the tree wasn't an objective in this mission.

Filename Audio Transcript
Mess them up with the slingshot! Mr. Burton's sure to work them hard if they screw up their exercises.
I guess so.

After ruining the team's practice, rather than the mission ending immediately, Jimmy was supposed to return to Gary and there would be an unused conversation between them.

Filename Audio Transcript
That Mr. Burton is a bastard!
Yeah, that was funny.
Anyways, gotta go. Got some homework.
You do homework?

The following lines are Gary lines placed later in development where the wine bottles were replaced with the bus' windows. These were likely to play if the player stood for too long doing nothing during the slingshot practice.

Filename Audio Transcript
Gary_1-04_049_v1 300px Come on! Can't you even break a little glass?
Gary_1-04_049_v2 300px You gonna do it or what?

These are the updated Gary lines of the moment he and Jimmy reach the football field; now mentioning the tree like in the final game but with Gary still talking in the first one about the Bullies practicing with Mr. Burton, further indicating this could've been a last-minute change and so clearly said quote is the one that was left unused.

Filename Audio Transcript
The bullies are about to start practice with Mr. Burton.
Gary_1-04_051_v1 300px Go hide in that tree so you can mess with them.

Finally, there are two lines of Gary reminding Jimmy to climb the tree.

Filename Audio Transcript
Gary_1-04_52_v1 300px The tree, Jimmy.
Gary_1-04_52_v3 300px Are you slow or something? Get in the tree.

Save Algie

At the start of the mission, if the player goes to the left and when exiting the library and stops near the group of Bullies, Algie will say a quote, but the line that follows it is never said. Because he doesn't say anything if the player does the same thing on the right way, it may have been intended to be used there. A removed line follows it.

Filename Audio Transcript
Algie_1-05_005_v1 300px Those guys are bad... we should go another way.
Algie_1-05_006_v1 300px Not this way.
Missing quote

Troy appears on the right path of the library's exit and in both boys' bathrooms on the 1st and 2nd floor of the school, but in none of these occasions does he say this quote.

Filename Audio Transcript
Troy 300px Let's get 'em!

A line of Algie contemplating Jimmy's help that was supposed to be said when the player had beaten up either group of Bullies near the library.

Filename Audio Transcript
Algie_1-05_009_v1 300px Wow, you really showed them!

There is an unused response with multiple versions to Algernon from Jimmy after Algernon talks about himself.

Filename Audio Transcript
Algie_1-05_011_v1 300px Do you really have to pee when you get nervous? I do, I get nervous a lot.
Algie_1-05_011_v2 300px I've already wet myself once this month, if I do it again, they'll never let me hear the end of it.
Could you just shut up?
Do you ever shut up?
Why are you telling me this?

Another unused response by Jimmy to Algernon when he gets out of the 1st floor boys' bathroom toilet if the player went there.

Filename Audio Transcript
Algie_1-05_019_v1 300px There's no lock in here, I can't go if I don't feel secure.
You are such a wimp. Fine, let's go to the second floor bathroom.

An unused response from Pedro to Eunice when they're together in one of the 2nd floor's bathroom toilets.

Filename Audio Transcript
Eheheheheh! Stop tickling me and I'll show you!
Wowwww... I never really knew what to expect!

An unused response from Jimmy to Algie's quote said after he enters the toilet and Eunice and Pedro leave the stall.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey! Were there two people in that stall?!
I wouldn't worry about it, Algie.

Even more unused responses from Jimmy, these are for the lines when you're waiting for Algie while brawling with the Bullies in the bathroom.

Filename Audio Transcript
Algie_1-05_027_v1 300px Could you guys keep it down?! I can't concentrate!
Algie_1-05_027_v2 300px Y-you guys are making me nervous!
Algie_1-05_027_v3 300px Jimmy, I can't go with all that noise!
Would you just do your damn business, Algie?
Get on with it!
Algie, pull yourself together!

After Algie was done, he and Jimmy would've had a short conversation.

Filename Audio Transcript
Algie_1-05_031_v1 300px I feel much better now.
Missing quote
Is your life always this difficult?
Heh, pretty much!

There was supposed to be an extra objective after getting Algernon to his locker instead of the mission ending there; the locker cutscene was different, with Algie offering Jimmy a soda, and then the player would have to lead Algernon back to the Library.

This section's objective still remained in the game, but in the form of an Errand that is unlocked after completing this mission. However, said Errand has the oddity of not having had a unique character line made for it unlike any other one, as a result, it uses the third Algie quote listed below which can lead to a plothole in the final game to people who do the Errand way after this mission.

Filename Audio Transcript
Algie_1-05_034_v1 300px Here it is!
Hey, you want a soda? I'm parched.
Okay, Now all we gotta do is get back to the Library.
Let's go th[en!]

Seems like in this planned last part of the mission, the Bullies were supposed to yet again try to stop them from reaching the Library. In the errand version of this objective, there are no enemies. Also, here's where Troy's quote used in the 2nd floor toilet would have been used originally.

Filename Audio Transcript
Oh, there you are!
No more messin' around!

At last, there's an unused response from Jimmy meant for the end-cutscene.

Filename Audio Transcript
Algie_1-05_041_v1 300px Thanks Jimmy. Here's the cash, I'll tell my mom that not everyone in Bullworth is mean.
Jimmy_1-05_042_v1 300px Yeah, ok. See you.

A Little Help

First up is an unused response from Jimmy during the walk at the beginning of the mission when Gary stops talking to Pete and asks Jimmy about The Hobo, which would've continued the conversation a little further but instead, Jimmy doesn't answer and the conversation ends there, rude...

Filename Audio Transcript
Gary_1-06_001_v1 300px This is gonna be fun!
Petey_1-06_002_v1 300px Harrasing some old homeless guy is fun?
Gary_1-06_003_v1 300px It is. And you should be grateful you're not the victim for once.
Petey_1-06_004_v1 300px I guess...
Gary_1-06_005_v1 300px Hey Jimmy, tell me about this guy. Does he like to go in his own pants?
I don't know.
Your lack of knowledge seems to be some sort of theme. Are you stupid?
Shut up, Gary!
It was around here somewhere...

Unused lines for the Hobo introducing the moves.

Filename Audio Transcript
I'll show you the moves I used to kill my lieutenant, back in the day!
Sometimes, you gotta create some space, make 'em stepback, y'know?
There's a special way to grab someone's head and punch it. Want me to show ya?
I used to run a boxing gym. Good fun until someone lost an eye.
I seen you running around. You could put that momentum to good use.
Focus your inner energy and then... hurt them real bad!
Sometimes, disrespect can be a powerful weapon.
Did I ever tell you how I got kicked in the face down in Panama? It's how I lost those teeth.
My momma always said to use my head. Now I'll pass on her wisdom to you.
You gotta make sure the bastards don't hit ya, then come back right at them. Move! Like a butter... something. Anyways, I'll show ya.
Once he's down, nothing says you can't follow up more than once, ya know!
I don't really condone this move, but I thought I should teach ya for the sake of completion.

Defend Bucky

Troy simply never says this quote during the mission.

Filename Audio Transcript
Who's the smart guy now? Huh, Bucky?!

Just like Davis and Trent, Wade also has two quotes talking negatively to Bucky but his didn't get used. Additionally, there's a deleted line entry stored before these lines, and they could have been Ethan's lines for insulting Bucky since he is the fourth Bully who also appears in this mission but doesn't say any lines during it.

Filename Audio Transcript
Missing quote
You know I don't like smart kids!
You should've paid us, Bucky!

There's an unused conversation between Jimmy and the Bullies, it would have played when the player got up close to Bucky and the Bullies beating him.

Filename Audio Transcript
Alright, bitches! Leave Bucky alone!
Whatcha gonna do about it? Huh, tough guy?
Kick your ass, that's what!

Bucky giving Jimmy the advice to use a wrench against the Bullies. However, there's no wrench to be found in this mission or anywhere else in the final game, though a concept HUD icon for it can be seen in David Byun's portfolio.

Filename Audio Transcript
Jimmy, use the wrench!
That could come in handy!

Bucky cheering Jimmy when beating up the Bullies. He doesn't say them in the game.

Filename Audio Transcript
Yeahh! Get 'em! Make those bastards pay!
Get them, Jimmy! Hurt them!
Ha ha! Jerks, I have a friend now!

Bucky has lines for Jimmy finishing the first wave of Bullies and then noticing more of them afterward. Due to the way these lines are said, it's possible that originally the player had to defend Bucky from waves of Bullies instead of escorting him in and out of the Auto Shop, but it's unknown. Here also was a removed line and the original intent of Davis' "boyfriend" quote.

Filename Audio Transcript
We've done it! We beat them!
Oh no, there's more!
Missing quote
This looks really, really bad!
Wade_1-07_016_v1 300px I'm gonna make you and your boyfriend pay for this.
Jimmy! Please don't let him hurt me!

Bucky and Jimmy had an unused exchange after defeating all the Bullies.

Filename Audio Transcript
Thanks a lot, Jimmy! If you want, I'll do all your Math homework from now on!

The end of the mission had different dialog, The Hobo was apparently going to come out of nowhere and scare off some Bullies that would've appeared rather than making a cameo when he opens the Auto Shop's gate. Also, there was going to be a dialog between Jimmy and Bucky as opposed to just a single line from Jimmy.

Also, Jimmy's unused line has him not knowing about the Hobo, even though A Little Help takes place before this mission. This could originally not have been the case and might be why they made 2 versions of a line by Jimmy as seen further below.

Filename Audio Transcript
Grrrrrrarrrgghh! I'm crazy, and I'm gonna kill you!!
Oh my God!
Who was that?!
I have no idea.
Jimmy_1-07_024_v1 300px Nice to know there's a violent crazy old man on campus.
Maybe he just never graduated.

The Hobo's new, actually used quote in the final game has an unused line that would've followed it.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hobo_1-07_028_v1 300px Dammit, kids. Keep it down!
Shut up, you damn kids before I beat ya!

As mentioned above, Jimmy was later added two versions of an alternate line he would say questioning about the Hobo which would've probably replaced the "Who is that" quote, possibly either one would have played if the player completed A Little Help first or not.

Filename Audio Transcript
It's that crazy hobo. What's his story?
What's his story?

That Bitch

There is an unused response from Jimmy when Gary says that putting a stink bomb in the locker would be funny.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey, Gary! I need to get something from Mandy's locker.
I'm not surprised. You know, you should put a stink bomb in there. It'd be funny.
Will it?
Get one from Fatty. He knows everything about stinking.

When meeting Fatty, originally, rather than having the option of paying him money or bully him to get the Stink Bombs, the player had to steal Edna's chocolate from the Cafeteria, so Jimmy could trade them for some Stink Bombs. In the final game, the player doesn't go to see Fatty if they already have stink bombs when starting the mission, whether this also happened with this objective is unknown.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey, I heard you could hook me up with a stink bomb.
Okay, if you, hook me up with some chocolate first.
Chocolate? Where am I suppose to get chocolate?
Edna in the cafeteria always has some, but I can never get it from her. She's so greedy.

There are quotes of Fatty reminding Jimmy to get him the chocolate.

Filename Audio Transcript
Where's the chocolate?
Give me chocolate. That's our deal.

When Jimmy picked up Edna's chocolate, she would say any of these three lines.

Filename Audio Transcript
What are you doing with my chocolate?
Hey! that's my candy.
Let go of my chocolate, you brat!

These are apparently lines that would have been said when the player reached the Cafeteria and didn't pick up Edna's chocolate yet.

Filename Audio Transcript
Time for a treat!
Ah shoot, the rats are in the chocolate again! Oh well, it does make them taste sweeter when you roast them.

After Jimmy returned to Fatty with the chocolate, they would have this conversation where he gives them in exchange for the stink bombs. In the final game, Fatty's appearance in this mission has him with an alternate model of him with chocolate leftover in his mouth. Whether it was originally going to use his normal model and then change to the previously mentioned one in this part is unknown.

Jimmy's first line ended up used when he returns the lab notes to Beatrice at the end of the mission.

Filename Audio Transcript
Here you go.
Oh yummy, thanks! Here are your stink bombs. I made them myself, you know.
I'm sure you did.

When Jimmy arrived at the Girls changing room in the Gym, Pinky was supposed to say specific quotes for noticing Jimmy and call a Prefect after she left the room. But in the final game, she uses her generic scream sound when transpassing the area, and the first and second quotes are also unused. The Prefect that went to check the locker room was going to have actual dialog and was supposed to be Max instead of Seth, who doesn't say any lines in the game despite having one made for him as seen further below.

Filename Audio Transcript
There's a boy in here, ahhh!
There's some creepy pervert in the locker room!
Who does he think he is? Don't worry, I'll sort this out.

Max has a line for seeing Jimmy in the locker.

Filename Audio Transcript
What are you doing in the girls' bathroom?!

And one if he doesn't see him.

Filename Audio Transcript
There's no one in here. Must've been wishful thinking.

Mandy was supposed to have another quote that would have followed her "I'll be right there" line.

Filename Audio Transcript
I'll be right there! Just have to get something from my locker.
Ugh, those girls just don't appreciate what hard work it is to always be beautiful.

Mandy was also going to have a line of her coughing because of the stink bomb when opening her locker.

Filename Audio Transcript
(Coughing sounds)

Also, she was supposed to say a quote when she noticed Jimmy but instead she uses generic Transpassing sounds just like Pinky.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey! You! That's my answer sheet. Help, I'm being robbed!

It seems that Bo and possibly more Jocks would have become hostile to Jimmy if he got noticed by Mandy, this doesn't happen in the final game.

Filename Audio Transcript
Jerk! You leave Mandy alone!

An unused response from Jimmy to Beatrice at the end of the mission when she thanks him for returning the lab notes alongside a response from Beatrice too. Interestingly Beatrice's second quote has Defend Bucky's mission number, this could have been a file naming mistake though.

Filename Audio Transcript
Oh thank you, Jimmy, you're wonderful!
Not so loud.
And discrete too! Such a gentleman! (Sigh)!

Despite the developers later adding a quote from Gary to end the conversation with Jimmy about Fatty and the stink bombs at the beginning of the mission, they didn't use it.

Filename Audio Transcript
Got to go. See ya, Jimmy.

An alternate response from Fatty to Jimmy's quote above when he asks for Stink Bombs. This might have been another last-minute change according to the quote's number.

Filename Audio Transcript
Sure, but only if you get me some chocolate from the cafeteria.

An unused line for Seth, the Prefect that goes to check the locker room in the final game, failing to find Jimmy. Unlike Max, who also has quotes for replying to Pinky's claim and seeing Jimmy, he only has this one.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hmm... Where could he have gotten to?

A single alternate line from Jimmy telling Gary about his plan to get Beatrice's lab notes. They just used the old original line in the end.

Filename Audio Transcript
Getting something back from Mandy's locker for a friend.

Jimmy was supposed to say this when she reached Beatrice at the end of the mission with the lab notes. But as mentioned above, the developers ended up using the quote that was meant for when the player reached Fatty after the scrapped "Edna's chocolate" objective.

Filename Audio Transcript
Here, Beatrice. Got your lab notes.

The Diary

The basic objective for The Diary is the same, and some voice clips go unused.

There are three unused lines relating to Prefects Seth and Karl, likely to be used outside of the main building.

Filename Audio Transcript
Shouldn't we be patrolling or something?
Let's hang out here, you know. Look out for the kids trying to get into school.
Hahahahahaha! Yeah, that's likely. You just want to relax for a bit, but okay.

The next voice clip is a complete mystery. It might have been meant to be used when Jimmy gets into the school from the outside via a window. What is worth noting is that this is the only time Jimmy uses a window to get into the main building of the school because earlier in development, the School and Boys' Dorm were supposed to be locked after 11pm, making them enterable only via a window.

Filename Audio Transcript
This should do the trick.

When Jimmy retrieves the diary and brings it back to Beatrice, she was supposed to say these lines.

Filename Audio Transcript
Did you like the part about you being like a Roman Emperor?
Must've missed it.
That's okay, Jimmy. You're my hero!

The Candidate

Bucky was originally supposed to give Jimmy the Super Slingshot before the mission started.

Filename Audio Transcript
Earnest said you can borrow this special slingshot. Her name is Wendy. Use her gently.
Oh, I'll use her alright.

There are three extra lines meant to be used if Jimmy failed to defend Earnest from the Jocks.

Filename Audio Transcript
That's right, Earny! Go home to your mom!
That speech totally owned...
No, no-no! This can't be happening!

When Jimmy cleared the mission, he was supposed to meet Bucky, so he could give him the Super Slingshot back.

Filename Audio Transcript
Earnest wants Wendy back. I hope you haven't hurt her, or he'll be soaking for a week.
Alright, but where's my money?
Right here!

There's an alternate quote of Bucky giving a Super Slingshot to Jimmy. It's possible the player was either meant to use some other type of slingshot during the mission, or that the nerds would have given you a different one. The previous quote was deleted.

Here, take this. We rigged up a Super Slingshot for you!

Halloween/The Big Prank

Halloween was completely different earlier in development. Rather than do various pranks for other students, Jimmy had to do a series of them with Gary and Pete. It was also within one mission, rather than two.

For their first prank, Jimmy had to catch a rat, so he could throw it at the girls in their dorm.

Filename Audio Transcript
See that rat? Get it. I'm allergic!
I'm sure you are.

Lines of Gary telling Jimmy to catch the rat.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hurry up! What, are you afraid of a little rat?
Looks like the rat is smarter than you!
Rat vs. Jimmy. Rat is winning.
Stop playing with it, just catch it!

Jimmy0s quote after catching the rat.

Filename Audio Transcript
This is pretty disgusting!

Jimmy and Gary would've then met up with Pete, and then gone to the Girls' Dorm.

Yeah, you do look like a moron.
Stop whining, let's go.
Let's go to the Girls' Dorm and scare them.

Then, Jimmy had to throw the rat at Eunice.

Filename Audio Transcript
There. Throw the rat at the fat girl.
Gary, you're one disturbed individual.
Shut up, bitch.
Oh, look at that creepy kid, let's get out of here.
Okay, see you later.
Oh my God, what is that?!
Haha, that was sorta funny.
Let's go find some of those pranks I smuggled on the campus earlier.

For their second prank, Jimmy had to give a piece of trick candy to Edna, making her vomit.

Filename Audio Transcript
That's the joke candy I got. Let's go see if Edna's hungry.
Pete, wait back here with me. You go feed the candy to that monster.

Edna was supposed to say any four of those lines, while you attempt to place the Joke Candy so Edna could eat it.

Filename Audio Transcript
If these little bastards like pumpkin, that's all they'll be eating next week!
Those costumes keep getting stupider every year! What's that kid supposed to be?!
Trick or treat my arse! I'll give them some treats alright. See how they like that, Hah!
What's the big idea with Halloween, anyways? Stupid costumes and candy! Oh, candy, right! I guess there is a point.
Oh look, I found a candy still wrapped, how lucky!
Bluagh, bluuaaagh. Euugh!
Ahh, I got a little in the special punch. Oh well, a little Edna never hurt anyone!
There's nothing little about Edna.
Hang on a second, I gotta get something.

For their third prank, Jimmy had to set a Volcano 4000 Firework near the bullies at the parking lot.

Filename Audio Transcript
Let's go!
What did you just get?
I'll tell you later, let's go!
Ah yes, the Volcano 4000, my favorite trick firework.
What's so special about it?
Let's go to the parking lot. You'll see!
Set it off near those guys!

Two alternate lines of Jimmy asking Gary what he just got.

Filename Audio Transcript
What's that, dude?
Check out this crazy firework. It's the Volcano 4000.
Filename Audio Transcript
OW! I think I'm blind!
Hahah, nice one, Jimmy!
Let's get out of here while they're still stunned.

There's four lines from Gary if Jimmy was unable to place the firework at the right place, thus failing the mission.

Filename Audio Transcript
What are you putting it there for? We only have one of those.
Filename Audio Transcript
Dude, you suck!
You blew it, Jimmy!
Nice one, loser, see ya!
Jimmy, you're stupid! Come on, Pete, let's go.

After that, Gary and Jimmy were supposed to hide somewhere from the bullies while Pete was unable to find a hiding spot, thus getting him kicked in the balls.

Filename Audio Transcript
Sorry Pete, there's no room back here.
Ah-h-h my balls! Ah-h-h-h!
Thanks for taking one for the team, Pete. You're such a trooper.
Why didn't you guys help me?!
Sorry, I didn't want to ruin my costume.

For their fourth and fifth pranks, Jimmy had to stick a "Kick me" note on the back of a Nerd while Gary had to distract the Bullies with some "fireworks" near the Gym.

Filename Audio Transcript
Take this kick me note and stick it on the back of one of those nerds.
I'll distract them with this burning schoolhouse.
Okay, get ready!
Hey guys, look at this!
Hey! What's with the crap fireworks?
Haha! Check it out, the dork wants people to kick him!
Did we really need to help the Nerds get victimized?

For their sixth prank, Jimmy had to throw Itching Powder at Mr. Burton. Before that, Gary uses Pete in his bunny costume for a distraction which led to a heated argument between him, Mr. Burton, and Dr. Slawter.

Filename Audio Transcript
What is this? Itching powder?
Yeah, and here comes Burton.
I don't think I like that guy very much. Let's see what it does.
Pete, go distract them so Jimmy can hit them with the itch.
We need some sort of distraction.
Aw man!
Uhh... Hey Mr. Burton, w-where's your costume?
I'm wearing it under these shorts.
What's your costume?
Umm... I'm a giant pink bunny.
Child, you are pathetic!
(Laughs) That's so sad.
It uhh... It was Gary's idea.
So you have another boy dress you, do you?
Well, if that's what you like, who am I to question it?
That's nonsense, Slawter! How will the children grow into upstanding members of society if we let them run rampant?!
You make a good point.
I think I'll be going now.
I'll be seeing you in the gym class, thumper. And I'll be sure everyone will have a good laugh at your costume.
Please don't make fun of me in front of everyone in class!
You should've thought about that before you put on that wimpy, furry costume. Shouldn't ya, Bunny Boy?!

After the heated conversation with the two, Jimmy had to throw the itching powder.

Filename Audio Transcript
It itches! It itches like Athlete's foot all over aghh!
This feels nice... Prickly, no! Wait duaghhh!!
You think this is funny, Bunny Boy? I'll make you pay in class.
Well, Pete, I hope you found it funny because I'm sure the headmaster won't.
Aw man!
Let us go, I heard Edna's made special punch for the staff room.
I hate you guys! My Mom's gonna be so angry when she finds out.

For their seventh prank, it was almost the same as the final The Big Prank except Jimmy had to scatter some Marbles at the Staff Room door before Gary would hit the fire alarm. Pete decides to leave.

Filename Audio Transcript
Okay, here's the deal. We're gonna feed Chad's dog some of this rancid meat.
Wait for him to take a dump, and then...
Wh-what the hell?!
I've been kicked in the balls, reported to the principal, and now you guys are messing around with dog shit?!
I'm outta here.
Whatever, Pete. Okay, let's do this Jim. I'll explain the rest later.
You're starting to scare me now.
Don't worry! It'll be funny!
Just keep that bag away from me!
Okay here's the plan, I'll light the bag of crap on fire.
You take these marbles and place them over there in the hallway.
Uh... okay.
You forgot to mention how we're gonna get someone to come out.
Leave that to me.

After that, Jimmy and Gary had to escape back to the Boys' Dorm, finishing the mission. Despite Pete leaving earlier, the last quotes mention him again.

Filename Audio Transcript
What the devil is goin' on out here?!
Oh, god damn kids!
First giant pink bunny rabbits, now this?! What's happening to this school?!
Ha ha ha ha, classic!
Yeah but listen, if they see us they'll expel us for sure, better head back to your room. See ya.
Pete what are you doing you'll lead them right to us.
Let's try a little more stealth, guys.
Stealth?! C'mon, look at me!

Help Gary

This mission was originally called Betrayal (as evidenced by a .cat file) and went through two iterations during development. Pre-release material stated that Jimmy originally had to go to the School Gym in the evening and fight Russell in the drained-off pool, similar to Chapter 4's Nice Outfit mission.

The remaining unused voice clips show the mission was closer to the final, but it originally had an extra objective to beat up the Bullies to get the key, so they could use it to unlock the school basement door. Aside from all that, the mission is pretty much the same.

First of all, Gary tells Jimmy to beat up Trent so they could get the basement keys from him.

Filename Audio Transcript
I had a key to the basement, but I left it in my other pants. Although, I think Trent over there has one. Let's go get it from him.
I heard you got a key to the basement. Hand it over.
No I don't! Buzz off!
Looks like Jimmy'll have to teach you a lesson in manners. Go ahead, Jimmy.
Oh, you think you're tough?! Come on, Jimmy-boy!

After Jimmy beats Trent up, it turns out Trent doesn't have the key. For that, Gary and Jimmy go to the parking lot in hopes of finding it.

Filename Audio Transcript
Looks like he didn't have the key. Oh well.
Let's check the parking lot.

At one point this conversation would've taken place.

Filename Audio Transcript
Not here, follow me.
Do you even know where you're going?
Don't worry your little head about that, my friend.

After they arrived at the parking lot, Gary would notice the Bullies and leads Jimmy into beating them, in hopes of getting the key from them.

Filename Audio Transcript
Those two guys!
Hey idiots, Jimmy's gonna kick your ass! Right Jimmy?
Wait a second.
Oh yeah? Let's get him!

After they get knocked out, Jimmy finally finds the key and heads into the basement with Gary.

Filename Audio Transcript
We make a great team, Jimmy!
What do you mean, "we got it"?
I did the thinking, you carried out my plan. The perfect combination.
After you.

While in the basement, Jimmy has unused responses to Gary when he tells them to do things, like pressing the switches.

Filename Audio Transcript
Sure, Gary.
I'm sure you'll think of something. You're really clever.
Yeah, yeah. I get it.
No kidding.
Of course, Gary.
Yeah, I'm watching out.
I hope so.

Russell in the Hole

During the fight with Russell, Jimmy could have talked to Russell as they were fighting.

Filename Audio Transcript
Why don't you get to it then, you oaf?
I never would have guessed.
My ears are from all your yelling.
That's it, you little maggot. Russell's going to smash you to itty, bitty bits!
Those are really big words, Russell! You get smarter when you're angry.