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Bully (PlayStation 2)/Unused Music

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This is a sub-page of Bully (PlayStation 2).

Within the expansive soundtrack of Bully, some few pieces of music go unused. Some range from unused variations while others just stay completely unused in normal gameplay. There are even extra Christmas tracks for stores that didn't make the cut!

Christmas Store Music

Due to a mistake on Rockstar's end, the normal tracks are used during all seasons, leaving these Christmas-themed tracks unused.


This was supposed to play inside Shiny Bikes.


This track was supposed to play inside Worn-In Clothing.


This track was intended for the Aquaberry clothing store.


This was intended for the Dragon's Wing Comic store.


This song was supposed to play inside Yum Yum Market.


This was intended for The Final Cut store.


It was likely intended for Bullworth Hair Salon.


This was intended for the Janitor's Room in the basement.


This was intended to play inside the Tattoo trailer. Blue Skies Industrial Park isn't even accessible during Chapter 3. The filename misspells "Tattoo" as "Tatoo".

Also, this song is a rendition of Winter Wonderland, which was written by Richard B. Smith. While the other Christmas store music tracks are covers of the ones used in the free domain, this song is licensed and was cut likely because of legal issues.


While technically listed as a music track, EX_XmasTreeEmitter01, 02, 03, and 04 were going to be used near the giant Christmas trees near the cinema at Old Bullworth Vale and in Bullworth Town. EX_XmasTreeEmitter03 is technically used in the Scholarship Edition mission known as Rudy the Red-Nosed Santa, but it's in a noticeably less-stereo quality and children can be heard.



This track is technically used in the game, but only twenty seconds out of fifty-five are used.


According to the filename, it was likely meant to be played when the player tries to push off the portable toilet.

MS_ChaseLow & MS_ChaseMid

A "low" and "medium" variation of the Prefect chase music. It was probably intended to be mission music.


Most likely going to be used when running out of time in English Class.


An unused "medium" variant of the Adult chase theme.


An unused "medium" variation of the Greaser clique battle theme. There is no low variation is nowhere to be found within the files.

MS_FightLow & Mid03

Unused "low" and "medium" variations of the Bully clique battle theme.


An unused "low" variation of the music used in the mission Rats in The Library. Only the Medium and High variations are used.


A possible earlier version of "MS_MovieTixRomance", with added instrumentation.


An unused "high" remix of Stealth and Carnival Date with a vocal track added. It was unknown where it was going to be used, but it's possible it was intended for getting into a fight during the mission Carnival Date.


An unused "medium" varation of the same track.


Despite what the filename says, it seems to be another variant of Romance.

MS_RomanceLow & Mid

Unused "low" and "medium" variations of the Carnival Date mission, that sound different. The low variation can be heard in one of the mini-clips on the Bully website.

MS_RunningFight-2 MIX TR

A "medium" variation of the normal walk theme. The "high" variation is used when fighting against normal Bullworth Students.

Full-Length Tracks

There are tracks found in the data that contain seemingly-extended versions of songs without a loop point. It was probably related to the scrapped music player that the Xbox version was going to include.


A slightly longer version of MS_ArtClass.


A full-length version of the music used in various missions.


A possible earlier build-up mix of the Bully Clique fight theme. It sounds a bit different.



An oriental-sounding jingle.


A song originally meant for some of the Go-Kart races, despite being unused, it was included in one of the official albums for the soundtrack!