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Bully (PlayStation 2)/Unused Textures

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This is a sub-page of Bully (PlayStation 2).

HUD Icons


Filename Texture
Bar_iconhealth BullySE Bar iconhealth.png
Bar_health_full BullySE Bar health full.png
Bar_health_danger BullySE Bar health danger.png
Bar_other_full BullySE Bar other full.png
Bar_outline BullySE Bar outline.png

A bunch of icons for an early health bar, which is part of the radar in the final game.

Filename Texture
Apple Bully HUDIcon Apple.png

An icon for an apple. It can only be seen when setting it to Jimmy, which the game never does.

Filename Texture
banana Bully HUDIcon Banana.png

An icon for a banana. Just like the apple one, it can never be seen.


Filename Texture
pickup Bully HUDIcon Pickup.png

An icon that, according to its name, was possibly intended to be displayed on top of items on the ground.


Filename Texture
Circle_button Bully HUDIcon Circle button.png
questionmark Bully HUDIcon Questionmark.png

Icons of the circle button and a question mark, their purpose is unknown.

Filename Texture
sling BullySE HUDicon sling.png

An icon for the slingshot, matching its early design as seen in pre-release screenshots. Oddly enough, this is located inside the textures for the cutscene model of the slingshot.



A bunch of hud textures that are never seen in Art Class.

Filename Texture
Reversal Bully-HUDIcon Reversal.png
Player_Reversal Bully-HUDIcon Player Reversal.png

The cut "Brush" power-up that's still mentioned in the tutorial but never appears in the actual classes. The blue version appears in the tutorial but the red one is never seen at all.

Filename Texture
SmartLineCrawler Bully-HUDIcon SmartLineCrawler.png

An unused enemy. According to its name, it was somehow meant to be a smarter version of the Crawler scissor enemies.

Filename Texture
Bully-HUDIcon Timer empty.png

An icon for a timer of unknown purpose.

Filename Texture
Example Bully-HUDIcon Example.png

According to its name, this was possibly a gameplay example meant to be shown in the tutorial. It depicts what seems to be an early version of the player's icon, showing a paintbrush instead of a pencil, which the tutorial still calls a paintbrush.



Filename Texture
Earnest_Calm BullySE-HUDIcon Earnest Calm.png
Earnest_Piss BullySE-HUDIcon Earnest Piss.png
Earnest_Mad BullySE-HUDIcon Earnest Mad.png

Three icons meant for "The Candidate" depicting Earnest calm, annoyed, and angry.


Filename Texture
Trophy BullySE-HUDIcon Trophy.png

An icon of the bike race trophy, meant for "Beach Rumble".


Filename Texture
Caflady_Piss BullySE-HUDIcon Caflady Piss.png
Caflady_Mad BullySE-HUDIcon Caflady Mad.png

Annoyed and angry icons of Edna meant for "Cook's Date". The "calm" icon is used in "Last Minute Shopping".


Filename Texture
HUDIcon_RatKiller BullySE-HUDIcon RatKiller.png

An icon of the poison gun that was intended for "Rats in the Library" but appears instead in "Weed Killer", where this icon is not used either.


Minimap textures for removed or inaccessible areas.


Bully-PS2-PinkyWand texture sheet.png

During Halloween, Pinky was intended to have a wand with her costume. A model and texture sheet exist within the files. Interestingly, the texture sheet is absent from Scholarship Edition.


A bunch of default clothing textures with the filename's text overwritten on them used as placeholders.