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Bully (PlayStation 2)/Unused Textures

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This is a sub-page of Bully (PlayStation 2).

HUD Icons

BullySE Bar iconhealth.png BullySE Bar health full.png BullySE Bar health danger.png BullySE Bar other full.png BullySE Bar outline.png

A bunch of HUD icons containing health and special meters. They seem to be very outdated.

Bully HUDIcon Pickup.png

An icon possibly intended to be displayed on top of items on the ground.

Bully HUDIcon Circle button.pngBully HUDIcon Questionmark.png

question.txd contains a texture of the circle button and a question mark icon.

BullySE HUDIcon voicechangr.png

An icon for a voice changer. It is unknown what this was intended for.

BullySE HUDicon sling.png

An icon for the slingshot, matching its early design as seen in pre-release screenshots. Oddly enough, this is located inside the textures for the cutscene model of the slingshot.

Bully HUDIcon Apple.png

An icon for an apple. It can only be seen when setting it to Jimmy, which the game never does.

Bully HUDIcon Banana.png

An icon for a banana. Just like the apple one, it can never be seen.


BullySE-HUDIcon Earnest Calm.png BullySE-HUDIcon Earnest Piss.png BullySE-HUDIcon Earnest Mad.png

Three icons of Earnest feeling calm, annoyed and angry, meant for The Candidate.

BullySE-HUDIcon Trophy.png

An icon of a trophy. It was going to be used in Beach Rumble.

BullySE-HUDIcon Caflady Piss.png BullySE-HUDIcon Caflady Mad.png

Two icons of Edna feeling annoyed and angry. The "calm" one is used in Last Minute Shopping, even though it is stored in the same texture file as the mission for Cook's Date.

BullySE-HUDIcon RatKiller.png

An icon of the rat poison gun, intended for Rats in the Library.


Minimap textures for removed or inaccessible areas.


Bully-PS2-PinkyWand texture sheet.png

During Halloween, Pinky was intended to have a wand with her costume. A model and texture sheet exist within the files. Interestingly, the texture sheet is absent from Scholarship Edition.


A bunch of default clothing textures with the filename's text overwritten on them used as placeholders.