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CD-i Backgammon

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Title Screen

CD-i Backgammon

Developers: PIMA, Capitol Disc Interactive
Publisher: Philips Media
Platform: CD-i
Released in US: 1992

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Backgammon on the CD-i!

Copyright/Abstract/Bibliographic Text

CD-I Backgammon
Interfaced designed by John Hight, Dave Townsend & Mike Willis
Strategy and Implementation by Andy House
Art work by Dave Vallone, Eddie Sutton, & Al Rosson

Version 3.6 - Manufacturing

Version info and credits of some people who worked on the game, stored inside the file abstract.

Generated:    1991 
Prepared by:  Andy House
Template:     CD-I Backgammon
Title:        CD-I Backgammon
Description:  Play backgammon against animated characters
Languages:    English

Details about the game, stored in the file bibliographic.

Copyright (c) 1991 PIMA & Capitol Disc Interactive

This text can be found in the file copyright.