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Call of Duty: Black Ops (Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii)/Cut Weapons

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This is a sub-page of Call of Duty: Black Ops (Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii).

Black Ops contains several variants of used weapons that were intended for specific modes but ended up being cut.

Cut Multiplayer Weapons

To do:
  • Test the Crossbow and Valkyrie Missile in-game.
  • Call of Duty Wiki lists on this page that the Walther P38 can be spawned in multiplayer. Verify this.
  • Document m2_flamethrower_mp . Might be very similar to the Flamethrower weapon from World at War.


The KS-23 shotgun, which appears in the campaign, has an unused weapon file which contains most stats for the weapon. This file is largely identical to the campaign KS-23 with the main differences being that the weapon has less ammo, less range, and shorter aim assist ranges. Additionally, its first raise animation, which is used when picking the weapon up off the ground, is specified as its normal raise animation, which appears to be an error as the first raise time is the same as in the campaign.

Non-Explosive Crossbow

A copy of the normal Crossbow that does not fire an explosive bolt. Inflicts 250 Direct Impact damage, compared to the Explosive Bolt Crossbow which inflicts 50 damage, and is a one-hit kill when hitting a player anywhere on their body. The weapon has two curious properties:

  • The neck multiplier (5) is higher than the head multiplier (4). Both are usually the same.
  • explosionInnerDamage, which determines damage at the middle of an explosion for an explosive weapon, is not used by either Crossbows (for the explosive Crossbow, explosive damage is determined by the Crossbow bolt, explosive_bolt_mp). Despite this, the value for this Crossbow is different than the explosive one, being set at 150 versus 50.



The MP40 is used in the Campaign and a bit of Zombies, but strangely has coding to be obtained as a killstreak. The coding strings are "mp40_mp", "mp40_drop_mp" and "mp40_blinged_mp". Audio bits for the Tropas, Black Ops, OP 40, Spetznaz, and the NVA faction announcers remains. It can also be used in "Five" using console commands.

Wager Match Valkyrie Missile

A version of the Valkyrie Missile intended for Wager Matches. File name is "m220_tow_wager_mp" and the only difference from the used one is that the parameter "isCarriedKillstreakWeapon" is set to 0 (off).

Ammo Station

There is a string for a killstreak airdrop marker titled "Ammo Station Airdrop Marker".

Cut Zombie Weapons

To do:
  • Try to load these weapons in-game.
  • Do point values for buying any of these weapons off the wall exist?
  • Check related files that control weapon functionality to see if they have any content pertaining to these unused weapons.
  • Add Pack-a-Punch models for the M60, normal AK-47, MAC11, Kiparis, and Skorpion. Check if any other unused PAP weapon have a model.
  • Document the following:
    • Pack-a-Punched Death Machine (minigun_upgraded_zm)
    • Commando with Masterkey and PAP. In iw_00/weapons/sp the only files for this appear to be mk_commando_zm for the base version and mk_commando_upgraded_zm for the PAP version.


The MP40 can be obtained on "Five", Ascension, and Moon via console commands.

(Source: Call of Duty Wiki)

M16 Variants

To do:
Explosion range is taken from each weapon's explosionRadius parameter in their Grenade Launcher underbarrel files. What does it mean?

An unused version of the M16 with a Grenade Launcher exists as well as an alternate Pack-a-Punched version of the M16 that has Dual Mags, an attachment that normally only appears on the Pack-a-Punched version of the Commando. The M16 with Grenade Launcher is exactly the same as the normal M16, only with an added Grenade Launcher. This Grenade Launcher has the following stats, with the Skullcrusher's Grenade Launcher for comparison. Switch and reload times are the same for both Grenade Launchers.

Stat GL Skullcrusher
Explosion range 256 400
Damage 300 - 150 400 - 75
Direct impact damage 150 700
Ammo Start: 6+1
Start/Max: 8+1

The following string exists for buying this weapon off the wall:

Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy M16 w/M203 [Cost: &&1]

The alternate Pack-a-Punched version of the M16 is exactly the same as the Skullcrusher but with Dual Mags instead of a Grenade Launcher. The weapon file for the M16 Grenade Launcher is "m16_gl_zm" and the file name for the alternate Pack-a-Punched version of the M16 is "m16_upgraded_zm" and both files can be found in iw_00/weapons/sp.


The AK47 has three different unused versions in Zombies: a base version with no attachment, a version with the Masterkey, and a version with a Grenade Launcher.

No Attachment

The AK47 with no attachments is half-finished, does very little damage, has no firing sound, and cannot be Pack-a-Punched, although a Pack-a-Punched version does exist. The weapon file for the base version is identical to the weapon file for the AK47 from multiplayer, only with slight changes to ADS movement settings and movement settings for the player's left hand.

The Pack-a-Punched version is called the "Red Mist" and is fully functional in-game, adding an attached Flamethrower. A video of the base version of the weapon can be seen here (note: the purple blood is a custom texture). The following string exists for buying this version off the wall:

Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy AK-47 [Cost: &&1]

The game also contains another Pack-a-Punched version of the AK47 that from its weapon file is identical to the base version save for changing the weapons name, increasing starting damage to 110, minimum damage 100, and lowering the reticle part of the iron sights that is directly above the front of the barrel. Because this part of the iron sights is lowered, the iron sights no longer have something that indicates where bullets will land. This lowered part of the iron sight is used in multiplayer when equipping any sight.


To do:
Document the underbarrel Masterkey on the base version.

The AK47 with the Masterkey has a weapon file along with a weapon file for its Pack-a-Punched version. The base Masterkey version's weapon file is identical the AK47 with no attachments only with an added Masterkey and the sight above the barrel being lowered as in the second Pack-a-Punched version. The Pack-a-Punched version increases base damage to 200, minimum damage to 150, and doubles Masterkey damage.

Grenade Launcher

The AK47 with Grenade Launcher does not have a weapon file but does have a string for buying it off the wall. This string identifies the grenade launcher as a GP-30 grenade launcher, which is different from the one used in multiplayer and the campaign, which is a GP-25.

Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy AK-47 w/GP30 [Cost: &&1]


To do:
Document the following:
  • Bayonet stats compared with the knife.
  • PAP AUG with Grenade Launcher (aug_gl_upgraded). Grenade Launcher file is gl_aug_zm .
  • AUG with Masterkey and PAP. In iw_00/weapons/sp the only files for this appear to be mk_aug_zm for the base version and mk_aug_upgraded_zm for the PAP version.

The AUG has three cut variants: a version with no attachments that has a Pack-a-Punched version, a Pack-a-Punched version that has a grenade launcher, and a version with the Masterkey attachment that has a Pack-a-Punched version. The no attachment version and grenade launcher versions lacked the scope the AUG normally has. Additionally, the Masterkey variant presumably also did not have the scope as the name of its remaining weapon files do not identify it as having the scope, unlike the weapon files of the used AUG.

The version of the AUG with no attachments is exactly the same as the version of the AUG used in the final game only with scope missing, which results in faster ADS time (0.25 seconds versus 0.35 seconds) but more recoil, which is consistent with the effects of this scope in multiplayer. The stats of the Pack-a-Punched version of the AUG are exactly the same as the Pack-a-Punched version in the final game, only that instead of gaining the Masterkey attachment a Bayonet is gained that can be used for melee attacks.


Weapon files for the normal and Pack-a-Punched version of the Enfield exist, as well as a design for the Pack-a-Punched version with the Pack-a-Punch camo. The following string exists for buying the Enfield off the wall:

Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy ENFIELD [Cost: &&1]

G11 (no scope)

To do:
This can apparently be obtained on Ascension via the "give all" console command. Verify this.

An unused version of the G11 without the Low Power Scope exists. This version is exactly the same as the normal G11 but with a faster ADS time and nearly no ADS sway, which is consistent with the normal G11 in the Campaign and Multiplayer as the Low Power Scope slows down the ADS time and has significant idle sway.


To do:
Describe stats for the base Skorpion.

Weapon files for the Skorpion and its Pack-a-Punched version exist. The Skorpion and its Pack-a-Punched version have the following stats:

Stat Normal PAP
Magazine 10 40
Start ammo 90 + 10 280 + 40
Max ammo 140 + 10 360 + 40
Damage 100 - 50 200 - 100
Damage multiplier Headshot: x2.5
Neck: x2.5
Headshot: x4
Neck: x4

The following string exists for buying the Skorpion off the wall:

Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy Skorpion [Cost: &&1]


Weapon files for the Uzi and its Pack-a-Punched version exist. Both weapons have the same damage, rate of fire, and clip size as the used iterations that appear in Black Ops II Zombies. The following string for buying the Uzi off the wall exists:

Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy Uzi [Cost: &&1]


The MAC11 has a weapon file along with a weapon file for its Pack-a-Punched version, which adds the Grip attachment. Both weapons have the following stats:

Stat Normal PAP
Magazine 10 20
Start/max ammo 90 + 10 140 + 20
Damage 100 - 60 140 - 90
Damage multiplier Head/neck: x4 Head/neck: x5

The MAC11 also has the following string for buying it off the wall:

Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy MAC-11 [Cost: &&1]


To do:
Which Kiparis can be PAPed, the single wield or Dual Wield version?

The Kiparis has unused single wield and Dual Wield versions. Its Pack-A-Punch version equips Dual Wield and has a texture. The Dual Wield version has the following string for buying it off the wall:

Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy Dual Kiparis [Cost: &&1]


To do:
Document the following in the Zombies version:
  • Different reload cancel time.
  • Empty reload animation being the same as the partial reload animation.
  • Missing sprinting animations.
  • Different damage range values.

Weapon files for the Stoner63 and its Pack-a-Punched version exist. A string for buying it off the wall also exists, which identifies the weapon by the name "Stoner 63 LMG":

Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy Stoner 63 LMG [Cost: &&1]

Unlike the other unused Zombie weapons, the Zombies iteration of the Stoner63 contains some major differences from both the single player and multiplayer versions.

Stat ZM SP MP Notes
Magazine 100 60 30
Start ammo 100 + 500 60 + 600 30 + 120
Max ammo 100 + 500 60 + 600 30 + 240
Rate of fire 625 RPM 750 937.5
Damage 130 - 90 140 - 130 40
Damage multiplier Headshot: x3 Headshot: x1.4 Headshot: x1.4

The Pack-a-Punched version appears to have not been implemented as its weapon file is exactly the same as the unused Zombie version but with a neck multiplier of x3 instead of x1 and a changed weapon name.


Weapon files for the WA2000 and its Pack-a-Punched version exist.

Non-Explosive Crossbow

An unused variant of the Crossbow exists that is exactly the same as the normal Crossbow save for firing normal arrows instead of explosive tipped ones. From its weapon file, these arrows would inflict the same amount of damage as a direct impact with the explosive ones, 750 damage. The damage multipliers for this Crossbow appear to be default values, as they are the same as the default multiplier values in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Mod Tools, and are as follows:

  • Head: 4x
  • Neck: 5x
  • Upper torso: 1x
  • Lower torso: 0.9x
  • Left/Right upper arm/leg: 0.8x
  • Left/Right forearm/lower leg: 0.6x
  • Left/Right hand/foot: 0.4x

This Crossbow has a Pack-a-Punched version that makes no changes to the gun other than changing the firing sound. The weapon file for the normal Crossbow is "crossbow_zm" and the Pack-a-Punched version is "crossbow_upgraded_zm" and can be found in iw_00/weapons/sp.

M2 Flamethrower


The M2 Flamethrower is used, but only in Dead Ops Arcade. Interestingly enough, a model as well as cut quotes from "Five" and "Kino der Toten" remain, which suggests it was to be used in those maps as well.

Thunder Gun

There are quotes in-game that suggest at some point the "ThunderGun" was going to appear on the zombies map "Five" before being cut.

Wunderwaffe DG-2

CoDBO-Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ CallOfTheDead.png

The Wunderwaffe DG-2 is used, but only in some of the original Zombies maps. Cut quotes seem to suggest that it was originally available for "Kino der Toten" and "Five". It would've most likely been obtained through the Mystery Box. The sound bits for "Five" still exist along with the "Kino der Toten" quotes. An unused Pack-A-Punched variant known as the "Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ" can be used in Call of the Dead with the help of the console command "give tesla_gun_upgraded_zm", though it has no texture.

Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper missile launcher that appears in multiplayer and in the campaign levels "Numbers" and "Victor Charlie" has unused weapon files for its base and Pack-a-Punched versions, titled "m202_flash_zm" and "m202_flash_upgraded_zm", respectively. From the base version's weapon file, it appears to be exactly the same as the version of the weapon in other game modes but with some differences, listed below with the multiplayer version for comparison. The campaign version of the weapon differs from the multiplayer version only in terms of ammo, damage, and the Select Fire functionality. It is uncertain whether the Zombies version of this weapon has this Select Fire ability.

  • The explosion damage of the Zombies Grim Reaper is constant throughout the entire explosion circle unlike other weapons where damage inflicted decreases the farther away from the middle the target is.
Stat ZM MP Notes
Missile direct impact damage 1200 500
Starting/max ammo 28 + 4 8 + 4
Explosion damage 300 150

The Pack-a-Punched version has the following differences from the base version according to its weapon file:

  • The Pack-a-Punched Grim Reaper's explosion radius is increased from 256 units to 400. Damage is also increased, inflicting 600 damage at the middle and decreasing the farther away the target is before reaching a minimum damage of 300 on the very edge of the explosion circle.
Stat Base PAP Notes
Non-ADS movement speed 80% of normal speed 100%
Missile direct impact damage 1200 1800
Ammo 28 + 4 40 + 4


Weapon files exist for several killstreaks intended to be in zombies. "zombie_rcbomb", "zombie_radar", "zombie_dogs" (not to be confused with the Hellhound), "zombie_helicopter", "zombie_napalm" (not to be confused with the Napalm Zombie from Shangri-La), "zombie_airstrike", and many more. Most of these don't have scripts to accompany them but a few are still able to be brought in via modding. They were intended to be bought via wall buys, and given as a reward for winning a round in the cut versus mode. This wouldn't happen in Zombies until Advanced Warfare and then wouldn't happen within Treyarch's Zombies mode until Black Ops Cold War.

Cut Campaign Weapons

Model 1887

The Model 1887 is used, but only in "Vorkuta" during the last level segment. However, unused coding suggests it was to appear in the missions "Payback", "Redemption", and "Rebirth". The coding string "mp_m1887" suggests that the Model 1887 was also planned to be usable in multiplayer. If you use the "give all" command in Vorkuta, you can use the weapon however, it acts like a SPAS 12.


The HS-10 is a four-round shotgun that appears in multiplayer but not in the Campaign, although files for it exist. Like in multiplayer, its only attachment is Dual Wield.


The L96A1 is a bolt-action sniper rifle that appears in multiplayer, but is absent from single player.

Ballistic Knife

The Ballistic Knife is a knife that appears in multiplayer but is absent from the Campaign. This weapon is a knife that fires knife blades and is used for knifing in place of the player character's normal knife. In multiplayer, the fired knife blades are a one-hit kill and this weapon melees faster than the normal knife. The Ballistic Knife's Campaign weapon file is identical to the one in multiplayer.

While this weapon is not usable in the Campaign, on "Numbers" it appears in Clarke's first armory stabbed into the top of a box.


While the Tomahawk appears as a melee weapon on "Rebirth", a weapon file for the throwable iteration that appears in multiplayer also exists. In multiplayer, this version of the Tomahawk can be equipped in the Lethal Grenade slot and when used is thrown forward in a very straight arc. The multiplayer Tomahawk is a one-hit kill and will bounce off surfaces it hits. The unused campaign weapon file for this version is exactly the same as multiplayer version save for limiting the player to only ever having one Tomahawk at a time, while the multiplayer version allows the player to have a max of two.

It seems that this unused iteration of the Tomahawk might have been implemented in the campaign before the melee version in "Rebirth", as the throwable version's weapon file name is called "hatchet" while the melee version uses the naming structure for a variant of a pre-existing weapon, being called "hatchet_rebirth".

Operation 40 Famas

To do:
Test this in-game.

The Famas has unused weapon files specifically for the Operation 40 mission for being equipped with both Extended Mags and Grenade Launcher and Extended Mags and Masterkey, although these files are unfinished as their coding indicates they do not equip Extended Mags on the guns at all and instead just equip the underbarrel attachments. The Grenade Launcher attachment is slightly different in that it inflicts a negligible amount more damage and holds a maximum of 5 rounds instead of 10. In the final game, the Famas does not appear in the level.

M14 Variant

Unused M14 variant.

The Mod Tools contain an unused variant of the M14 that was only meant for single player, based off the filenames of the first and third person model, t5_weapon_sp_m14_viewmodel and t5_weapon_sp_m14_world, respectively. These models are only compatible with the Suppressor and Variable Zoom Scope, the latter which the normal M14 is not compatible with in any game modes.

Unused Attachment Combinations

To do:
The following are likely unused.
  • Python (no attachments)
  • Python Dual Wield
  • Python ACOG

The following weapons that appear in the campaign have weapon files for unused attachment combinations. All these attachment combinations are used in multiplayer. Of specific note is that the Upgraded Iron Sights attachment does not appear in the campaign at all, although attachment combination files exist for it.

  • M1911
    • Upgraded Iron Sights
  • ASP Dual Wield
  • Makarov
    • Upgraded Iron Sights
    • Dual Wield - Unusable by the player, but usable by enemies. Killing an enemy who has one and trying to pick it up will only allow the player to pick up a single wield Makarov.
  • Python Snub Nose - A Python with a shorter barrel. This weapon actually appears at the start of "Payback" during the Russian roulette scene, but is unusable by the player in-game, although a weapon file for it exists that would allow for it to be used in the Campaign.
  • CZ75 Upgraded Iron Sights
  • All Spectre attachments, as the only Spectre is encountered on "Numbers" and has no attachments.
    • Reflex Sight - While unusable by the player, Shabs at the end of "Numbers" has a small chance of spawning with a Spectre with a Reflex Sight. Additionally, Clarke at the start of the level is equipped with a Spectre with Reflex Sight but never uses it.
    • Red Dot Sight
    • Extended Mag
    • Grip
    • Silencer
    • ACOG
  • Most Flamethrower attachments on guns. The flamethrower is only used on S.O.G..
    • Enfield flamethrower
    • AK47 flamethrower - An unused Spetsnaz soldier type with this weapon and attachment exists, and was planned for a Vietnam level.
    • Commando flamethrower
    • Galil flamethrower
    • FAMAS flamethrower
    • AUG flamethrower
    • FN FAL flamethrower
  • G11 Variable Zoom
  • SPAS-12 Suppressor - Adds a Suppressor to the SPAS-12.
  • Dragunov
    • Extended Mags
    • ACOG
    • Suppressor
  • All PSG1 attachment combinations, as the only PSG1 is encountered on "Numbers" in Clarke's first armory and has no attachments.
    • Extended Mags
    • ACOG Scope
    • Infrared Scope
    • Suppressor
    • Variable Zoom
  • All WA2000 attachment combinations, as the only WA2000 in the game is encountered on "Victor Charlie" during the segment where Whiskey Team storm the village.
    • ACOG
    • Infrared Scope
    • Extended Mags
    • Variable Zoom
    • Silencer
  • As the only non-mounted M60 is encountered on "S.O.G." and has Extended Magazine, the rest of the attachments go unused.
    • Red Dot Sight
    • Reflex Sight
    • ACOG Scope
    • Infrared Scope
    • Grip
  • Stoner63 without Extended Mag - On "Redemption", the Stoner63 always has Extended Mag, rendering its non-Extended Mag variant unused.