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Call of Duty: Black Ops (Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii)/Unused Weapon Content

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This is a sub-page of Call of Duty: Black Ops (Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii).

Several weapons in Black Ops contain different unused features, ranging from hard-to-notice details to unused attachment compatibility.

Obscure Weapon Content

To do:
  • The AUG with Red Dot Sight appears to have slightly slower ADS movement compared to the normal AUG, based off differences in two variables: adsSwayHorizScale and adsSwayVertScale. If these differences compared to the normal AUG are not noticeable in-game, this should probably be listed below.
  • Upload Knife surface slash sound files.
  • The Karambit Knife used on Executive Order has some obscure and unused qualities:
    • Mason is able to slash with the knife, which normally goes unseen as it is only used during a stealth segment that gives free use of the weapon for 3 seconds. A video of this can be seen here.
    • If used outside of this segment by spawning it from the developer console, the knife is also able to kill enemies and has a sprint animation. A video of this can be seen here.
  • Similarly, Mason can slash with the SOG Knife on Victor Charlie, although this cannot usually be encountered as there is never any reason to do this.
  • The Camera Spike has a unique melee animation where the player character melees with the equipment.
  • The Knife in multiplayer has unique sounds for knifing different surfaces, virtually all of which would never be encountered as there are almost no situations where the player would ever end up knifing a surface.
  • Unseen Weapon Content

    To do:
    • During the AUG reload, off screen it looks like the hand actually grabs a magazine as if off the player character's uniform. Verify and add.
    • Does the M14 strap shake off screen in any other instances, e.g. sprinting?
    • Check if the M14 strap can be fully seen in the Steam version at highest FOV that does not distort the screen, which is something like 110.
  • On "U.S.D.D.", when Mason draws the M1911 on John Kennedy, the pistol has a peculiar detail that cannot normally be noticed where the markings and ejection slot are on the wrong side. This effect might have been due to Mason hallucinating.
  • The SOG Knife has a hilt that cannot be seen as Mason is always holding it. It has a grip design.
  • The M14's strap shakes when hip firing the gun, which cannot normally be seen. A small part of the strap does appear on screen at max multiplayer FOV in the Steam version, but due to its placement it cannot be noticed. When switching weapons the strap also shakes, but this cannot be seen as it occurs off screen.
  • Knife:
    • The third-person model of the knife has a black hilt, but it cannot be seen as the player's hand is always holding it.
    • At the end of the third-person knifing animation, the player character will put their knife back in their pocket, which cannot normally be seen. This can be seen in this video.
  • Unused Weapon Qualities

    To do:
    • Are the tags on the Galil "J_Bipod_Left" and "J_Bipod_Right" under hideTags used at any point? These relate to the bipod, which is collapsed near the front of the weapon.
    • The weapon file for the Stoner63 lists some tags under hideTags that may not be used.
    • The Python has the tag "tag_scope_hunter_scope" under hideTags that is removed on the ACOG weapon file. Is it used in-game?
  • The Bowie Knife has an unused 25% chance to gib enemies that is commented out in a related weapon functionality file.
  • The model for the TOW Missile from "S.O.G." in the Mod Tools has a stand that is never used. This can be seen when the model is viewed in Tom Xmodel Utils 1.041.
  • (Source: Denkirson)

    Dual Wield Multiple Attachments

    While all Dual Wield weapons are not compatible with any other attachments save for the Dual Wield CZ75 with Full Auto Upgrade in the campaign, several appear to be configured to accept them, as their weapon files have the necessary tags listed and the model viewer bundled with the Mod Tools display the attachments properly.

    The following weapons are compatible with other attachments:

    • Skorpion - Grip
    • PM63 - Grip

    Unused Attachment Combinations

    The following weapons have unused compatibility with certain attachments.

    • M1911 with flashlight - Presumably intended for "Victor Charlie" before being replaced by the Python with flashlight. Has a model for both the pistol and flashlight in the Mod Tools with misapplied textures.
    • Sten with Suppressor - The model of the Sten in the Mod Tools contains a Suppressor as a compatible attachment.
    • MP5K Dual Wield - Has a model in the Mod Tools, a weapon name string and description: "Fully automatic dual wielded MP5K guns. Effective at close range." The Dual Wield model is compatible with all the weapon's normal attachments.
    • MPL Dual Wield - Has a model in the Mod Tools with misapplied textures. Has a weapon name string and description: "Fully automatic dual wielded MPL guns. Effective at close range." The Dual Wield model is compatible with the Grip.
    • Spectre Dual Wield - Has a model in the Mod Tools with misapplied textures.
    • Uzi Dual Wield - Has a weapon name string and description: "Fully automatic dual wielded Uzi guns. Effective at close range."
    • AK74u Masterkey - The hideTags parameter of the AK74u's weapon file lists tags pertaining to compatibility with the Masterkey.
    • PM63 Suppressor - Has a string.
    • The following Grip attachment combinations have a string in en_code_post_gfx_mp.ff.
      • AK47 Grip
      • Enfield Grip
      • FAMAS Grip
    • Crossbow with ACOG Scope - The model of the multiplayer Crossbow in the Mod Tools contains an ACOG Scope as a compatible attachment.


    While the unused Dual Wield SMG models are largely the same as their final models, there are some unusual discrepancies.

    • On the Dual Wield MP5K models, the Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight, and ACOG Sight are placed higher up than on the final model.
    • The Dual Wield MPL models have a tag called "j_switch1" that is placed over the fire selector and is not present on the final MPL model.

    Unused Parameters

    To do:
    Test the completely unused parameters in-game.

    Each weapon in Black Ops has a weapon file that is made up of many parameters that control various aspects of the weapon. While most parameters across all weapons are used, several weapons have parameters defined that are not used on any weapon.

    • cancelAutoHolsterWhenEmpty - Prevents switching to the player's other weapon when all ammo in the weapon's magazine has been exhausted and there is no reserve ammo. Always set to off and can be found on most weapons.
    • locHelmet - Damage multiplier presumably for a helmet worn by the player character. Can be found on most weapons.
    • dieOnRespawn - Unknown. Always turned off and is present in the weapon file for the Frag Grenade.
    • lastFireTime - The Asset Manager in the Mod Tools explains that this parameter determines the rate of fire of the last bullet in a magazine, although it is turned off on all weapons. Oddly, the normal M1911 has this parameter on the weapon set to 0.24, although the game ignores the parameter on this weapon.

    Unused Parameter Functionality

    To do:
    • Check to see where on the player model these multipliers actually correspond to.
    • The weapon files for the actual Grenade Launcher attachments (gl_<gun>) list range for hip fire aim assist. If they do not have aim assist, this should be mentioned.
  • The game supports custom damage multipliers for the upper arm, lower arm, hand, upper leg, lower leg, and feet on both sides of the body, although in the final game all arm and leg segments use the same multiplier.
  • While the reload cancel time is the same regardless of whether a reload is a partial or empty reload, the game supports unique times for either of these reloads.
  • The Mod Tools allow the weapon's fire type to be set to a 4-round burst, which is not used anywhere in the game.
  • Unused Set Parameters

    To do:
    • The China Lake has playerAnimType set to "m203". Is this actually used or does the game ignore it?
    • The SOG Knife weapon file has firstRaise, dropTime, raiseTime, quickDropTime, and quickRaiseTime defined. Are any of these used?

    The following weapons have unique values for parameters that are never used.


    To do:
    The Python Speed Reloader has playerDamage set to 90, which is probably unused. Verify that no enemies use this weapon.
    • The following campaign weapons that are only used by the player have playerDamage defined, which determines damage against the player when used by enemies.
      • Melee knife: 30
      • Ballistic Knife (unused): 135
      • M60: 50
      • Spectre: 50
      • PPSh: 60
      • Mosin-Nagant: 100
    • While the Mosin-Nagant has no damage drop off unlike in World at War, damage drop off ranges are still defined and are the same as in World at War.
    • The Dragon Breath SPAS-12 in "The Defector" has damage drop off ranges defined despite the weapon's damage not varying with range.
    • The SOG Knife used on "Victor Charlie" has some parameters in its weapon file set that are used by normal bullet firing weapons but not by knives.
    Parameter Function Value
    locHelmet, locHead, locNeck Damage multiplier for bullets that strike the head/neck. 2.7x
    reloadTime Time for a partial reload. 2.5 seconds
    reloadEmptyTime Time for a reload when all bullets in a magazine have been exhausted. 3.25 seconds
    reloadAddTime Time when a partial reload can be reload cancelled. 1.5 seconds
    • On "WMD", the AUG with ACOG and Suppressor and just ACOG has an alternate ADS FOV value setting that is never used. This setting would set the FOV to 45 instead of the normal 50.


    To do:
    The Tomahawk's weapon file (hatchet_mp) lists an animation called "viewmodel_hatchet_idle" throughout several animation parameters that do not apply to the Tomahawk. Check if this animation exists. If not, determine whether it is worth mentioning or if it is just dummy data.
    • The following weapons have damage drop off values defined despite having no damage drop off. "Max" refers to the maximum range before damage begins to drop off and "Min" is the range where the damage drop off stops. For comparison, normal damage drop off for all Assault Rifles (except M16) begins at 1500 units and reaches its minimum damage value at 2000 units.
    Weapon Max Min
    All Sniper Rifles 4000 5000
    RPK, HK21, Stoner63 1500 2000
    • The M72 LAW, RPG, Strela-3, Grim Reaper, and Valkyrie Rockets all share some unused stats:
      • They all have hip fire parameters set even though they cannot be hip fired. These stats are all largely the same as assault rifle hip fire spreads.
      • They have adsSpread set to 1.7. This parameter is only used on shotguns and determines how much the pellets spread in ADS, however, it is ignored on these launchers.
    • The Death Machine has several parameters set that are unused as a result of some of the weapon's unique qualities. Oddly, some of these are changed for the Wager Match version of the weapon even though they are not used.
    Parameter Def. Normal W. Match
    reloadTime Reload time (seconds) when all ammo in a magazine has not been exhausted 9.7 0.05
    reloadEmptyTime Reload time when all ammo in a magazine has been exhausted 9.7 0.05
    reloadAddTime Time the weapon can be reload cancelled. 7.13 0.05
    emptyRaiseTime The amount of time (seconds) it takes to switch to the weapon after the drop animation for the previously held weapon ends. Not used for the Death Machine since it is automatically dropped when depleted. 1.25 1.25
    sprintOutTime Seconds after ending a sprint that the weapon can be fired. Normally 0.3 for most weapons. 0.3 0.3
      • Of specific note is that the normal and empty reload times are the same as the M60, while the reload cancel time is faster (7.13 versus 7.5).
    • Ballistic Knife:
      • The Ballistic Knife has an unused ADS time of 0.25 seconds, despite the weapon not being able to be ADSed.
      • The Ballistic Knife has an unused normal raise time of 0.35 seconds, which does not occur in-game as the weapon always uses quick raise when switching to it.
    • The multiplayer Frag Grenade has several parameters set that are not used by the weapon at all and have unique values.
      • fireTime: This parameter is used by normal weapons to determine how fast they fire and is set to 0.352 on the Frag Grenade, which comers out to 171 RPM. No multiplayer gun has this RPM.
      • Values for weapon drop and weapon raise time parameters are included but none of them are used. Oddly, while normal drop, normal raise, and alternate drop times are set to 0, the rest are all set to 0.5 seconds, except emptyDropTime (drop time when dropping a weapon with no ammo at all), which is set to 0.6 seconds.
      • Sprint in, sprint loop time, and sprint out are set to 0.5 seconds. These values for sprint in and sprint out are very long compared to most multiplayer weapons, which have sprint in and sprint out values of 0.3 seconds.
    • The main multiplayer weapon file for the Dual Wield M1911 (m1911dw_mp) changes some stats (compared to the base M1911) that are unused on this weapon.
    Parameter Def. Normal Dual
    aimAssistRangeAds Max distance where ADS Aim Assist functions. 600 (same as hip fire) 1000
    adsTransInTime/adsTransOutTime Time it takes to transition from hip fire into ADS. 0.1 0.2
    adsReloadTransTime 0.15 0.3
    adsZoomInFrac 0.42 0.7
    adsZoomOutFrac 0.08 0.4
    adsViewBobMult 0.2 0.25
    adsZoomFov1 FOV when in ADS. 65 (same as hip fire) 55
    • The game internally differentiates between medium and high penetration despite both types of penetration being the same, which possibly suggests at some point that both penetration types were different at one point. It is possible that the differentiation is a holdover from the campaign. The following weapons are classified as having medium and high penetration:
      • Medium: All Assault Rifles (except M14), Python (without Dual Wield), Kiparis (without Dual Wield), Stoner63.
      • High: All LMGs (except Stoner63), all Sniper Rifles, M14, Death Machine.
    • The displayName parameter specifies the string for the name of the weapon, which is displayed in the HUD at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. The following equipment have this parameter filled in despite not displaying a name in the HUD:
      • Knife: Combat Knife - Does not use a string.
      • Flashbang: WEAPON_FLASH_GRENADE
      • Concussion Grenade: WEAPON_CONCUSSION_GRENADE
    • The following weapons which kill enemy players in non-Hardcore game modes on contact inflict significantly more damage than what is required to kill an enemy player. In non-Hardcore game modes player health is 100.
      • Ballistic Knife - 250 direct impact damage. 300 melee damage.
      • Tomahawk - 340 direct impact damage.
    • The Motion Sensor strangely has empty drop and empty raise times of 0.1 seconds, even though it does not use these parameters.


    The altRaiseTime parameter is present in weapon files and appears to be used for functionality pertaining to switching from the weapon to an underbarrel attachment (Grenade Launcher, Masterkey, Flamethrower). While it is present and set for weapons that are compatible with underbarrel attachments, this parameter is also set for weapons which are not compatible with any underbarrel attachments. For comparison, switching from a weapon to an underbarrel attachment generally ranges from 0.6 to 0.75 seconds, which is also the general range for normal weapon raise times.

    Weapon altRaiseTime
    MP5K, Kiparis 0.33
    G11 0.66
    HK21, RPK, M60, Stoner63, WA2000 0.35
    SPAS-12 0.6

    Cut Attachment Modifications

    To do:
    The file "ak74u_grip_dualclip_mp" (AK74u Dual Mags + Grip) appears to be like this as well.

    For some weapons in multiplayer, certain combinations of two attachment will not include the normal effects of both standalone attachments but instead alter the effects of one or both attachments for balancing purposes. The following attachment combinations on specific weapons have files for this specific purpose, but they are no different from applying the standalone attachments, which appears to indicate unique stat alterations for these specific attachments were planned at some point but scrapped. The following combinations have these files:

    • AK74u: Extended Mags + Grip
    • Kiparis: Extended Mags + Grip