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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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Title Screen

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Developers: Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games
Publisher: Activision
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii
Released in US: November 8, 2011
Released in EU: November 8, 2011

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the final entry in the Modern Warfare subseries (if Modern Warfare 2019 isn't considered). With the death of our main character from the first game, a ridiculous ending, and a new developer co-developing with Infinity Ward, it ultimately proved to be successful in terms of sales.

Cut Weapons

Cut Weapons

  • AT4 - The AT4 is a rocket launcher that was cut from the game. First seen in an E3 gameplay video depicting the mission "Black Tuesday". The AT4's pickup icon and Create-a-Class image are left over in the game's files.
  • AK74u: Used in Campaign, but has an unused Create-a-Class icon for multiplayer.
  • AUG HBAR: Has a killfeed icon that appears to be taken straight from Modern Warfare 2. It is possible to have the AUG's weapon model over one of the existing weapons by applying a Camouflage to it.
  • F2000: Its Create-a-Class icon is in the files and ported from Modern Warfare 2. The gun is used for a unused killstreak as a Target Lacer.
  • Gold Desert Eagle: The gold Desert Eagle from Call of Duty 4 still has a texture sheet in the files. This is likely due to the gun being used for an Easter egg on the multiplayer map Lockdown, where a Teddy Bear dual wields the gun.
  • Intervention: Its Create-a-Class icon from Modern Warfare 2 is in the files.
  • Lee-Enfield: Strangely enough the Lee-Enfield's HUD icon from Call of Duty 2 is in the game's files.
  • M9: The M9 has its Create-a-Class icon from Modern Warfare 2 still in the game and is actually used in the Single Player mission Goalpost.
  • M21 EBR: The M21 EBR has an unused Create-a-Class icon (from Modern Warfare 2), texture sheet, and bump map. All the images are named "iw5" meaning they were created for the MW3 Engine.
  • M40A3: The Create-a-Class icon from Call of Duty 4 is in the game.
  • M93 Raffica: Its Create-a-Class icon is in the game's files. The weapon's Create-a-Class slot is still present, but the weapon files are not.
  • M240: Used by Makarov's terrorist in a flashback of the mission "No Russian" but has an unused texture sheet and bump map and was seen in early screenshots. It is used in the Wii version during Goalpost for some reason.
  • M249 SAW: Like most cut weapons it has its Create-a-Class icon (from Call of Duty 4) remaining.
  • M1014: It appears that the M1014 was supposed to make an appearance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, as the pickup icon, Create-a-Class icon from Call of Duty 4, and game files remain (unchanged from its Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 appearance though). It was probably cut in the late stages of the game's development.
  • M1911: While you see this when the "Soap" drops (if you played campaign you'll know what I mean) it has the Create-a-Class icon from Call of Duty 4 and a Create-a-Class icon with a silencer on it.
  • MG42: The MG42's HUD icon from Call of Duty 1/2 is in the files (it's used as a placeholder for stationary machine guns throughout the series).
  • MK12-SPR: A M4A1 with a RSASS scope and bipod. Likely intended for the mission Eye of the Storm, where it was replaced by an actual RSASS. This also may have been used in Multiplayer on a removed killstreak called the Heli Sniper.
  • MP44: Its Create-a-Class icon and the HUD icon from Call of Duty 4 can be found.
  • PP2000: The PP2000 has a Create-a-Class icon and a bump map.
  • R700: A Create-a-Class icon can be found.
  • Ranger: Only a Create-a-Class icon remains.
  • RPD: All that remains is a HUD icon. Likely replaced by the PKP Pecheneg.
  • TAR-21: Create-a-Class icon, a texture sheet, and a bump map can be found.
  • TMP: The TMP Create-a-Class icon from Modern Warfare 2 can be found and is named "mp9_v2" (Mostly likely because in real life the TMP in Modern Warfare 2 was really a misnamed MP9.)
  • Vector: While seen in some trailers, the Vector has a texture sheet and a bump map leftover and was seen in a trailer.
  • WA2000: Only a texture sheet for the scope and its bump map still exist.
  • Mini Uzi: Has unused textures and a Create-a-Class image that is the same as the PM-9.
(Source: Call of Duty Wiki (Mini Uzi))

Weapons With Leftovers From Previous Games

Unused Perks

MW3 specialty remote mg turret.png

The Remote MG Turret shares similar visual styles with perk images in the first two "Modern Warfare" games. Possibly the Remote Sentry was going to be a perk that may have been cut for unbalancing in Multiplayer.

MW2-specialty akimbo.png

This appears to be an early icon for the Akimbo perk and also shares a similar design scheme to perk icons in Modern Warfare 2.

MW3 specialty tactical insert.png

This is an early perk icon for the Tactical Insertion. This icon was actually used in the Multiplayer Reveal trailer for Modern Warfare 2, but was removed in the final game.

MW3 Specialty blackbox.png

Blackbox was a perk that increased the airtime of Air killstreaks. This perk also was cut from Modern Warfare 2.

MW3 Specialty challenger small.png

Challenger allowed the player to have Double XP at the cost of having low health.

MW3 Specialty extended mag small.png

This Extended Mags perk works just as the attachment does. When equipped, the player's weapons would have an extended clip. This may have just been used for testing purposes.

MW3 Specialty freerunner small.png

The Free Runner perk would have allowed you to run for an infinite amount of time similar to Modern Warfare 2's Marathon Perk.

MW3 Specialty shellshock small.png

Shellshock is a perk that would give or attach a Riot Shield to the player's back to protect them against Shellshock damage and bullet damage. May have been cut for balancing factors.

MW3 Specialty javelin small.png

The Javelin x 1 perk is probably a leftover from a development version of Modern Warfare since Modern Warfare 3 has the Javelin as a Create-a-Class Item. It would presumably give the user a Javelin with one rocket as a third toggle-able weapon.

MW3 Specialty stinger x 2 small.png

The Stinger x 2 Perk would have been similar to the Javelin x 1 perk. It would give the user a Stinger with 2 rockets as a third toggle-able weapon.

MW3 Specialty painkiller small.png

Painkiller is a Deathstreak from Modern Warfare 2 that increases the user's health on spawn for a limited time. The re-made image for Modern Warfare 3 suspects that this was cut later in development.

CoDMW3 Specialty copycat small.png

Copycat is a Deathstreak from Modern Warfare 2 that allows you to steal your killer's class during the Killcam. Like Painkiller, this may have been cut later in development due to the higher quality image.

MW3 Specialty saboteur small.png

Saboteur was a perk that is supposed to allow you to capture objectives faster. This may have been cut for balancing factors and/or development problems.

CoDMW3 Specialty heartbreaker small.png

This perk appears as an early version of the Assassin perk, but it is actually for a perk called Heartbreaker. This perk keeps you off of enemy Heartbeat Sensors similar to Modern Warfare 2's Ninja Perk.

CoDMW3 Specialty siege small.png

Siege is a perk that immobilizes your player, but gives greater accuracy and recoil. Due to the image design, it is unknown whether this is a perk or an early design for the Proficiency.

CoDMW3 Specialty endgame small.png

Endgame multiplies the user's health by four at the cost of only having a 10 second lifespan. Most likely cut due to it being almost pointless.

CoDMW3 Specialty burstfire small.png

This perk's name is Burst Fire, but the game refers it to Mozambique. Mozambique makes the user's gun shoot in a 3-shot burst. This perk was also cut from Modern Warfare 2.

CoDMW3 Specialty anytwo small.png

This perk, Anytwo, allows the player to select any perk for their second and third perk slot at the cost of this perk taking up the first perk slot. It may have been cut due to it being unbalanced.

Unused Deathstreak

4 unused Deathstreaks that were probably cut from Modern Warfare 2, but it's in Modern Warfare 3's files. The last icon is leftover from Call of Duty 4.

Specialty airdrop juggernaut.png Specialty light armor.png Specialty deployable vest.png Specialty weapon rpg.png

Cut Weapon Camouflages

8 unused camos remain in the game's files, most of which appear to be left over from Modern Warfare 2. These camos are used by the AUG by modding it into the game.

Unused ACR Camo

On an interesting note, the ACR has an unused white camo. Either this camo was an early version of the Snow or Winter camo, or this was supposed to be the cut Arctic camo.

The ACR's unused camo.

Cut/Unused Maps

Map Name Code Name Description (if any) Notes
Afghan MPUI_AFGHAN Mw2 Leftover
Alps MPUI_ALPS Kyles first map and some Placeholder text
Brooklyn MPUI_BROOKLYN Brooklyn in Da Hood
Crossfire MPUI_CROSSFIRE Cod4 Leftover
Druglord MPUI_DRUGLORD Druglord!
Highrise MPUI_HIGHRISE Mw2 Leftover
Karachi MPUI_CHECKPOINT Mw2 Leftover
Plaza MPUI_PLAZA Old Version of Akarden(Plaza2)
Rust MPUI_RUST Mw2 Leftover
Strike MPUI_STRIKE Cod4/Mw2 Leftover
Subbase MPUI_SUBBASE Mw2 Leftover

Cut Ending

There exists within the IWD archives of the game, 3 unused files which were meant to be used within the last mission of the game. Presumably they're from an alternate or extended ending to the game.

  • bt_dubai_finale_ominous_stranger.mp3

The background music that would have gone along with this scene.

  • dubai_shadowman_enter.wav

One sound effect for that scene.

  • dubai_shadowman_exit.wav

Another sound effect for that scene.

There doesn't appear to be any dialogue left over from that scene in particular, suggesting it got cut quite early in development. However, dialogue files for Makarov during this mission aren't in the archives for the Dubai folder itself either, so it may be that there actually is some dialogue, it's just hidden from plain sight.

References In Memory

Within the memory of the game while this mission is being played, there are some old left over strings of text referencing this possible ending.

  • mysterious_stranger_rimlight: An object used in that scene. This item is referenced again later down in memory but with co-ordinates listed alongside the name, presumably telling the game where to load the item into the level map.
  • mus_start_stranger: A piece of code used to start the music for the cutscene.
  • dub_finale_shadowman_enter & dub_finale_shadowman_exit: References for the two unused sound effects still within the files of the mission.
  • start_stranger: A reference to the level scripts to begin the sequence.
  • dubai_finale_stranger_appears: A reference to another possible audio file. However, this file isn't in any of the archives. It's possible this file was deleted before the developers decided to scrap the entire sequence.

Cut Spec Ops Missions

  • Defend_Ferris

Lobby image for the cut/unused Spec Ops mission, "defend_ferris".

Judging by the name, one can assume this mission would have had the player(s) defending a ferris wheel. Who would want to attack a ferris wheel anyway?! There are two versions of this image present in the game's files. One is named "so_defendferris_lobby.iwi", and the other is named "so_dlc1.iwi". The ferris wheel in the image is Pripyat's ferris wheel from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

  • Assaultmine

MW3 so assaultmine lobby.png

The Lobby image shares some similarities to the Spec Ops mission "Fire Mission".


A cut gamemode. Not much is known about it beside the fact that there would be a target area. Only sound files remain. Some text in the game hint that Grinder is the early name for the gamemode Drop Zone, as Drop Zone's internal codename is "grnd".

Yuri's "No Russian" Model

During the flashback to "No Russian", Yuri has a unique third person model that can only be seen by utilizing cheats. Interestingly enough, other playable characters' third person models are usually from models in multiplayer, and missing their heads, whereas Yuri's model is complete but slightly discolored.


Other Cut Graphics


An exclamation mark. The image is named "party chat".


An explosion icon for the minimap.


A minimap icon for the grenade.


The Harrier kill icon from Modern Warfare 2. Interesting enough there are sound files for the Harrier being called in.


The attack helicopter kill icon from Call of Duty 4.



Two minimap icons for the I.M.S. The green one would presumably belong to your team while the red would be the enemy's (though it is unknown if a perk would be needed for it to show up on the map.) ‎


The RPG D-Pad icon from Call of Duty 4.

Unused Cutscene

An unused soundless cutscene depicting the end of the mission "Crew Expendable" from the first game that was intended for the Prologue.

Leftover Images

Leftover Image

This image is from the first Call of Duty.


Designers/Developers Picture

There is an Picture for developers/designers left in the game files.

Nol group photo.png

Placeholder/Leftover Killstreak Icons

Early and leftover killstreak icons.

Specialty ac130.png Specialty airdrop sentry.png Specialty nuke.png

Early (9).jpg Early (10).jpg Early (11).jpg Early (12).jpg Early (13).jpg Early (14).jpg Early (15).jpg Early (16).jpg Early (17).jpg Early (18).jpg Early (19).jpg Early (20).jpg Early (21).jpg Early (22).jpg

Unused Title Cards

In the PS3 version, there are unused title cards.

Iw5 cardtitle assault 01.png Iw5 cardtitle sas 2.png Iw5 cardtitle mw series sandman.png Iw5 cardtitle skullscope.png Iw5 cardtitle feathers.png

Early Support Streak Icons

Early (1).jpg Early (2).jpg Early (3).jpg Early (23).jpg Early (24).jpg Early (5).jpg Early (6).jpg Early (7).jpg

Unused Card Icon

Only in the PS3 version, there is an unused card icon.

Iw5 cardicon smiley.png

Placeholder Camouflages

Pretty much a Modern Warfare 2 placeholder. Both are the same.

Early (8).jpg

Early Modern Warfare 3 camouflages menu Modern Warfare 2 camouflages menu
Early (8).jpg Mw2.png

Version Differences

As with the rest of the Call of Duty series, there were a number of differences when the game was ported to the Wii which include:

  • No killcams.
  • Private match customization is more limited.
  • No downloadable content.
  • Players have an "Ally (friend) Code" that is for other players to send ally requests to them if they have not encountered each other in multiplayer.
  • No Special Ops missions, though Survival mode is present.
  • The Recon Drone, Predator Missile, Reaper, and AC-130 killstreaks are not available (although the Predator Missile is available through modding).
  • The "Prologue" and "Blood Brothers" (interactive cutscenes on other consoles) are simply cutscenes.
  • Gun Game, Infection, One in the Chamber, Team Juggernaut, and Drop Zone game modes are not available normally, but are playable through modding.
  • Winter and Marine camos are unlocked after prestiging once, instead of being unlocked through ELITE, which isn't available on Wii.
  • Breakable glass windows only appear in the maps Carbon and Outpost.
  • The SitRep perk works differently. Instead of seeing fake Care Packages highlighted in red, a skull appears over them.
  • Some weapons have different reloading sounds.
  • You can't see Price's reflection against the broken glass in the "Dust to Dust" mission.
  • Sandman has no sunglasses.
  • Makarov has short hair.

Regional Differences

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The French edition of the game recycled the "Intel" text that appears during the loading of a multiplayer match from the two previous Modern Warfare games. However, this only appears in the Wii version.