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Call of Duty: World at War (Windows)/Cut Weapons

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This is a sub-page of Call of Duty: World at War (Windows).

Some weapons are inaccessible and unavailable without using console cheats.

Dirty Harry

An M1911 pistol that fires Rifle Grenades. Normally only used when downed with the Suicide King Death Card enabled, but it can be used as a normal weapon if obtained through use of console commands. The drawing animation is identical to that of the regular M1911, except slowed down. The sprinting animation also looks as if the gun was a rifle, as the player's left hand will be floating far ahead of the gun, as if holding an invisible foregrip of the weapon.


The "weapon" used by the shambling undead in Nazi Zombies mode. It has proper first person animations and works perfectly as a player weapon, and these animations were featured for three brief moments in the official trailer for the Zombie Verrückt map.

Default Weapon

Default Weapon: Finger gun with a pink cowbell with the words "OWN3D" sitting on the left wrist. This weapon is featured in many games in the Call of Duty series, and they all share similar characteristics.

Unused Pack-a-Punch Variants

The Eviscerator

An unused Pack-a-Punch upgrade for the Arisaka. It can only be obtained by way of console commands, but appears to have been canned at an early stage; there are no engravings on the metal like the other guns and the only change was the stainless-steel on the metal.


Used in the main game, but not in Zombies mode. It can be obtained in the maps "Der Riese" and "Verruckt" with the help of console commands. A Pack-a-Punched version can be seen in the game's files, however the only change is to the metal on the weapons.


Again, there is an unused, unnamed Pack-a-Punched variant of the Springfield and yet again its only change is a stainless-steel effect.

The Snuff Box

Yet another scrapped Pack-a-Punched upgrade, this time for the sawed-off Double-Barreled Shotgun. However, this one is actually completely finished and can be seen by way of modding.


Used in the Campaign by the Japanese but can never be picked up. Despite this, a Create-a-Class icon and a HUD icon exist.

M3 Grease Gun

Scrapped in very late development, as it's completely finished and can be used by modding the game but looks no different from Call of Duty 2.

Mortar Round

To do:

The code "mortarround_mp" shows it would be in MP and the string "REFERENCE WEAPON_MORTARROUND_2000 LANG_ENGLISH "Press & hold &&1 to buy Mortar Rounds [Cost: 2000]" shows it was cut from Zombies as well. Most likely cut from those modes due to the extreme power and its large blast radius.



While not really a weapon, it has a HUD icon that is never used.


A HUD icon can be found in the files.

Signal Flare

Has an unused HUD icon.

Some weapons were cut completely, but have leftovers in the game's files and SDK.


A British bolt-action rifle, used by British and Canadian forces. Was cut along with the British campaign. Only Create-A-Class images, a pickup icon, animations and weapon files exist.


The British SMG of choice. Was cut along with the British campaign. Only Create-A-Class images, a pickup icon, animations and weapon files exist.


A British light machine gun. Was cut along with the British campaign. Only Create-A-Class images, a pickup icon, animations and weapon files exist.


An SMG used during World War II by the Soviets. Was cut very early on. Only the Create-A-Class images and animations exist.


"Shoebox" anti-personnel mines. Would have been granted by the "PMD-6 x2" perk. Appears to have been cut very early on - the code exists in the SDK and there are icons, but it can't be compiled due to the lack of a model.


Kamikaze: Not only was it a cut killstreak, but unused weapon files still remain.

(Source: Call of Duty Wikia)