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Cars (PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Windows)/Unused Dialogue

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This is a sub-page of Cars (PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Windows).

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This is really only the beginning. There's plenty more unused lines, both from the announcer as well as other characters, playable and otherwise.

Darrell Cartrip

Darrell Cartrip (the Piston Cup race announcer) has quite a few lines that aren't used, with variants for each playable character. These include lines for wrecking and for announcing the winner at the end of a race, both of which he stays silent for in the final game.

Audio Transcript Context
Bad news for Chick Hicks. Not that the fans are too worried. Not after last season. Chick Hicks crashing.
Ow, that's a bad knock for Number 86! I don't care who you are or what you done in the past, that just ain't no fun!
Whoo, think the body shop's gonna be workin' overtime this weekend!
Chick Hicks down and not lookin' too good. Those racers better watch out, he's not gonna be too happy.
100% chance of thunderclouds for Chick Hicks after that wreck.
Whuh-oh! Looks like Cartrip's gonna be spending some time in a body shop this weekend! Darrell Cartrip crashing.
OH! Donated some paint back there!
Whoa! Things take a turn for the worse for Darrell Cartrip!
Watch out, Cartrip! Accidents may happen, but they don't always have to.
Now that's a bit of bad luck for Cartrip! Can he make up that time?
Uh-oh! Things just took a turn for the worse for Doc Hudson! Doc Hudson crashing.
Now that's gotta hurt!
Whuh-oh! Some trouble with Hudson! We all remember what happened last time.
Folks, you might think that's gonna put him out of it, but let's not forget who we're talkin' about here.
Doc Hudson takin' a nasty spill out there. Hope he's okay.
Oh, you know Doc's feelin' disappointed about that.
Oh, that was a tough break. Let's see if Weathers can make back that time. The King crashing.
Woah, Number 43! What happened out there?
Ooh, wrecked for a mile!
Uh-oh! That doesn't look good for McQueen! Lightning McQueen crashing.
Woah, Number 95! What was he thinking?
Whoops! Looks like the body shop's gonna be workin' this weekend.
Think we're gonna have an unhappy pit crew, folks.
Ouch! Now that's gonna leave a mark!
Woah, Lightning sure took a beating out there. Hope he can get back in the race after that.
A bad spill for Lightning McQueen. That's racing, folks!
OH! That's gonna hurt McQueen's chances to win today.
Not sure what happened, but McQueen is in some trouble.
And Lightning McQueen involved in a crash. We're checking the track to see if any others were involved.
This doesn't look good for Number 95. Let's hope he's not taken to the garage.
Tradin' paint and rubbin' with other cars is part of racing. But wrecking? Well, McQueen knows that only hurts his chances.
Looks like McQueen just got loose and made a whole lotta smoke!
Whoo! Good ol' boy racin'! McQueen is fine after going for that ride, but he'll lose some spots!
Ouch! That's gotta hurt!
There's concern in the stands for Number 95, Lightning McQueen. Well, looks like he's okay and will continue racing.
And here's the checkered flag. It's gonna be... Chick Hicks! Winning as Chick.
Here's the checkered flag. And it's... Darrell Cartrip! Winning as Darrell.
Here's the checkered flag. And it's... Doc Hudson! Winning as Doc.
And here's the checkered flag. It's... It's... The King! Winning as The King.
And here's the checkered flag. It's... It's... Lightning McQueen! Winning as Lightning McQueen.


Despite being playable in the "High Speed Heist" minigame, Boost cannot be selected in Arcade Mode, leaving his lines for being selected as well as winning and losing races unused.

Audio Transcript Context
Chillin' like a villain! Being selected.
I've got all the right mods, uhn!
Modified to win, baby.
Yo, don't compete! Dominate! Winning a race.
Y'all should've stayed in your garages!
That's it, I'm getting more boost tanks. Losing a race.
Ah, kicked to the curb.
I'm gonna need more juice for next time!


Like Boost, DJ also cannot be freely selected and thus these lines can't be heard.

Audio Transcript Context
Yeah! Now that's what we call skills. Winning a race.
Yeah, it's all about the right tunes!
Aw, boo that. Losing a race.

Doc Hudson

Several characters have dialogue for being towed by Mater. Along with Doc, this includes Sally, Fillmore, Ramone, Flo, Fletcher, El Guapo, and Lizzie. As the characters with this dialogue match up to the character list included in the camera presets for the unused towing minigame, it's likely that these were intended to be used there.

Audio Transcript Context
Good, you're here. Got your tow cable? Being approached by Mater.
Yep. Wound up in the tulips.
Attaboy, Mater. Let's get going.
*Muttering* Likely getting sick from being towed too fast.
Mater! You mind taking it a little easy? Being towed recklessly.
You gonna get me back in one piece or not?
Mater, you need some driving lessons!
Easy on the suspension, Mater!
Take it easy, Mater. I'm not as young as I used to be.


Audio Transcript Context
Wow, man. It's like, Mater to the rescue! Being approached by Mater.
I was starting to feel all alone out here, man.
Aw, Mater. I knew I could count on you.
*Groaning* Getting sick from being towed too fast.
Uhh... Mater! Mater! Being towed.
So not feeling good right now, dude!
Oh... I think you oughta pull over, man!
It's all a conspiracy! Losing a race.
Oh, bummer.
That was harsh, man.
My horoscope was right this morning.
Not enough yang energy.


In addition to the lines regarding being towed, Fletcher also has dialogue for being selected, despite not being playable.

Audio Transcript Context
Ah, the service has arrived. Hello there, old chap! Being approached by Mater.
I daresay I've gotten myself quite stuck. *Chuckles*
A heroic saviour and his trusty tow hook, eh? Splendid!
Ohh... Ugh... Possibly getting sick from Mater driving too fast.
Are you a licensed transport!? Being towed recklessly.
Woah, I think you've loosened something!
This is-- Woah.. Unacceptable!
Ah, to be young and British. Being selected by the player.
Let's show these yanks how it's done, what?
I daresay you're not very good at this! Unknown. The filename puts this with his other "selected" lines but it definitely doesn't sound like one.

Lightning McQueen

Located in the folder for Lightning McQueen's voice clips (Audio/Dialogue/ENG/LM) is a series of lines related to leaving Radiator Springs. From the contents of the clips, it would appear they were meant to play upon trying to enter Ornament Valley and Tailfin Pass before they've been unlocked. There's also several lines for failing the powerslide tutorial in Doc's Lesson: Powerslide, which the final game just reuses one of Lightning's standard "lose race" lines for.

Audio Transcript Context
Nah, not yet. I'm gonna wait and go up there with Sally later on. Approaching the entrance to Tailfin Pass.
I should probably wait for Sally.
Hmm, Sally might get mad at me if I go up there without her.
I don't think I'm gonna leave town just yet. Possibly a catch-all line for both areas.
Nah, Sheriff's taking a nap over there, I don't want to wake him. Approaching the entrance to Ornament Valley.
I think I'm gonna stay around town for now. Another catch-all for both places?
Uh-oh. I think I was supposed to powerslide back there. Failing Doc's Lesson: Powerslide.
Oh no, did I mess up that turn?
Wait a sec, this doesn't seem right.
Ah, I'm not gonna make it!


Audio Transcript Context
Oh, Mater, you're just in time. Being approached by Mater.
Good old dependable Mater.
Ohh... Getting sick from being towed too fast.
Uh, Mater? Mater? Being towed.
I'm getting sick back here!
When I asked for a lift, this is not what I meant!