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Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort (Episode 1: Pool Problems)

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Title Screen

Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort (Episode 1: Pool Problems)

Publisher: Cartoon Network
Platform: Adobe Shockwave
Released internationally: 2000[1]

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

BugsIcon.png This game has a bugs page

To do:
There are supposedly strings that reference the name of the developer, Funny Garbage, and the name of the map maker utility, Map-o-Matic v1 (see here https://mattbruv.github.io/ccsr-bugfix/).

Pool Problems is the first episode of the Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort series. It features Uncle Gus, the eponymous star of a pilot aired during Cartoon Network’s The Big Pick event in the summer of 2000.

A pipe burst in the pool house, so no one can swim until Uncle Gus plugs the leak with scotch tape, used chewing gum, a band-aid, and Cow's dirty sock... On second thought, they might be better off going to the beach.


Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Unused Maps

There are two unused maps in the game's data. The same map data is also present in the other episodes.

Since there is no known way to manually load maps in the game, the screenshots of the unused maps below are from an external map viewer program.

Download.png Download Unused Map Data (.txt format)
File: CCSR Ep1 Unused Maps.zip (1.16kb compressed) (info)

Unused (0106b) Used (0106)
CCSR Ep1 Map 0106b.png CCSR Ep1 Map 0106.png

This unused map is called 0106b. It is the same as the final parking lot, except the cars, the mayor, and some trees are missing.

Unused (0506b) Used (0506)
CCSR Ep1 Map 0506b.png CCSR Ep1 Map 0506.png

This unused map is called 0506b. It is east side of the duck pond, except the sign and some bushes are missing.

Unused Dialog

Unused Where is that stupid Cow?!? Will you help me find her? Mom and Dad told us not to wander too far from the cabin! She will be in big trouble!
Used Where is that stupid Cow?!? Will you help me find her?! Mom and Dad told me not to let her go too far away! Ooooo, She is in big trouble!

There is an unused version of what Chicken says when you first encounter him. The used version is associated with block.41, which has the sprite data for Chicken, and places him in your inventory after interacting with it. The unused version is associated with block.33, which has incomplete data.

Unused Used
I sure do wish I had an umbrella because I want to lay on the beach but I am afraid that my udder will get burned. Can you find one for me?

Thank you! Here, you can have this sock!

Do you like the sock?
Oohhh, the sun's so hot... will you please find me some sun-screen so that I do not get all burned and touchy?

Oh, goody! Sun-screen! Here you can have this sock!

I feel so much better now that I have sunscreen.

There is also an unused version of Cow's dialogue tree. Apparently, you were originally supposed to give her an umbrella in exchange for the sock. In the final game you give her a bottle of sunscreen.

You found a beach umbrella!
Sorry! No more umbrellas today!

Since you give Cow the sunscreen instead of the umbrella, this dialogue for obtaining the umbrella is unused.