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Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort (Episode 4: Disco Dilemma)

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Title Screen

Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort (Episode 4: Disco Dilemma)

Publisher: Cartoon Network
Platform: Adobe Shockwave
Released internationally: 2000[1]

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Disco Dilemma is the fourth and final episode of the Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort series. It features Prickles the Cactus, the eponymous star of a pilot aired during Cartoon Network’s The Big Pick event in the summer of 2000.

In this episode, Prickles has to make sure all the girls at the disco party get to dance with their crush, or else her vacation is ruined, somehow. Yeah, just go with it.

Unused Maps

There are two unused maps in the game's data. The exact same maps are also present in the other episodes. Since there is no known way to manually load maps in the game, the screenshots of the unused maps below are from an external map viewer program.

Download.png Download Unused Map Data (.txt format)
File: CCSR Ep1 Unused Maps.zip (1.16kb compressed) (info)

Unused (0106b) Used (0106)
CCSR Ep1 Map 0106b.png CCSR Ep4 Map 0106.png

This unused map is called 0106b. It is the same as the final parking lot, except the cars and mayor are missing.

Unused (0506b) Used (0506)
CCSR Ep1 Map 0506b.png CCSR Ep4 Map 0506.png

This unused map is called 0506b. It is the east side of the duck pond, except the sign and some bushes are missing.

Leftover Dialogue

These unused strings are related to story objectives. They are leftover from previous episodes.

You opened the fifth door with the Stone Stone!

Leftover from Episode 3.

Aw, man! I might mess up my hair pickin' up that luggage! If you can find the luggage cart, I'll move it. Otherwise: No way, Jose!
Thanks, man. I'll move that luggage now.
Man, I hate this job, but I wanna make my Mama proud.

Leftover from Johnny in Episode 2.

This luggage is blocking the exit!
This luggage is blocking the exit.

Also leftover from Episode 2.

Congratulations! You have managed to find the suit of armor!

Leftover from Crabb Island Episode 2.

Thank you for tambourine. Take I.R. Baboon's pineapple.

Another line from Episode 2.