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Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (PlayStation 2)/Unused Bestiary Entries- & Pictures

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This is a sub-page of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (PlayStation 2).

The player is allowed to encounter every enemy type there is, minus "Dummy" and the empty placeholders for enemy entries. However, multiple boss targets are never added to the in-game Bestiary book. There are also dummied versions of common foes, typically at Level 0, that are never encountered. Many of these enemy entries also have unused enemy pictures.

On top of that, there are 306 unused enemy pictures that are not linked to any specific enemy entry. While a few hidden enemy pictures have unique elements to them, most only show the enemy at an alternate angle and/or pose.

Below are the unused enemy entries as they are unlocked into the in-game Bestiary book. The enemy number (No.XXX) is arbitrary and doesn't reflect any actual number attached to the enemy.




Castlevania-CoD Dummy.png

An enemy's HP and EXP is only revealed when at least one foe has been defeated. For this reason the kill count has been edited to be 1, rather than 0, for this and the following hidden enemy entries.

Some enemies have their Level hidden by default and this is true for Dummy. Editing the right value will reveal that Dummy's Level is always 0.

Castlevania-CoD Dummy-level-shown.png


Castlevania-CoD enemy-entry-placeholder.png

There are a total of 47 empty placeholders for enemy entries. All of these have "Garibaldi Temple" as their name and description due to this being the content of the 0th text entry in the game's text table.

Boss Encounters & Boss Targets

Crazy Armor (First Phase)

Castlevania-CoD Crazy-Armor-unused-entry.png

The used entry for Crazy Armor, No.020, is for the battle's second phase. The hidden entry for the first phase lacks a boss picture. While both entries for Crazy Armor show Galtite as the item you can steal, it is in fact only the first phase of Crazy Armor that you can steal from.

An enemy's level changes depending on the game mode, which in turn changes the enemy's HP and the EXP it grants. There are in total four modes:

  1. Normal difficulty as Hector or Trevor.
  2. Boss Rush Mode on Normal Difficulty as Hector or Trevor.
  3. Crazy Difficulty [@CRAZY], only available as Hector.
  4. Boss Rush Mode on Crazy Difficulty [@CRAZY], only available as Hector.

With the exception of two unused common foes, only bosses have their level changed when you enter Boss Rush Mode, though all enemies have addresses and values assigned for all four modes.

Here is how the stats for Crazy Armor (First Phase) changes depending on the current game mode.

Game Mode Crazy Armor Level Crazy Armor HP Crazy Armor EXP
Normal 9 770 0
Normal, Boss Rush 45 3025 0
Crazy 29 1870 0
Crazy, Boss Rush 65 5225 0

The HP displayed for the used Crazy Armor entry, enemy No.020, is actually the sum of the HP for both phases of Crazy Armor.

Trevor (Garibaldi Temple)

Castlevania-CoD Trevor-unused-entry.png

The enemy description for this unused entry is slightly different from the used entry for Trevor (No.112), which is unlocked when battling him in the Abandoned Castle.

Unused entry description:

A true Vampire Hunter. His destruction of Dracula
made the Belmont name famous among the people.

Used entry description, No.112:

A true Vampire Hunter and hero of the Belmont family.
Agrees to lend his strength to Hector.

The level of the Garibaldi Temple version of Trevor is usually hidden. Changing the value of the right address can reveal the level in the Bestiary entry.

Game Mode Trevor Level Displayed HP "Actual" HP Trevor EXP
Normal 16 16800 1700-ish 0
Normal, Boss Rush 47 47200 5900 0
Crazy 36 32800 3300-ish 0
Crazy, Boss Rush 67 79200 9900 0

The extremely high HP values displayed have to do with how the first encounter with Trevor is programmed. The HP values in Boss Rush Mode are less complicated, though the programming from that first encounter still carry over into the Bestiary.

One common element across all 160 used bestiary entries is that each enemy has an item that can be stolen. With the Trevor encounter in Garibaldi Temple, and other enemies on this list, there is no item to steal.

Trevor Doppelganger (Garibaldi Temple)

Castlevania-CoD Trevor-Doppelganger Garibaldi.png

Game Mode Trevor Doppelganger Level Trevor Doppelganger HP Trevor Doppelganger EXP
Normal 16 2100 145
Normal, Boss Rush 47 5900 145
Crazy 36 4100 145
Crazy, Boss Rush 67 9900 145

Trevor Doppelganger is only encountered in Trevor mode, where the Bestiary menu is not available. Ergo, both enemy entries for Trevor Doppelganger become unused.

Because Crazy difficulty isn't available while playing as Trevor, the versions of Trevor Doppelganger for Crazy Mode and Crazy Boss Rush Mode become unused.

Trevor Doppelganger (Abandoned Castle)

Castlevania-CoD Trevor-Doppelganger Abandoned-Castle.png

Game Mode Trevor Doppelganger Level Trevor Doppelganger HP Trevor Doppelganger EXP
Normal 40 4700 2220
Normal, Boss Rush 52 6900 2220
Crazy 60 8500 2220
Crazy, Boss Rush 72 10900 2220

EXP remains the same between all levels of both Trevor Doppelganger encounters. While Trevor does invisibly accrue EXP, he never levels up and so EXP is never used for anything.

Skull Fish

Castlevania-CoD Skull-Fish-unused-entry.png

The boss of Mortvia Aqueduct, Skeleton Diver, rides on the giant Skull Fish whose name is never shown in-game. Skeleton Diver and Skull Fish are two separate targets but their HP bars are linked in the boss battle.

No matter how you defeat the Skeleton Diver boss, the number of defeated Skull Fish remains at zero.

Game Mode Skull Fish Level Skull Fish HP Skull Fish EXP
Normal 24 2900 0
Normal, Boss Rush 48 6100 0
Crazy 44 5300 0
Crazy, Boss Rush 68 10100 0


Castlevania-CoD Abel-unused-entry.png

Battled during your encounter with Isaac in Cordova Town, this enemy's name is never shown in battle though Isaac calls out Abel's name in a cutscene. All of Isaac's summoned creatures, with the exception of Black Rasetz, have their level hidden by default.

Game Mode Abel Level Abel HP Abel EXP
Normal 24 4350 0
Normal, Boss Rush 45 8250 0
Crazy 44 7950 0
Crazy, Boss Rush 65 14250 0

Because of Abel's ludicrously high defense, where hits will typically cause no more than 1-3 in damage, defeating Abel would take hours, added with the challenge of not defeating Isaac too soon. Defeating an enemy is what unlocks the data for their HP and EXP so it's fortunate that this challenge is not imposed on the player when it comes to Abel.

The enemy picture for Abel is unused and he/it is the only one out of all Isaac's devils to have their own enemy picture.

Black Dragon

Castlevania-CoD Black-Dragon-unused-entry.png

The dark version of Hector's Innocent Devil "Crimson", Black Dragon is the first devil summoned by Isaac in your battle against him in Dracula's Castle. Isaac summons a total of three devils in this battle and none of them have their names revealed in-game.

Game Mode Black Dragon Level Black Dragon HP Black Dragon EXP
Normal 40 940 0
Normal, Boss Rush 44 1060 0
Crazy 60 1700 0
Crazy, Boss Rush 64 1860 0

Black Yeti

Castlevania-CoD Black-Yeti-unused-entry.png

The black version of Hector's "Iytei" Innocent Devil, Black Yeti is the second devil summoned by Isaac during your battle against him in Dracula's Castle. Its name is never shown in battle or anywhere else.

Game Mode Black Yeti Level Black Yeti HP Black Yeti EXP
Normal 40 1175 0
Normal, Boss Rush 44 1325 0
Crazy 60 2125 0
Crazy, Boss Rush 64 2325 0

Black Rasetz

Castlevania-CoD Black-Rasetz-unused-entry.png

The final devil summoned by Isaac in your battle against him in Dracula's Castle, its name is never shown in battle. Black Rasetz is the only one of Isaac's devils to not have its level hidden by default in the enemy entry data.

Game Mode Black Rasetz Level Black Rasetz HP Black Rasetz EXP
Normal 40 1410 0
Normal, Boss Rush 44 1590 0
Crazy 60 2550 0
Crazy, Boss Rush 64 2790 0

Legion Zombie

Castlevania-CoD Legion-Zombie.png

This enemy name is never shown in-game and the enemy picture is wholly unique.

Though the Bestiary page will always display Legion Zombie's Level as Lv.99, in Crazy difficulty (and its Boss Rush mode) they are actually at Lv.119. In other words, Legion Zombies have the highest level of any enemy in the game regardless of mode.

Heal Zone

Castlevania-CoD Heal-Zone-unused-enemy-entry.png

Heal Zone might be referring to the healing blue pillar of light that may appear after a boss is defeated. It is unknown why this Heal Zone has its own enemy entry. The name "Heal Zone" is never shown in-game.

Common Encounters

There are a total of 34 unused enemy entries for common foes. These are all familiar encounters, with each entry recycling data such as elemental affinities, item drops and steals. For this reason, the full-size screenshots of their unlocked Bestiary pages will not always be shown due to the superfluous data.

Unless anything else is specified, the unused common encounter is a Level 0 enemy with max HP at 1 and an EXP reward of 0. These low stats will also be the same across all four game modes.


The Skeleton has two unused enemy entries and these are their pictures.

Castlevania-CoD Skeleton 01.png Castlevania-CoD Skeleton 02.png

The second picture is almost identical to the used picture for enemy No.001 in the Bestiary. The only difference is that the unused picture is a little more zoomed in.

Every unused enemy picture has some discrepancy with the used variants even if the differences at times are small.

Bone Soldier

Castlevania-CoD Bone-Soldier.png


Castlevania-CoD Ghost.png


Castlevania-CoD Wight Crazy.png

The unused Wight, and the unused Skeleton Trooper, are unique among the common foes category in that their stats change for Normal Boss Rush Mode.

Game Mode Wight Level Wight HP Wight EXP
Normal 0 1 0
Normal, Boss Rush 41 276 0
Crazy 51 382 0
Crazy, Boss Rush 51 382 0

To the player, the highest-level Wight at Normal mode is at Lv.36 and the highest-level Wight at Crazy mode is at Lv.46.

Skeleton Blaze

Two unused enemy entries for the Skeleton Blaze.

Castlevania-CoD Skeleton-Blaze 01.png Castlevania-CoD Skeleton-Blaze 02.png

Blaze Master

Two unused enemy entries for the Blaze Master. Here are their unused enemy pictures.

Castlevania-CoD Blaze-Master 01.png Castlevania-CoD Blaze-Master 02.png


Castlevania-CoD Fenrir.png

Wolf Skeleton

Castlevania-CoD Wolf-Skeleton.png

Armored Sprinter

Castlevania-CoD Armored-Sprinter.png


Castlevania-CoD Lizardman.png


Castlevania-CoD Wizard.png

Dark Warlock

Castlevania-CoD Dark-Warlock Crazy.png

Game Mode Dark Warlock Level Dark Warlock HP Dark Warlock EXP
Normal 0 1 0
Normal, Boss Rush 0 1 0
Crazy 10 99 0
Crazy, Boss Rush 10 99 0

The lowest-level Dark Warlock encountered in the final game is at Lv.17 on Normal mode. At Crazy mode this Dark Warlock (No.040) is at Lv.27.


Castlevania-CoD Necromancer.png


Castlevania-CoD Orc Crazy.png

Game Mode Orc Level Orc HP Orc EXP
Normal 0 1 0
Normal, Boss Rush 0 1 0
Crazy 10 75 0
Crazy, Boss Rush 10 75 0

The lowest-level Orc encountered on Crazy mode is at Lv.17. On Normal mode its level is 7.

Sniper Orc

Castlevania-CoD Sniper-Orc.png

Armor Knight

There are three unused enemy entries for the Armor Knight. Here are their corresponding, hidden enemy pictures.

Castlevania-CoD Armor-Knight 01.png Castlevania-CoD Armor-Knight 02.png Castlevania-CoD Armor-Knight 03.png

White Dragon

Castlevania-CoD White-Dragon.png

Frost Dragon

Castlevania-CoD Frost-Dragon-unused.png

Thunder Dragon

CoD Thunder-Dragon abc.png

Dead Fencer

Castlevania-CoD Dead-Fencer.png

Dead Baron

Castlevania-CoD Dead-Baron.png

Lesser Demon

Castlevania-CoD Lesser-Demon.png

Phantom Sword

Two unused enemy entries for the Phantom Sword. The final game only employs one entry for Phantom Sword in the Bestiary: No.034.

Castlevania-CoD Phantom-Sword 01.png Castlevania-CoD Phantom-Sword 02.png

Spectral Sword

Castlevania-CoD Spectral-Sword.png


There are two unused enemy entries for Gi-Lee. In the final Bestiary, Gi-Lee only appears as enemy No.076.

Castlevania-CoD Gi-Lee 01.png Castlevania-CoD Gi-Lee 02.png

Skeleton Trooper

Castlevania-CoD Skeleton-Trooper Crazy.png

Like the unused Wight, this Skeleton Trooper is special in that despite being a non-boss it changes its level for Normal Boss Rush Mode.

Game Mode Skeleton Trooper Level Skeleton Trooper HP Skeleton Trooper EXP
Normal 0 1 0
Normal, Boss Rush 45 880 0
Crazy 65 1520 0
Crazy, Boss Rush 65 1520 0

Skeleton Trooper's only used Bestiary entry is No.091, where Normal mode pins it at Lv.35 and Crazy mode sets it at Lv.55.

Evil Core

Castlevania-CoD Evil-Core.png

Unreferenced Enemy Pictures

There are 306 hidden enemy pictures that are not linked to any enemy data. With three exceptions where the developers have added text to the pictures, these images only show the enemies at alternate angles and poses. Another picture stands out because its frame has been mirrored which has not been done for any other enemy picture, used or unused.


CoD Skeleton-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Skeleton-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Skeleton-unreferencedpic 03.png

Bone Soldier

CoD Bone-Soldier-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Bone-Soldier-unreferencedpic 02.png

CoD Bone-Soldier-unreferencedpic 03.png CoD Bone-Soldier-unreferencedpic 04.png

Undead Lord

CoD Undead-Lord-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Undead-Lord-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Undead-Lord-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Undead-Lord-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Undead-Lord-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Executioner-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Executioner-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Executioner-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Executioner-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Executioner-unreferencedpic 05.png

Iron Gladiator

CoD Iron-Gladiator-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Iron-Gladiator-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Iron-Gladiator-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Iron-Gladiator-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Iron-Gladiator-unreferencedpic 05.png CoD Iron-Gladiator-unreferencedpic 06.png


CoD Ghost-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Ghost-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Ghost-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Ghost-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Ghost-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Vassago-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Vassago-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Vassago-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Vassago-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Vassago-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Wight-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Wight-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Wight-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Wight-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Wight-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Merman-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Merman-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Merman-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Merman-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Merman-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Fishman-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Fishman-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Fishman-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Fishman-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Fishman-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Spirit-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Spirit-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Spirit-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Spirit-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Spirit-unreferencedpic 05.png

Skeleton Blaze

CoD Skeleton-Blaze-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Skeleton-Blaze-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Skeleton-Blaze-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Skeleton-Blaze-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Skeleton-Blaze-unreferencedpic 05.png

Blaze Master

CoD Blaze-Master-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Blaze-Master-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Blaze-Master-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Blaze-Master-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Blaze-Master-unreferencedpic 05.png

Blaze Phantom

CoD Blaze-Phantom unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Blaze-Phantom unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Blaze-Phantom unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Blaze-Phantom unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Blaze-Phantom unreferencedpic 05.png CoD Blaze-Phantom unreferencedpic 06.png


CoD Fenrir-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Fenrir-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Fenrir-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Fenrir-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Fenrir-unreferencedpic 05.png

Wolf Skeleton

CoD Wolf-Skeleton-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Wolf-Skeleton-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Wolf-Skeleton-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Wolf-Skeleton-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Wolf-Skeleton-unreferencedpic 05.png

Armored Sprinter

CoD Armored-Sprinter-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Armored-Sprinter-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Armored-Sprinter-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Armored-Sprinter-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Armored-Sprinter-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Zombie-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Zombie-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Zombie-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Zombie-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Zombie-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Cockatrice-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Cockatrice-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Cockatrice-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Cockatrice-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Cockatrice-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Lizardman-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Lizardman-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Lizardman-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Lizardman-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Lizardman-unreferencedpic 05.png

Lizard Shaman

CoD Lizard-Shaman-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Lizard-Shaman-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Lizard-Shaman-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Lizard-Shaman-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Lizard-Shaman-unreferencedpic 05.png CoD Lizard-Shaman-unreferencedpic 06.png

White Gravial

CoD White-Gravial-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD White-Gravial-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD White-Gravial-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD White-Gravial-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD White-Gravial-unreferencedpic 05.png CoD White-Gravial-unreferencedpic 06.png


CoD Wizard-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Wizard-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Wizard-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Wizard-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Wizard-unreferencedpic 05.png

The crest below the Wizard in the first picture is the symbol that appears whenever an enemy is spawning on the field. Only one enemy picture in the final game, for the No.087 Necromancer, shows this crest.

Dark Warlock

CoD Dark-Warlock-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Dark-Warlock-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Dark-Warlock-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Dark-Warlock-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Dark-Warlock-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Necromancer-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Necromancer-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Necromancer-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Necromancer-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Necromancer-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Orc-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Orc-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Orc-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Orc-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Orc-unreferencedpic 05.png

Sniper Orc

CoD Sniper-Orc-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Sniper-Orc-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Sniper-Orc-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Sniper-Orc-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Sniper-Orc-unreferencedpic 05.png

Rapid Sniper

CoD Rapid-Sniper-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Rapid-Sniper-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Rapid-Sniper-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Rapid-Sniper-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Rapid-Sniper-unreferencedpic 05.png CoD Rapid-Sniper-unreferencedpic 06.png

Armor Knight

CoD Armor-Knight-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Armor-Knight-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Armor-Knight-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Armor-Knight-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Armor-Knight-unreferencedpic 05.png

The scribble "figh1" might be a silly way of writing "fight". Another possible interpretation is that it stands for "fighter 1".

The meaning of "koka" is unknown.

Great Armor

CoD Great-Armor-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Great-Armor-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Great-Armor-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Great-Armor-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Great-Armor-unreferencedpic 05.png

Final Guard

CoD Final-Guard-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Final-Guard-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Final-Guard-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Final-Guard-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Final-Guard-unreferencedpic 05.png CoD Final-Guard-unreferencedpic 06.png


CoD Efreet-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Efreet-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Efreet-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Efreet-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Efreet-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Jin-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Jin-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Jin-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Jin-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Jin-unreferencedpic 05.png CoD Jin-unreferencedpic 06.png

Flea Man

CoD Flea-Man unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Flea-Man unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Flea-Man unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Flea-Man unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Flea-Man unreferencedpic 05.png

Death Ripper

CoD Death-Ripper-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Death-Ripper-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Death-Ripper-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Death-Ripper-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Death-Ripper-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Cyclops-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Cyclops-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Cyclops-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Cyclops-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Cyclops-unreferencedpic 05.png

Red Ogre

CoD Red-Ogre-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Red-Ogre-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Red-Ogre-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Red-Ogre-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Red-Ogre-unreferencedpic 05.png

White Dragon

CoD White-Dragon-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD White-Dragon-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD White-Dragon-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD White-Dragon-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD White-Dragon-unreferencedpic 05.png

Frost Dragon

CoD Frost-Dragon-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Frost-Dragon-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Frost-Dragon-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Frost-Dragon-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Frost-Dragon-unreferencedpic 05.png

Thunder Dragon

CoD Thunder-Dragon-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Thunder-Dragon-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Thunder-Dragon-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Thunder-Dragon-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Thunder-Dragon-unreferencedpic 05.png

Dead Fencer

CoD Dead-Fencer-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Dead-Fencer-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Dead-Fencer-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Dead-Fencer-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Dead-Fencer-unreferencedpic 05.png

Dead Baron

CoD Dead-Baron unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Dead-Baron unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Dead-Baron unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Dead-Baron unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Dead-Baron unreferencedpic 05.png

Lesser Demon

CoD Lesser-Demon-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Lesser-Demon-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Lesser-Demon-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Lesser-Demon-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Lesser-Demon-unreferencedpic 05.png

Thunder Demon

CoD Thunder-Demon-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Thunder-Demon-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Thunder-Demon-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Thunder-Demon-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Thunder-Demon-unreferencedpic 05.png

Frost Demon

CoD Frost-Demon-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Frost-Demon-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Frost-Demon-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Frost-Demon-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Frost-Demon-unreferencedpic 05.png

Flame Demon

CoD Flame-Demon-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Flame-Demon-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Flame-Demon-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Flame-Demon-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Flame-Demon-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Slogra-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Slogra-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Slogra-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Slogra-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Slogra-unreferencedpic 05.png

Phantom Sword

CoD Phantom-Sword-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Phantom-Sword-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Phantom-Sword-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Phantom-Sword-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Phantom-Sword-unreferencedpic 05.png

Japanese Transcription English Translation
使用しないでください Please Do Not Use

The first Phantom Sword image (top left) is unique in that the picture frame has been mirrored! This has not been done for any of the other enemy pictures.

Spectral Sword

CoD Spectral-Sword-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Spectral-Sword-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Spectral-Sword-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Spectral-Sword-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Spectral-Sword-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Thief-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Thief-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Thief-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Thief-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Thief-unreferencedpic 05.png

Thief and Gi-Lee enemies use a bomb to escape the field after they have stolen an item from the player. The example above is the only enemy picture to show this bomb.


CoD Ectoplasm-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Ectoplasm-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Ectoplasm-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Ectoplasm-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Ectoplasm-unreferencedpic 05.png


CoD Gaibon-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Gaibon-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Gaibon-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Gaibon-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Gaibon-unreferencedpic 05.png

Skeleton Rider

CoD Skeleton-Rider-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Skeleton-Rider-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Skeleton-Rider-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Skeleton-Rider-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Skeleton-Rider-unreferencedpic 05.png CoD Skeleton-Rider-unreferencedpic 06.png

Skeleton Trooper

CoD Skeleton-Trooper-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Skeleton-Trooper-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Skeleton-Trooper-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Skeleton-Trooper-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Skeleton-Trooper-unreferencedpic 05.png CoD Skeleton-Trooper-unreferencedpic 06.png


CoD Harpy-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Harpy-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Harpy-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Harpy-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Harpy-unreferencedpic 05.png CoD Harpy-unreferencedpic 06.png


CoD Unicorn-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Unicorn-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Unicorn-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Unicorn-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Unicorn-unreferencedpic 05.png CoD Unicorn-unreferencedpic 06.png


CoD Amduscias-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Amduscias-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Amduscias-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Amduscias-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Amduscias-unreferencedpic 05.png CoD Amduscias-unreferencedpic 06.png

Evil Core

CoD Evil-Core-unreferencedpic 01.png CoD Evil-Core-unreferencedpic 02.png CoD Evil-Core-unreferencedpic 03.png

CoD Evil-Core-unreferencedpic 04.png CoD Evil-Core-unreferencedpic 05.png CoD Evil-Core-unreferencedpic 06.png

The fifth picture is unusual in that it is the only enemy picture for Evil Core that is zoomed in to such a high degree.