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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

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Title Screen

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Also known as: Akumajou Dracula: Ubawareta Kokuin (JP)
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: October 23, 2008
Released in US: October 21, 2008
Released in EU: February 6, 2009
Released in AU: March 12, 2009
Released in KR: October 27, 2008

ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

After harsh criticism for the lack of challenge in the recent "Metroidvania" entries, the switch to an anime-like graphical style, and a serious lack of female protagonists in the franchise as a whole...came this. They sure tried their best.

To do:
In European version, the filler text of extra Glyphs might have different variations according to chosen game language (Agartha's description will display "French" if system language turns to French in European version, etc). Document as much European text dump as possible.

Leftover Portrait Debugging Dialog Text

As in Portrait of Ruin, The Portrait debugging dialog text also exists in the game. This time it is located in the last section of the ROM.

{NAME 0x0000}{PORTRAIT 0x0000}通常

The description was removed in English (US) ROM, but the test routine still exists.

Unused Glyph Coding

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia-BatWeapon1.pngCastlevania Order Of Ecclesia-CatWeapon1.png Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia-BatWeapon2.pngCastlevania Order Of Ecclesia-CatWeapon2.png
There are four unknown Glyph skills that belong to X/Y button Glyph section. They have no descriptions, but they are actually glitched counterparts of skills exclusive to Arma Chiroptera and Arma Felix morphs.

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia-J-BatWeapon1.png
In the Japanese version, they have names, "Cat tackle", "Cat tail", "Bat flying" and "Bat kick". No descriptions exist.

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia-CatTackle.png
Cat tackle functions properly just like its morph counterpart.

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia-CatClaw.png
Cat Tail is glitched, Shanoa will crouch for a while, and its slash effect only shows when tapping attack button repeatedly while it's being used.

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia-BatFlying.png
Bat flying works properly, but starts with an odd floating animation.

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia-BatKick.png
Bat kick works properly, but Shanoa will crouch for a while.

Japanese English
Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia-J-Agartha.png Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia-Agartha.png

Albus's trusted gun Agartha once had its Glyph entry, but left unused in the final version. It belongs to R button Glyph section. The Japanese version has a description: "Normal bullet. When PL, use you hand to hold Y". The description is blanked out in the US version.

Agartha is somewhat glitchy, without posing motion, and it's missing the auto-fire ability when equipped by Shanoa.

To access the unused Glyph entry, use the Action Replay code shown below:

Japanese Version US Version
94000130 FFFB0000

D5000000 00000091

C0000000 0000004E

D8000000 02107206

D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000

D5000000 00000091

C0000000 0000004E

D8000000 021003EA

D2000000 00000000

Use the code and press SELECT in-game to access all Glyph skills and bring the unused Glyph skills out.

Max UP Item Coding in Menu

Hp Max Up Mp Max Up Heart Max Up
Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia-HpMaxUp.png Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia-MpMaxUp.png Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia-HeartMaxUp.png

Similar to Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, the Max Up items also have their "use-item" version coded in menu but unused.

  • Unlike Portrait of Ruin, they're even listed in the "guide" - item bestiary of the game.

To access the unused Max Up item entry, use the Action Replay code shown below:

Japanese Version US Version
94000130 FFFB0000

D5000000 00009999

C0000000 00000037

D7000000 0210727A

D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000

D5000000 00009999

C0000000 00000037

D7000000 0210045E

D2000000 00000000

Use the code and press SELECT in-game to access all use-items and take Max Ups in the item entry.

Glyph Union Coding

All Glyph Union moves have unused Japanese descriptions...The most possible situation is at one point of game development, you could check your Glyph Union set in your bestiary along with your X/Y/R button normal Glyph; but since it was not really necessary as adding the pointer of Glyph Union to "collected" would spend lots of ROM space it was eventually scrapped in the final game. Note Albus's Light/Dark shot belongs to Glyph Union slot in the game's memory.(The Glyph Union Descriptions were listed in the Japanese official guide.)

No English text exists in the corresponding slot of English ROM; Probably they thought them as placeholders and deleted all of them.

English Name Japanese Name Name Translated English Description Japanese Description Description Translated
01. Sword+Sword (Blank) ソード Sword usa 剣の合成印術 Sword Glyph Union
02. Axe+Axe (Blank) アクス Axe usa 斧の合成印術 Axe Glyph Union
03. Sickle+Sickle (Blank) シックル Sickle usa 鎌の合成印術 Sickle Glyph Union
04. Hammer+Hammer (Blank) ハンマー Hammer usa 鎚の合成印術 Hammer Glyph Union
05. Wind+Wind (Blank) ウィンド Wind usa 風の合成印術 Wind Glyph Union
06. Lapiste+Lapiste (Blank) ストーン Stone usa 石の合成印術 Stone Glyph Union
07. Fire+Fire (Blank) イグニッション Ignition usa 炎の合成印術 Fire Glyph Union
08. Ice+Ice (Blank) ダイアモンドダスト Diamond Dust usa 氷の合成印術 Ice Glyph Union
09. Thunder+Thunder (Blank) トール Thor usa 雷の合成印術 Thunder Glyph Union
0A. Fire+Ice (Blank) メドロ Metro usa 炎と氷の合成印術 Glyph Union combined with Fire and Ice
0B. Light+Light (Blank) ホーリー Holy usa 光の合成印術 Light Glyph Union
0C. Darkness+Darkness (Blank) ダークマター Dark Matter usa 闇の合成印術 Darkness Glyph Union
0D. Light+Darkness (Blank) ビッグバン Big Bang usa 光と闇の合成印術 Glyph Union combined with Light and Darkness
0E. Weapon+Fire (Blank) ウエポンファイア Weapon Fire usa 武器に炎の力を宿らせる Give Weapon Fire power
0F. Weapon+Ice (Blank) ウエポンアイス Weapon Ice usa 武器に氷の力を宿らせる Give Weapon Ice power
10. Weapon+Thunder (Blank) サンダーランス Thunder Lance usa 武器に雷の力を宿らせる Give Weapon Thunder power
11. Weapon+Wind (Blank) ヴァルマンウェ Valmanway usa 武器に風の力を宿らせる Give Weapon Wind power
12. Weapon+Stone(Lapiste) (Blank) ウエポンストーン Weapon Stone usa 武器に土の力を宿らせる Give Weapon Stone power
13. Weapon+Light (Blank) ウエポンホーリー Weapon Holy usa 武器に光の力を宿らせる Give Weapon Light power
14. Weapon+Darkness (Blank) ウエポンダーク Weapon Dark usa 武器に闇の力を宿らせる Give Weapon Darkness power
15. Wrong Combination? (Blank) ふつう Normal usa 魔力と魔力を組み合わせた印術 Glyph Union created by joining two magical powers
16. Nitesco+Nitesco (Blank) W・レーザー Double laser usa 二つの光を合わせ、


The Glyph Union formed from two forms of light. Releases a powerful laser beam.
17. Weapon+Nitesco (Blank) レーザーブレード Laser Blade usa 武器に光線の力を宿らせる Give Weapon Laser power
18. Dominus Union (Blank) メキド Megiddo usa 術者の命を代償に、ドラキュラの


Release Dracula's true power in exchange for caster's life
19. Shield+Shield (Blank) イージス Aegis usa 無敵の盾を編みだす印術 Glyph Union which can cast an invincible shield.
1A. Albus Optical Shot (Blank) アルバス Albus usa アルバス光闇弾。 Albus's Light/Dark Shot. (Optical Shot)
1B. Lance+Lance (Blank) ランス Lance usa 槍の合成印術 Lance Glyph Union
1C. Knife+Knife (Blank) ナイフ Knife usa ナイフの合成印術 Knife Glyph Union
1D. Rapier+Rapier (Blank) レイピア Rapier usa 突剣の合成印術 Rapier Glyph Union
1E. Arrow+Arrow (Blank) アロー Arrow usa 弓の合成印術 Arrow Glyph Union

Unused Text

Vampire Killer Weapon Text String

A text string for a weapon slot...or leftover of something. Its initial/original purpose is unknown; The most possible condition is they could've forgot to fully remove the Vampire Killer coding (sort of) in the game/or left the bare bone coding on purpose.

English Name Japanese Name English Description Japanese Description
"Vampire Killer" Vampire Killer ヴァンパイアキラー The legendary whip wielded by

the Belmont family.





A (presumably) Easy mode option. The most possible situation is the Easy mode is meant to be combined with Normal and Hard mode as an usual setting section seen in most video games. This "Easy mode" text string also exists in English (US) ROM.


A (presumably) color editting mode that was unfortunately scrapped from the final game.

Japanese Translated
ガントレットとストッキングの 色を変更できます。 Change the color of Gauntlet or Stocking.

Complete with Japanese description, but no luck for an English one.

Japanese Translated


Adjust the Red color element.

Adjust the Green color element.

Adjust the Blue color element.

The most possible situation is: At one point of development you can actually edit your character's gauntlet/stocking color to add mode variation with the game itself. The reason why it got scrapped is currently unknown.

No English text exists in the corresponding slot of the English (US) ROM.

Unused Objects

CVOoE-UnusedBlock-Frame 0.png

An unused golden brick object with spikes at its right. Hitbox properties intact.

  • This object can deal damage to enemies but its default attack power to enemies is hardcoded to as 1-3 damage per hit which is unusual. Enemies defeated by this object only counts as enemy kill, and didn't have any sort of skill point increase following an enemy's defeat.

Unused Graphics

CVOoE-F menu03 e palette 020D1980-08.png
A mysterious "LETTER" option is stored along with other sprites of the pause menu sections. It's marked by two question marks, hinting it was removed at some point during game development. The intended function of this option is unknown. No visible remnants of graphic/text data can prove the usage of this function.

F p02c00 palette 020D6C4C-00.png
Among the tiles for the Arma Machina ability are two other Automatons that Shanoa would have been able to transform into. Only the orange one is used in the game. It is unknown if Arma Machina was to have Shanoa's appearance change depending on how many copies of the Glyph she obtained, which would be the implication of the other two Automatons. The taller of the unused ones is incomplete, lacking proper shading on her waist, legs, and guns.

Arma Machina mockup.png
Above is a mock up of how the unused Automatons could have looked like, with the used form and Shanoa for demonstrative purposes.

Arma felix death.gif
As Shanoa uses the same tileset as the Ladycat and Black Panther while she is in Arma Felix form, the above animation of her turning back into a human upon death are unused. What is noticeable is the fact that the otherwise brunette Shanoa turns into a blonde in this animation, a carryover from the Black Panther's death animation.

Unused Color Palette

Agartha, Albus's magical gun, erroneously uses the same palette as his body. Albus's sprite data actually contains a golden color palette for that purpose.


Symphony of the Night Leftovers

Graphics of Schmoo from Symphony of the Night is contained in Scarecrow's graphic set (p_scare.dat folder) but it never appears in-game.

Dhuron's old power-up move. Still has its hitbox intact.

Bomb Knight's bomb weapon is included in Rock Knight's graphic set (p_bomb_am.dat folder). Has its palette intact.

Dawn of Sorrow/Portrait of Ruin Leftovers

Leftover Text

Japanese Translated




























Gloomy Memories

Echoes Of Darkness

Dark Clouds

Pitch Black Intrusion

Dracula's Tears

Platinum Moonlight

After Confession

Demon Guest House

Condemned Tower

Cursed Clock Tower

Subterranean Hell

Vampire Killer

The Pinnacle

Underground Melodies

The Abyss

Game Over

Black Shudder

Evil invitation

Into The Dark Night

Scarlet Battle Soul

Portal To Dark Bravery

Piercing Battle Fury

Illusionary Song

Equipment's Tale

A Fleeting Respite

After Battle - Blue Memories -

Momentary Moonlight

The Beginning

Bloody Tears

The same exact copy of Dawn of Sorrow Area/Music name text chunks, as seen in Portrait of Ruin. This time they removed it from English ROM. "BEGINNING" (A leftover music of "The Beginning" in Dawn of Sorrow, not available in Sound Mode) and "装具の話" ("Equipment's Tale" in Dawn of Sorrow, re-arranged and changed the name to "Enterprising Mercantilism". Available in Sound Mode) are in the game ROM, and the rest are not used.

Leftover Graphics

CVOoE-JonathanLeg.png For some reason, a portion of Jonathan's leg from Portrait of Ruin is left within Shanoa's graphics.

The maid statue located in Nation of Fools in Portrait of Ruin, stored along with the Cross in Oblivion Ridge - which is - borrowed directly from Portrait of Ruin.

The alternate version after completing The Statue's Tear mission in that game.

CVOoE-F rap04.png
Among with the graphics of three levels of Ascia Glyph, a redrawn version of Dawn of Sorrow Level 2 Axe Armor bullet soul graphics is hidden.

CVOoE axarm2 palette 020CCD50-05.png
Slash effects of Double Axe Armor remains in the graphics file of regular Axe Armor. Palettes for all three versions of Portrait of Ruin Axe Armor variant remains in the palette data.

If set Var B value to 2 or 3, Axe Armor will load his red palette from his superior undead variant in Portrait of Ruin but without his undead status in this game, unlike in Portrait of Ruin which uses the same undead attribute as Red Axe Armor but loaded regular Axe Armor's ID when the game loads Var B value 2 or 3.

CVDoS-T nirus palette 022BD708-03.png
Fleaman's Ripper variant. Ripper didn't appear in this game.

CVOoE-F rire38.png
Files from sc/f_rire00.dat to sc/f_rire38.dat are the exact same enemy list card graphics from Portrait of Ruin!

/sc2/f_uy00.dat, /sc2/f_uy01.dat
CVOoE-F uy00 palette 022C68AC-03.png CVPoR-F uy01 palette 022C69B0-00.png
Jonathan's Sub-weapons from Portrait of Ruin.

/sc2/f_ub01.dat, /sc2/f_ub03.dat, /sc2/f_ub13.dat, /sc2/f_ub14.dat
CVPoR-F ub01 palette 022C66BC-01.png CVOoE-F ub03.png CVOoE F ub13 palette 022C67E4-00.png CVOoE-F ub14.png
Dawn of Sorrow Julius sub-weapon. All levels of Axe sub-weapon graphics are actually re-designed and (technically) used in-game, though the used variant of the Ascia glyph never morphs into anything similar to Dawn of Sorrow Bullet Soul: Axe Armor Level 2.

CVOoE-F fens.png
Unused Dawn of Sorrow Blockade, redrawn to Portrait of Ruin style.

Leftover Music


There is an unused track that is not available in the Sound Test, titled "BGM Arrange", which is a leftover copy of the "Beginning" track from Dawn of Sorrow. It seems that this track was brought here by accident (The tile set of Wygol Village is actually modified from Dawn of Sorrow Lost Village and lots of leftover tiles were not cleaned up).

Technical Explanation:

  • The game doesn't have a suitable area that matches the atmosphere of this tune. The most suitable place would possibly be anywhere in between these: Training Hall, Large Cavern or Training/Boss Rush Mode starting room; Or certain places like Castle Entrance or Monastery in Albus Mode.
  • Both Training Hall and Large Cavern use the same track ("Riddle" from Castlevania III, re-arranged).
  • Both Training Mode and Boss Rush Mode use the same track ("Lone Challenger").
  • Albus Mode doesn't have an alternate track for specific areas in the final game (like Julius Mode in Dawn of Sorrow).

Leftover Animations


Richter's slide jump kick, and the effect Richter can smash against the ceiling during super jump from Portrait of Ruin remains in the game data as an animation property, but can only be restored through ROM editing tools.

Unused Sounds and Music

To do:
  • Verify that all the voice clips are actually unused, and whether there are any others left to document. Note that Playable Albus says his lines somewhat differently than Boss Albus, and some lines that only the latter uses were also recorded for the former.

"Gate To The Underworld" and "Game Over" (from the original Castlevania) are present in the Sound Test, but not actually used in-game.

Gate to the Underworld

Gate To The Underworld's internal name is "Cerub", which may imply that it was going to be used in the Cerberus statue room in the Forsaken Cloister area.

  • The Forsaken Cloister area doesn't have an alternate value to store two tracks since this area only has one overlay.
  • This tune also fits the atmosphere of the long stair before Dracula in Final Approach area perfectly; the Final Approach area has another overlay use for the long stair, but in the final version both parts use the same track ("The Colossus").
    • In Portrait of Ruin, the long stairway before Dracula is also stored as a separate overlay value of Master's Keep, and it has a different music than the main area.

Game Over NES

The Game Over fanfare of the very first Castlevania game. Meant to be accompanied with other NES-era music track?

  • In the final game, if the player's HP reaches zero while any of NES soundtrack discs is playing, the regular Game Over music is used.

The game also contains an unusually large number of unused voice clips, all of which were dubbed into English and can be played in the Sound Test. It's worth noting that in some of these clips, Albus calls Agharta by its Japanese name, "Agate".

  • Shanoa:
    • 058 - "I've caught you!" (said differently than the used version)
    • 060 - "You won't get away."
    • 063 - "Now is the time of your demise."
    • 067 - "I am sorry... Albus."
    • 068 - "With this... it will be over."
    • 075 - "I'll chop you to pieces! I'm not done yet, not yet! Not yet!"
    • 076 - "I'll chop you to pieces... I'm not done yet, not yet! Not yet!"
    • 078 - "Albus!"
    • 079 - "I see."
    • 080 - "Yes sir."
    • 081 - "Mission accomplished."
    • 082 - "It is over."
  • Albus:
    • 099 - "It's no use!"
    • 100 - "Give it up!"
    • 103 - "Just as I expected."
    • 104 - "My theory was not wrong."
    • 105 - "Taking aim..."
    • 106 - "It's over!"
    • 107 - "You won't escape!"
    • 108 - "Locking on!"
    • 109 - "Breathe fire Agate!"
    • 110 - "Roar, Agate!"
    • 111 - "Keep quiet...!"
    • 112 - "Keep it quiet!"
    • 113 - "Glyph Bullet!"
    • 114 - "Stinger Shot!"
    • 115 - "Vertical Shot!"
    • 116 - "Blast Cannon!"
    • 119 - "Lethal Shot!"
    • 130 - "Stinger Shot!"
    • 132 - "Blast Cannon!"
    • 133 - "Optical Shot!"
    • 135 - "Like you can hit me!"
    • 136 - "Useless!"
    • 138 - "Die!"
    • 139 - "This is the end!"
    • 141 - "Die, Shanoa!"
    • 142 - "Pow!"
    • 143 - "Bang!"
    • 144-145 - *laughing*
    • 147 - *laughing*
    • 148 - "Huh... Shanoa?!"
    • 149 - "How do you like that, you puny human?"
  • Barlowe:
    • 159 - "Sanctio!"
    • 173 - "Give it to me."
    • 174 - "Give it to me!"
    • 175 - "GIVE IT TO MEEEE!"
  • Death:
    • 189 - "You shall not pass!"
    • 190 - "I will not allow you to go any further!"
    • 192 - "Thy time to die... IS NOW!"
    • 210 - "Game over. Mwahahahahaha!"
  • Dracula:
    • 219 - "You're good."
    • 225 - "Soul Blast!"
    • 226 - "Life Steal!"
    • 227 - "Dark Metamorphosis!"
    • 232 - "Giga Demonic Megiddo!"
    • 235 - "Hm?"
    • 238 - "Silly woman..."
    • 242 - "This is stupid!"
    • 246 - "You seem to be quite good woman, but the time for games is over."
    • 248 - "You make me laugh!"
    • 255 - "Surely, you did not come here to invite me to dance?"
    • 256 - "Silly woman!"
    • 258 - "Come at me."
  • Laura the Jeweler (?):
    • 277 - "Albus? That man is awful, but I like the way he looks."
    • 278 - "Oh my! It seems-"
    • 279 - "It's a lucky day for you today."
    • 280 - "It's an ordinary day for you today."
    • 281 - "You better not go outside today - how ominous."
    • 282 - "That is what the Tarot cards say."