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A mobile development platform by Qualcomm, originally intended for CDMA handsets such as those sold by Verizon. Compared to J2ME, applications and games for BREW used a native code as opposed to (in the case of J2ME) running in a virtual machine. In fact, BREW development had a higher barrier to entry due to stringent certification requirements, which led it to be significantly less popular than J2ME even in markets where CDMA has a significant market share, such as in North America. To top it all off, downloaded BREW apps are tied to an individual handset via a digital signature, thus making preservation difficult if not impossible; it however become possible to unlock certain BREW-enabled phones to run backups and unsigned apps, though downloads for BREW apps and games are rare and hard to find unlike J2ME.

Zeebo, which was a video game console and online distribution platform developed and released exclusively in Mexico and Brazil, also used BREW. Japanese carrier KDDI, also used BREW under the name EZweb (though it was originally based on J2ME extended with propietary APIs).

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