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Looks like the Mayan Calendar was a lie, cause here we are. Like the years before and since, 2013 ends up having a good few moments in gaming. Nintendo celebrates the 30th anniversary of Luigi's debut in Mario Bros. with The Year of Luigi, where green is celebrated (and lost) all year round. Nintendo 3DS games like Animal Crossing: New Leaf (after a lengthy wait between regional releases), and Pokémon X and Y are released, giving further popularity to the handheld. Grand Theft Auto V and Online are also released, which make 1 billion dollars in three days and serve as a money-maker for Rockstar throughout the years. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One get in on the action, leading to several heated debates between the two consoles before and at launch. Several Android-based consoles also hit the market, including the semi-infamous OUYA.

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