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Category:Virtual Boy games

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The Virtual Boy was Nintendo's attempt to render handheld games in stereoscopic 3D, created by Gunpei Yokoi. Unfortunately, it was released before Yokoi was truly finished with it, and as a result it was problematic - lack of portability, cause of headaches and eye problems, the fact that it could only display its games in monochrome red, the fact that it's very loud while operating, and the inability for others to watch what you're playing. While Yokoi had planned to retire shortly after the system's release, he stuck around a bit longer so rumors that he was fired for its failure wouldn't start circulating.

And fail it did - it barely lasted a year (even less in Japan!) and got just 22 games, with eight titles exclusive to Japan and three exclusive to America. About 25 more titles were planned for the system at one point or another, getting to various stages of production before being shelved; two of these have since been found and dumped.

Nintendo finally got the concept of stereoscopic 3D right with the 3DS, and the Virtual Boy has continued to make cameos in various games (such as Tomodachi Life, Luigi's Mansion 3, and Nintendo Labo VR Kit, the latter of which even contains a VR video of Mario's Tennis).

This category represents 16 / 22 (72.7%!) of all released Virtual Boy games (plus 3 unreleased ones).