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Cave Story/Nintendo Switch version

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This is a sub-page of Cave Story.

To do:
  • Ending Differences + Mimiga Mask variants.
  • Unused Content + Unused Music.
  • The Wii version also has unused content and remixes the unused theme.
  • Upload portraits for comparison.
  • Include animated version of portraits, preferably in a good file format compatible with as many browsers as possible.

The Nintendo Switch version of Cave Story+ is mostly the same game as its European WiiWare and PC Cave Story+ counterparts, albeit with some notable changes and enhancements of its own.



  • "Famitracks" is added as a soundtrack option, created by composer RushJet1. This soundtrack uses an NES-style rearrangement of the soundtrack made using the tracker program Famitracker (hence the name). A select number of tracks from this variant are included on the Mini CD packaged with physical copies of the game. You can listen to the soundtrack here.
  • "Ridiculon" is later added as a soundtrack option during Co-op Update, created by the guys behind The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Super Meat Boy's (PS4/Switch) soundtrack with the same name. This track features heavy guitar and drums.
  • Wide-screen is supported, similar to the 3DS releases.
  • A new co-op multiplayer mode has later added as a part of the update. New skins can be unlocked for Player 2 as the story progresses.
  • A new challenge mode, Sand Pit, has been added. It is unlocked by obtaining the Fireball in Story Mode.
  • Water ripples on contact from the player, water drops, and enemy NPCs.
  • Backgrounds are slightly reworked to make them less repetitive.
  • Lighting effects are added around Quote, also appearing when the player fires a weapon.
  • Dialogue portraits are now mirrored depending on which direction the character is facing, similar to Cave Story 3D.


  • Player can now run backwards or strafe by holding down a shoulder button.
  • Player can now skip cutscenes by holding down X button for main controller or up button for single Joy-Con.
  • In the Bushlands, the player can now stack multiple Jellyfish Juice at once, lowering the required amount of backtracking through Chako's House if the player hasn't activated the fan yet. Chako's dialogue about how the player "can only take one at the time" was changed due to this addition.
  • In the Sand Zone, the player can now stack all five of Jenka's puppies, reducing the amount of backtracking required for her subquest.
  • In Labyrinth B, during the conversation with Professor Booster, the player now has the option to take the Booster v0.8 or not. The map has also had two blocks added so that the player can return to the top level, and reattempt the jump across the gap.
  • In Waterway, a few blocks were changed right before the Waterway cabin, finally bringing the change made in Cave Story 3D to the + versions. In previous versions, it could be easy for the player to accidentally fall into the current, and miss out entirely on the best ending.



Portraits are animated during moments of dialog, with each character portrait now containing at least three frames of animation. Curly has three different sets for her different states (happy, serious, sad). Quote, even though he doesn't speak, has three frames of animation showing his hair swaying gently.


Kazuma, Sue, and Quote escaping.

WiiWare Nintendo Switch
Cave Story Wii EU CREDIT01.png Cave Story Switch NA CREDIT01.png

The helicopter blades have additional motion lines and Quote's hat was touched up slightly. The image is slightly sharper overall.


The boss fight against the Undead Core, Misery and Sue.

WiiWare Nintendo Switch
Cave Story Wii EU CREDIT02.png Cave Story Switch NA CREDIT02.png

The Undead Core's facial features are slightly more defined around the bridge of its nose.


The boss fight against Misery.

Wiiware Nintendo Switch
Cave Story Wii EU CREDIT03.png Cave Story Switch NA CREDIT03.png

Quote's face and antenna have more detail. Misery's sideburns gained a little curl, and the brick floor below is slightly more three-dimensional.

Unused Button Graphics

Unused button mapping icons for PS4, Xbox One, Vita, and Wii U; all of which never received their own port of Cave Story!

Left behind and left over...Hold on a second!

Original Graphics

The latest version now had an option to change the sprite graphics to the original Freeware style graphics, and unlike the PC version, the graphics can be used outside regular Story Mode and has a Halloween and Christmas variation depending on the current date. As a result, there's only a little difference between both the original and this version. Even the unused one from pre-patch, which were taken straight from the PC version.

Quote Face

Due to the use of this face in Curly Mode, the old Human Sue portrait had to be changed to a resized version of Quote's portrait from the European version.

Freeware (Pre-Patch) Wiiware (European) Switch (Original Graphics)
Cave Story human Sue.png Cave Story Quote.png That's a nice downgrade recreation!